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This question has never occurred to me, because I have never been outside the circle of enlightenment…
At that particular moment, behind the veil of time; that soul sprang with life after God willed it to be. From that moment the soul was born and life was born with it. From that moment you have become you, for before it you were not yourself. I have clung to you, O caller. Yes, you have become a creature. You are now "existing", and existence has filled you, to begin its journey which will end with you returning to same point you had started from. But what is the purpose of the journey?
At that moment you were not aware of the truth and purpose of your creation. You were not aware of yourself. You were a mass of consciousness, closed upon its self, which does not have any experiences. You were a beam of light reflected throughout the vast universe. You'd be everywhere at the same instant; listening and being aware of everything without the need of transport.
But this beam had been created to travel. And once it had started its travels and had gotten further away, darkness had surrounded it. The beam had started to feel coldness creeping up in it. At that moment it had realized that the warmth it had once felt and the light that had once engulfed it wasn't of the beam's own making. The light that had once surrounded it emanated from the realm of enlightenment that the beam had originated from. But what is the point of reminiscing? By now, the beam had been launched and it must continue its journey in order to experience the truth of its existence and the reason behind its creation. And it had known that it would not return to the enlightened realm unless all the untapped cells of consciousness it possesses are fully functional.
But the journey is difficult and the road long. After experiencing the cold, the soul paused; not knowing what to do. A tear of longing and fear slid down its cheek; fear of the journey and longing to return. As soon as the soul had slipped into sadness, a small beam of light emanated from the soul's heart carrying within its folds compassion and longing to that realm where it had originated, to that realm where it had never known fear. Within moments the soul felt warmth enter its heart and was soon pulsing with light again. Then it had looked to the sky and heard a voice toying and comforting it. Yes, the voice had come from the realm of enlightenment. But soon that voice had gone. The soul shivered and asked, "Where are you going? Don't leave all alone in the darkness!" "This is not darkness, but a reflection of the unopened cells of consciousness that you possess," answered the light. "You must continue, to learn about yourself and to realize afterwards the truth of that world that you had been created from. You have been endowed with all means of communication with the realm of enlightenment in case you need anything."
"How could I ever lose connection with the world I love?" the soul asked.
"You could; if you allow the darkness around you to creep up on you, then my voice would be muffled."
"But why go through all that trouble? Why go through this journey?"
"When you're not aware of yourself and ignorance increases within you, this ignorance turns into darkness. Darkness has no place in the realm of enlightenment."
"But how could I face this all alone?"
"You will not be alone, for you were prepared to reflect all that is within you into facts around you. Look around. The darkness you see is the product of the ignorance and fear within yourself. Soon, whole worlds and civilizations and nations would be born from you. All shall reflect what's within you. All are fragments of consciousness trying to open up to the light. Some would be victorious, and some would succumb to darkness. This will continue until you are completely filled with awareness and light; until you're able to generate light all by yourself."
"How could that happen?"
"This happens when all the cells of consciousness within you combine and work as a group; caring and embracing each other, and when the darkness within you is abolished. You'll realize then that the darkness and fear within you prevented the light from entering. You'll realize then that you must become zero on the inside so that light could play the most beautiful music through you."
"Zero? Does not that mean nothing?"
"It means zero darkness, hate, envy, weakness, blame, laziness, etc… And complete love, awareness, consciousness, strength and giving. At that stage everything within you will be in harmony with the realm of enlightenment, for it'll be with you and you'll be within it. Only then would the drop merge with the ocean; where the drop does not exist, where the ego does not exist. Then the ocean would speak for you. You would possess the entire ocean's strength. You would be a complete cell of consciousness, open to that enlightened world. But for now you must get ready to launch, for you have much to do."
"What do you mean by 'much'?"
"You will soon realize what I mean."
At that moment a beam of light was launched that lit everything in its wake and pierced the soul. The soul shuddered and whole universes emerged from it, complete with stars and galaxies and all forms of life and creation. The voice said for the last time, "You'll not return before everything within you synchronizes and you return as you were: one creation."
Still I remember that conversation, and since then I am filled with longing to return. Since that moment I carry within the folds of my soul beautiful memories stored for billions of years. Before this earth existed, before this galaxy existed, aye even before the beginning of my journey; I was never outside the realm of enlightenment to return to it in the first place. But the duty of consciousness and the rules of the realm of enlightenment are clear; you must not return alone, you must be a volunteer in the service of the other conscious cells, you must collect them. Only then would we return as a single cell of consciousness in the realm of enlightenment, as many souls have returned before us and many would after us.
You might ask me, "Who are you?"
I am that part of your consciousness that has opened up;

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