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Energy Update: Peace thru Anchoring the I AM Presence

Alert!  Major waves of light coming in! 

(As if you needed the announcement!)

These first few days of December the energy infusions are coming in big and strong.  It all feels very beautiful and expansive, yet it's
challenging to "do" things!  There's lots of inner stuff going on
that's taking up most of my focus and energy.  There's tremendous
transformation and shifting taking place beneath the surface of things
in our lives and a really delicious love-filled energy surrounding and
flowing through us.

The Earth is really amping up her frequency and as we are increasingly one energetically and plugged into the expanded crystalline grid, we are more and more affected by her lead. 

This is ideal! Earth is paving the way for us.  Generous and giving us an opportunity to realize and appreciate the unique relationship we have
in co-creating and being one with this living beautiful planet!

How to orient to all this?  We can find peace while experiencing these incoming waves of light, by moving into harmony with ourself.

We can move into Peace by creating a clear and harmonious mirror between our expanded I AM Presence and our outward conscious expression in
human form. 

Find grace by harmonizing with YOU!

This "coming into alignment" is one of the major themes this month; the 10-10-10 energy of the I AM Presence anchoring in our experience with
the 12-12-10 portal and the December Solstice.

We are moving more and more into the domain of oneness, wholeness, on the bridge of authenticity.  This is what creates peace: harmony with our own
energetic expansive-ness!

It's also what brings us more and more into alignment.  Alignment is important because energetic alignment removes obstacles to energy flowing, which liberates joy and

So rest easy.  All is well and you are Being all you need to be!  Allow your true self to flow without restraint and enjoy the relief!

Tune in and let go!  Feel and BE the love that you innately ARE!  I AM.

© 2009-2010, Meredith Murphy, Expect Wonderful | Modern Paradise Publications

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