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About 2 months ago I started reading a book called "The power of Now",so that awareness is becoming more frequent everyday,for me.

But these days I've been feeling something bad,like an "emptiness"... I don't know exactly how to describe,maybe is a kind of depression,because I feel out of energy,and discouraged even to do the things I love,and I feel a urgent need to be around people(even tough I usually prefer to be alone,to "recharge" after a bustling day or negative energy.)


Sometimes this feeling lasts longer,others last just for a few minutes.

Then right after I can feel full,again.


But I feel this even while knowing that I'm a spiritual being, so I don't know how to "reconnect" with a good feeling(!),because it seems like there's nothing left - just an emptiness.

Today,for example,I had that feeling again,but I recomposed myself and did yoga,and after that I was better.


Now,this is really starting to bother it normal,during these days of awakening/ascension?

Can it be that I'm feeling this because I'm not used to my "True Self"?

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youll be alrite great spirit I got lost too

its society disease that disrupts our path

wake up great spirit ligth, peace, music, laugh :)




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