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No matter where you go, no matter what you see or do, all happens through you. Your body is a divine opening, a gateway, and a gem of relationship with your full Spirit. Assuming the sovereignty of personal responsibility is simply required, no matter how you come to relate to yourself. Your Way is through and your happiness is of profound significance. Before you seek to change the world, seek how the world is mirroring inside you and from you. Every step is a godstep. There are no mistakes, because hindsight is purely information. Each day we awake only ever widening choices.

To the JOY of your rainbow YOUniverse!

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Dear Srarflower,

To raise our consciousness we have to use the special days for our meditations like Solstices, Equinoxes,Full Moon Days, New Moon days.....and the Time  very early in the Morning at the Dawn between 3-5 O'clock.....

  • This will help us to raise our level of Consicousness and Purity is must for all our Senses....
  • SohiniBen.



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