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I was just wondering if others here use essences (flower, crystal, vibrational ones of totem animals, etc.).

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Yes, I work with stones and have a skull , made froma hematite , thatI I wear. I also have other stones, and I use bird feathers....inscense, and plant energy, for grounding....... I work with many Spirits, this is it team effort...... the Council of many, on the-other-side, that I work with...... help me to make the magic real, with the essences I use, with Universal-Mind, Universal-Spirit and my intentional thought.

I use crystal essences.

Flower essences and crystal-essences.

This books about crystal essences are very good:  Gurudas: Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing Part I + Part II

I never heared of totem-animal-essences. How do you create it?



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