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i read alot of instructions how one should energize water,
some people say you got to hold it like that and think this for a special amount of seconds and so on...

I think its a question of character...
when you do not focus your thought on energizing it, it will take over your frequency anyway...

i dont want to say it is useless, of course not but i would compare it to
a pendulum, some people can hypnotize others and they use a pendulum...
but its just like a crutch... when you got the ability you dont need a
you just need to believe and in the case of a hypnotizing man he has to make the hypnotized one believe into his ability ...(hope
you can follow me=)

what i want to say is: when you follow instructions to energize it, it may work for you and maybe you need to
follow your instructions to believe in it, but the main thing is THAT u
BELIEVE and the rest is a minor matter!

i do not allways send thoughts to the water i drink but its not obligatory because the water
will become you, you are not becoming the water! (when you know this)

i know this could sound offensive to some, especially while thousands are dying each day through water-diseases
i do not want to say they have a lower faith i dont know all the reasons for this. i can only pray for it to get better!

my explanation is:

Water could be compared with a "suisse elefant" :D its "neutral" and it "doesnt forget anythings" ;)
(i just like to play with clichees) :D
it does not differ between good or evil it keeps his information and if asked its given to the one who connects with it...
it can be poisoned and it doesnt die from it it just changes its information...
of course when we do not protect ourselves from negativity on a spiritual level,
that could harm us when we take over the poison "information" in our bodycells...

so i ask you to not only energize the water you drink when you drink it!
take some time to energize the clouds, the ground water, and even the
undrinkable sea-water!
its not only a good practice because you think in greater dimensions,
it helps the water that you drink too!

and remember!
up to 70% of our physically body is water!
only 2-3% of all water on the world is drinkable
so we got to keep it clean!!!
of course water cleans itself after time but we can help it!!!
help water, help yourself =)

blessings of love!


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