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Quantum physics has now proven beyond all doubt that everything is ultimately comprised of Energy. We live in a holographic quantum universe. Whatever we concentrate upon is what the universe (quanta) will give us. Our universe can therefore be completely different from our neighbor's universe, even though we may share a common wall in our apartment.

Switch Words then, is a tool that serves as a Carrier to move our Being into different Energy Bands – a kind of modulation so to speak (allowing us to experience the amazing divine power inside us and to notice information in the greater awareness field). The higher we find ourselves in the spectrum the higher our vibes are raised hence our connection to infinite Source. And the quality and speed of this connection will depend upon our commitment – the amount of Love and Peace we can hold, the amount of Light we can manipulate.

Switch Words helps us heal, release tension, achieve balance and harmony, and raises our level of consciousness. SWs enhances our connection to the Light and moves us to a new and exciting pedestal, a place of inner peace, joy, happiness, fulfillment, and abundance.

We should know at all times that we are already infinitely wealthy and we should focus with joy on realising that wealth and utilising it for the purposes of evolution, expansion and growth, and thereby a state of Being in perfect harmony with the Universe. If we are in perfect harmony with the Universe we will always manifest anything desired into our physical reality, joyfully, naturally and effortlessly.
L&L Tom - joyfully using SWs for five yrs running.

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CoMdr LightSpeed - Wonderful initiative !!!
Together Divine Be.
Oneness Service & Love.
Hi Tom,
would you offer us some examples ?
thank you
Hi Lu,
I hope I understood your request:
SWs will help us heal, release tension, achieve balance and harmony and raise our level of consciousness.
Sws will allow us to experience the amazing divine power inside us and to notice information in the greater awareness field.
One great master put it this way - the kinhdom of God is within us, is here and now.
The more synchronized, harmonious we are with the Universe, the higher our vibes hence the more we can tap from the infinite source.
In this business of creating, of walking through life, Joy should be our compass.
There is nothing we cannot be, have or do unless our thinking makes it so.
More later - Tom.
Dear Lu,
After a second thought, I guess you are looking for SW examples.
Before I list a few, I would recommend you purchase the SW book:
- Together: Master SW - Oneness
- Count: Finances
- Reach/Find: To locate missing objects, stuff - to get whatever you need (info/direction/wisdom, etc)
I have so far achieved astonishing results for Reach - in my perspective this is the most used.

The paper book can still be found at
You may also find a lot of information about Switchwords:

James T. Mangan's book, The Secret of Perfect Living, introduced us to Switchwords and may be
a worthwhile book for you to read. It was originally published in 1963 and was put back into print in
2006. It can be found at

I wish you peace on the path to discovering SWs.
L&L Tom.
Thank you so much, teaching special children taught me the perfection of switchwords, but my use was problem defined. This is a treasure chest for further expansion and I intend to gleefully dive into all you have presented here. Joy to our world! Lynda


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