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I could see you….I could hear you; I could see the confusion within you…But wait a moment… I am not talking to you… I am addressing the being who is inside you…do you mean me? No, not you, but her…Who? Your soul. Yes, you…

Yes, I could see you despite all the generalizations done on your behalf over millennia… The physical body has thought that it, alone, could answer all questions without you! It has done all this without knowing you…without entering your world. And now, due to its inability to achieve what it aspires regarding the truth of existence and the secrets of consciousness…

I am directing a message to you in order to start working together, you and I, until we answer the questions of those beings that you reside within. Moreover, to put our hands together for the sake of humanity in order to clear away the confusion that has shrouded spiritual matters and strange and mysterious phenomena…. About your past and your role here on earth… about where you were before you arrived on this planet…and to where you will be going after you cross the gateway of death and to bring back so many of the truths from the Roam of Truths back to this Earth…after it has deserted its role in guiding humanity..

…And after humanity has deserted it, for humanity has fallen into confusion, and has seen the accumulation of straining life events to the point it is no longer able to solve its psychological, practical, social, and spiritual problems. This is due to its ignorance to the truth of your being. So let us work together and carry this message through your conscious centre, to that being which you reside within… to that being that does not need anything other than to get to know you and know the truth of life…

Tell him that an enlightened guide is on his way to offer a helping hand to those who need peace between their bodies, souls and minds. In order to be able to launch into spiritual consciousness and to be able to administer to all kinds of situations so as to enjoy inner peace, clarity of mind and oneness with being so that you return to be the most beautiful symphony God has played through all of His creations. Human

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With all my respect...
this resonates deep within me...
Word of Truth is always delve deeper into the hearts,Thank you for your follow-up to our articles



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