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For the last 2 years i've been feeling disconnected from so many things... i feel i am different from most people,i just can't stand the futile subjects people talk about,in my university,for example. I realized that most of their worries,and matters, are really distant from my conceptions of life. As if most of people are on a different "frequency.

I feel like an "outsider" in most groups of people...


On the other hand...i may have few friends,but these "few" are a lot,in fact. I feel we are "syntonized" in the same "vibration"...sometimes, we may even have different opinions about things,but even tough we get along so well!

Sometimes i think i can feel these "vibrations" from people and places,because there are some people i can't stand being near: when i'm near them,they seem to "put me down" with no apparent reason. With others,meanwhile,i feel a great connection,like we belonged to "the same world".



Do you feel like that,too?




(Sorry for any mistake in the writing,english is not my native language)

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I am related to a lady who is forever putting people down,mostly those related closely to her and she likes to make fun of others.This doesn't resonate with me at all because she is vibrating at a lower frequency than I am.I just ignore the comments, but you hate to do this to someone else, especially a sibling.
To reply to your  feeling disconnected from so many things, it seems that my whole life this has been the case.I have awakened,but I have found few people that I can discuss ascension and what is happening in the world with.Most people just think we are crazy to talk about such things.I find that I just don't talk about it. I have only a few friends; most of my life has been this way.I was bullied in school because I preferred my own company;I just didn't make friends, but the ones I did make were good friends, but not life long friendships.



These remarkable observations, such manifestations are characteristic for Indigo children, Indigo people.

All this is perfectly normal, the density of 5 densities, there will be higher in frequency and mens...

You should not go out of their comfort frequencies without the need to. It is necessary to cultivate a higher tendency to raisetheir frequency. Currently, so many different practices tomaintain its frequency

I was just talking about feeling disconnected from everyone, in another forum :)  I grew up as a loner, facing bullies in school and feeling so different than others. I didn't have many friends, my best friends were my animals since I feel so much closer to them than humans. In fact they'd always show up at my home as strays, lost or injured, and my Gram, bless her heart, understood I needed to help them. lol, I understand what it's like to feel disconnected from everyone else. Luckily my family, Gram and Sis, are with me and understand this more than "normal people." We're all connected, even though we can't feel it, and hopefully one day we'll come back together :)



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