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OK! I will try to put into words what I was taught in a dream.

I was being taught in a dream about the creative process and when I asked the question, “How is that possible?” I was told E=mc2. Mulling over that, I finally awakened, because the meaning of part of the formula was missing to me. Actually, I had never really considered what it meant.

After researching it, I was shown how that Einstein had named it in a way that most people would look past, just as he had named his Quantum mechanics teachings.

The name Quantum comes from the term quanta, and quanta are packets of light. Another way to say “Quantum mechanics” would be “the mechanics of light”, but most of us don’t see that.

So I decided to study E=mc2. We all know that E=energy and m=mass but what does c=???

Well c=the speed of light (in meters per second) and in the formula it is squared, so c2=the speed of light times its self.

Now that is very obscure. How does one relate to the speed of light squared? Then I was shown that the speed of light is a reference to the dimensions of space and time, The speed of light (in meters per second) is the “time” that it takes light to move through a certain amount of “space”.

So then, how I see it is that Energy is equal to matter, times space and time multiplied by space and time. If you then reverse the formula you get the formula for what matter is equal to. m=E/c2

So then, matter is equal to energy, divided by space and time multiplied by space and time. That makes sense if you look at everything we have learned about our Divinity and the Oneness.

When we were pure energy, we decided to experience something different, and chose a duality. When we took the pure energy that we are and divided our experience into space and time, and then took that, and divided it into past and future we got space and time squared where past and future join in the present or Now Time.

Dividing our pure energetic being by space and time multiplied by its self in the present we get matter, which we have fashioned into the experience of density we inhabit.

I am sure there is more to it but I wanted to share what I was shown.

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