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Ashtar – "Celebrate the Shift!"
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - May 13, 2014

"Greetings, Beloved Family!And welcome to the Bridge of The New Jerusalem!  It is my ship, the command ship of the entire Ashtar Command which is the - you might say - the Star Trek fleet representing the Galactic Federation.  And we have indeed many, many, many who have joined us from other galaxies as observers and participants in this the grandest adventure ever undertaken.  And that is, of course, the Ascension of Planet Earth!


"And we have been here for eons of time in observation, and most recently in your time, in a much more active mode. That is, that we have the permission, which is as the result of the consciousness-raising of Planet Earth and the noting of that by the Galactic Federation, so that we have permission to become partners with you.


"Make no mistake!  We are here with only Love and only the Joy of our reunion.  We come not with weapons - only as needed in order to, shall we say, defend ourselves if that is necessary.  And it is becoming less and less necessary because it is that the weapons that we have, or shall we say, the technology that we have, is so great that we are able to disempower the weapons that the dark hats have to such a degree, that they cannot do the harm that they were once capable of.  They too, had what you call Star Trek technology of the dark kind with only dark intents for its usage.


"And you all know the names of some of them; things like HAARP and, of course, the satellites which they can use to target and do some destructions with.  The satellites are still there but they are not really able to do the things with them that they used to do because we are taking over!


"We have secured their bases upon the moon and upon Mars.You know, they were going to blow up Planet Earth with nuclear devices, start World War III and then wait it out very conveniently in their off-planet bases.  Some of them would remain in the underground areas that they had, relatively short-term, just to be sure the job got done that they wanted to do.And, they were offering certain individuals whom they believed key to their operation - certain humans - refuge there.


"All of that is which you would call terminated, canceled because we have the permission that we have been given to intervene, to come to the partnering with Planet Earth and this is excellent news indeed!


"We have approximately 20 million.They are called the militia.Some of them are humans.  They all have the ability to occupy human bodies, but they are here to carry out what you would call the final sweeping, cleansing, clearing.


"And in the meantime, there are many who are indicating by their, shall we say, NOT opening up to receive the high energies of transformation, transmutation, which will enable the Ascension of the individuals upon Planet Earth who choose to ascend.  And if they are saying, 'No, we need a little more time in this 3D world of illusion, confusion and separation,'we have a place prepared for them to continue with their 3D experiences, and there is no blame or shame in this!  There is not even any judgment!  It is simply a discernment which is the reading of their consciousness, but that part of it that they’re not totally in connection with.


"In case you’re wondering, why would anybody would opt to continue in 3D with all of the power and control activities that have become an essentialpart of the program, which those who would control, have for you?  Now their paths will be less heavy as a result of these ones who are scheduled to be swept - we like to say 'swept,' but you can say 'terminated,' if you wish, with their total absence.  Some are already gone - their holograms are replacing them, or there are a few leftover clones and so on.


"But with their departure, we’ll say, from Planet Earth, the ascending Planet Earth - and actually, they will not be let loose on this other planet.  Some of their minions may become powerful enough to carry on the power and control dramas called 'wars' on the new place - and perhaps not.


"That is a timeline which is very much in flux at this moment, because more and more people are waking up, and that shall be the main part of my message because it is a grand message of Joy and we shall continue with that!  But we want to make it very clear!  If you are in the, shall we say, the desire, the commitment, the dedication to making your Ascension, then that’s what you’re going to do!!!


"And whether you do it quietly and individually, or with a small group, or whether you go with great masses of people lifting off, makes no difference.  You will do it, so long as you stay on the path!  And staying on the path is as easy as greeting your day with, 'I am on my Ascension path and I REQUIRE that I continue in this direction!'


"Now that’s pretty easy, isn’t it?  That doesn’t take up a whole lot of your time - you do not have to do five hours of meditation every day in order to ascend.  You might ascend faster if you do.You will certainly be giving yourself more opportunities to 'BE' in that higher state of Being.  But let me just tell you that these energies of LoveLight which are coming in so fast – and a Happy Wesak to all - this is big!   This is huge because this is a time unlike any other on Planet Earth!!!


"And guess what that means?  It means, Beloved Family, it means that the Lights of Love are shining brighter than ever, and they are just right there for each and every one of you to take into your own Hearts and to give yourselves, what you might call, a super-charging boost into Higher Dimensionality which will ultimately result in your Ascension.


"We don’t give dates, you know that.  So we are not here to tell you that your Aascension will take place in one hour from now, in one month from now, or whatever.  We are here simply to say that it will happen if you choose it to happen.


"There is nothing that anyone here could have possibly done in this lifetime or in any others - including your future lifetimes -that keeps you from ascending, because you are moving into a place where there is no judgment.  However, we do advise that you do your clearings because that is a part of the preparation.


"And so give yourselves some nurturing.  Give yourselves some attention and above all else, give yourselves an infinite quantity of Love and Light because the Higher you raise yourselves, the less you take with you of lower vibration.


"We’re talking about baggage here!  Leave it at the door!  Leave it at the gate!  You can do that by simply saying, 'I choose to let go of all that is in any way obstructing my Ascension progress!'Now that’s pretty easy, too, isn’t it?


"In other words, you can choose!  There is no one certain way to accomplish Ascension.  There are as many ways of accomplishing Ascension as there are ascendees!  So, just remember that and be Joyful!  Just KNOW that you are getting there and be Joyful with it, because Joy, being in Joy, is also uplifting, exponentially so!


"So! We want to enlighten a bit upon this Wesak!  Yes, it is a full moon.  And yes, it is the birthday of our Beloved Buddha, and the Masters of LightCome into the Wesak Valley particularly, because that is the location where the celebration is made.  However, it is for each and every one of you to celebrate Wesak and to bring that Light into your own spaces of Being.


"And bring it into the totality of yourselves.  We shall do an Exercise with Sekhmet on this.*  I am only giving you description.Bring it into yourselves and circulate it within the totality of yourselves.  And by that I mean your past, present, future, parallel and dimensional selves.  And that’s comprehensive!That is the totality of you, Beloved Ones!


"You do not have to go to the Wesak Valley to celebrate Wesak, to celebrate the birthday of Buddha, to celebrate this Grand Gathering of Light because the Truth of it is, Beloved Ones, the Light is everywhere and it shines for you!  And the more you allow it to shine and radiate into you and throughout your being, the more you can indeed receive!


"There is no limit to the amount of LoveLight that the Universe has for you!  This is the Light of Love!  This is Mother/Father God sending that Love Light to you, if you want to see it that way or, this is the Great Central Sun sharing its great Love Light with you!However you want to see it, this is YOU!  Divine YOU calling it forth unto and into you!


"And this Light, Beloved Ones, while it may be that it is acknowledged to be this Grand Celebration of Wesak that amplifies this Light so much, this Light is continuing to flow in and it will continue in even greater quantities as a result of your being here and joining in this celebration.


"So, let yourselves create some visions of yourselves receiving this Light of Wesak and growing it and growing it and growing it within yourselves, so that you are so lit up that you actually FEEL it in every CELL, in every MEMORY, in every LOCATION in your energy fields!  Power up with it and keep on bringing it in!!!


"Now I will share one other thing with you of a more Worldly nature.  And that is that you have great reason to rejoice because the shifting has begun!!!  The concept, or the expression of being your brothers' and your sisters' keepers is starting to become more and more real, more and more in expression all over the world!


"There are magnificent events occurring between two people and more – people starting to reach out to other people.This is the Human Kingdom!  It is happening in all of the Kingdoms.  It is happening everywhere because all of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms are in this grand partnership.  But the Humans have not always had the wisdom to feel this to the degree, to the extent, to the sheer numbers in the population which are now starting to get it!  And this will continue because this is also a most important aspect of the Ascension path.


"So when you witness an act of sharing and caring, compassion, compassionate giving, even if it is the giving of a kind word, write it up and put in on your Facebooks and send it out.  And if you receive an email or a story of this kind of sharing, again, between two or more, perhaps even on the part of a city or community or a state or a country, spread it!  Send it out!  This is so powerful and this is what you can do as a Lightworker, as an Ashtar Commander, as a member of the Ground Crew.


"Because this, Beloved Ones, is our Mission; it is to let other people know what is happening.  We know that almost all of you, during these past years, have wanted to enlighten your friends, your families, your neighbors, your communities, even your governments about – for instance - our existence as friends and helpers, or about the NESARA - the whole package, you might call it, of wonderful, wonderful events which are mandated by the Announcement of the NESARA Law.  Or about the wealth of St. Germain coming to provide abundance for all, and more wealth on top of that to fuel the projects which need to be done on Planet Earth in order to make the physical changes – the clean-up, for instance, of your environment.


"And, you may have been considered to be a bit on the nutty side, you see, or not knowing what you’re talking about at the very least.  Well, the shift is on!  And it may just be that somebody who refused to listen to you a year ago is now ready.So be welcoming!  Calling forth, if you will, requiring that those who are ready now for what you have to share – education, knowledge, Joy to the World – will open and show you that they are open to receive that which you know about, because it is time to move into an even Higher level of spreading the word!!!


"You, Beloved Ones, have great capabilities as what you would call news reporters, so share it where you feel inspired.  And if you have any question about whether it is appropriate, ask your Higher selves and your guides.  But we are telling you that the consciousness of the Planet has shifted into a higher level and it is all to be celebrated and all to be rejoiced upon!


"So we’re going to do plenty more of that in our time that we have together in this Gathering, and we invite you to come back and listen to it, perhaps even send it to someone who is ready to open and rejoice and celebrate with you, because the World is changing and Planet Earth is ascending and you, Beloved Ones, are all, ALL invited to continue on this journey!!!


"And remember that I, Ashtar, and all of the beings who dwell in Higher Dimensionality are right here, close by with you and you may call upon us at any time to stand with you and to soar in the Light.  My Bridge is open to you 24/7, and the Truth of it is that you all come aboard during your sleep times.  And I invite you to set that as your destination, if you wish, before you go to sleep, because you already all have Mission and service that you are doing when you are not fully present in your bodies!


"So you are helping as Lightworkers in human bodies and you are helping as members of the Ashtar Command or ambassadors to the Ashtar Command from other galaxies and you are 'on duty' you might say 24/7, even when you are resting your physical bodies!


"So that is our report for this wondrous Gathering.  We love you all beyond any expression of any words.  We are in absolute, ecstatic Joy at our Communion with you in the Oneness of Who We Are!  And we tell you, Beloved Ones, we understand that the way may have been difficult at times, but celebrate the end of the challenges and the difficulties! And celebrate instead your Divinities and your successful commitments and carrying out of this Ascension Mission together!!!


"And so it is!  Salut!"

* To join in Sekhmet's Exercise, scroll down this page for the audio link:
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, May 13, 2014.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2012. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.


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