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Kelly wrote the following: Obi, you are right by the way, we should be doing a group activity, something we can manifest... will ponder, anyone have any ideas?

I think it's a good plan to brainstorm a little and to share some ideas in this blog. It's not always easy to do group activities online since many of us are in different timezones.

I try to meditate regularly and I also send some good vibes to this group from time to time. I begin to understand the benefits of group meditation, but I'm still learning about it.

Feel free to share your inspiration and thoughts in this blog.

Blessings, Ivy

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indeed Ivy Ivy,

     back in 2011 ,kelly began the triangles meditation group and we there began do do many triangle and group meditations.we soon began doing what we termed building triangles, where we would use in a harmony a chosen light ray and , or it's represent arch angel or ascended master or color and it's represent crystal along with our intent and decree in our sacred space. we would create a stronger amplified vibration and wave and we found we were able to manifest via thought forming in other dimension.we first built a royal purple starship with a holodeck we used to link up with one another out of time and space so we did not always need to all meditate as one in real time we could just access the royal purple triangle first and work it from there.

so,we decided to build a tower ,to help bridge the higher dimensions,it was and still is doing this quite well from what Master Kuthumi and Master Germain say,we build this from the ground up and put a capstone with the stone of piece within it atop the tower saint Germain popped in then, to ask if we would wait on the cap until the indigenous ones where ready ,so we waited ,and got the word one day to go ahead ,we completed the tower.

during this we got attacked by some well funded trolls.that is when we created the "stargate explorations team" group where it is all so private , like you suggested .

padawans was created by me just so we could have a forum to share whatever between us jedi types and our friends.

we have not built any thing for a wile and only have done a few meditations and or  ceremonies as it seems we did some thing quit amazing and i am not sure what to do next

i am open to suggestions and will participate in any meditation open or guided or whatever we can come up with ,this wight solar wizard  and "warrior of the brethren of the fire of pure white light" (my sub group), from my star family the "suns of fire of wight light"is here to help in any way i can;.

thanks Ivy Ivy

i create a circle of sacred space and perform rituals i design  myself ,all the things i do are my own way and  i do not share all i do or teach it all either as it is way involved with alchemy and  spiritual math and sacred geometry , i feel our magic is our mind and how we use our thought energy to create with the elemental beings and the like who love to help  manifest , so in my opinion, all the  ritual and magic and such are just to focus the mind energies on what you  desire to make manifest ,and i feel it best to practice a more personal way than one with rules

as far as timing ,i feel time  is also an illusion so we as a triangle form in our mind the moment ether in real time or out of time all together , some of are builds were so involved i needed to do many meditations in a row with stamps on them or markers per say so i could assemble latter ,it seemed to work well to allow us all to do whatever meditation or practice we had time for and over a short time we would weave them together so to speak

this photo is a good idea of some of the math

here the first 2 minutes is an idea of why

any way the full moon is upon us so as usual i will meditate outside under the moon and will try to connect with my friends near and far

Oops looks like I missed this blog, sorry, get caught up sometimes in things... you know how it is. 

Definately an awesome idea, Ivy Ivy, thank you for giving us a forum to toss ideas.  I've been going through a sacred geometry awakening and am eager to test it out. 

Thanks for the great data and links too everyone, so nice when I have more time without the kidlet I will watch the videos (he's sitting here watching cartoons, shhh...) 

Hey Obi, what do you think about a "wadj" ? 

Okay the little one is so longer hynotized, lol, must go for now... still pondering, will ask for a sign. 

I love your energy Ivy, lol- does it make sense that there is a "wholeness" to you?  Very balanced...a steady glow.

I find the most basic and simple techniques for me are the ones that work best.  On today, the blue moon, I will do a cleansing ritual and do the twin hearts meditation with my friends, I will enter the Triangle at this time to help funnel the energy to gaia.  

Usually though, I just sit quietly, open my chakras to access the energy and decide where to put it...I am usually inside a triangle which aligns and pulls down light... and if I think of sacred geometry my chakras go haywire, lol- such a buzz...

Hmmm one thing you can do, by the way, is give yourself a "short-key" to a meditative state by programming your consciousness with a symbol or trigger.  I read about a guy who could do it by pulling his pinky finger... so I tried it with some energy work I was doing for the Ojo Medicine Wheel in new mexico- now if I want to connect with the Ojo, I just imagine a circle within a circle, and my inner self knows to plug into it, I have seen and experienced some wonderful things with just offering my energy to the right places and devas. 

The reason I am taking a bit of time to ponder where to focus our attention on, is that the free will and divine plan must be respected, it is no easy thing to change the matrix as there are consequences we cannot see.  I'd like to help the drought, for example, but we don't know if mother nature needs it that way.    


for me it is like saint germain said that it matters not what ritual or meditation you do just that you do it and the best ones are the ones you create from scratch with your own ways  and ideas you have developed from your own heart center adapting what feels right for you

i will be dancing on the moon tonight

all prepped and ready here

enjoy this the second full moon or blue moon of  the month

i should also say group meditation is much the same as jesus said about two or more gathering in his name builds a church , when we gather in group or triangle meditation we make a stronger vibration one that is more felt or received simply and it is not some thing one must do hear or at triangles to be just as helpful on ones own ,some or i should say most, just sent the group love and blessings

yes , that is what Katjami is doing now, she is very much working one on one  with her team learning more about the higher dimension , so i get that .it is wonderful that your growing, like the catapiller becomes a cacoon before a butterfly hey, and we will keep your blog here for us .it is awesome ,like you.

than you so much for being here with us

Water Wheel Alchemy
By us humans coming together for the waters, we are creating an ancient realm of alchemy within the Water Wheel structures. Our collective energy of pure through and intentions are being transferred directly into the Crystalline Grid which provides the crystalline energy fields for all our waters around the earth. As we create a vortex energy field of consciousness, we are directly influencing the frequency of water. The more direct energy of consciousness we give to the Crystalline Grid of Mother Earth, the more powerful our waters become. —Golden Eagle

The Water Wheel Project Vision
• To educate ourselves and our communities about where our drinking water comes from and where our source waters are located.

• To create a worldwide network of 172,032 Water Wheels—sacred geometry medicine wheels of energy specifically for energizing the waters and activating the interconnection of all communities for the water.

• To energize community participation in an interactive/artistic/creative project (creating a Water Wheel) that children can participate in or lead to celebrate the living waters.

• To create a sacred place (Water Wheels) to hold teachings and ceremony dedicated to the waters.

• To empower people and children to create “unprecedented” ceremony –listening to their intuition, their spirit, and hearts in the moment to celebrate pure, clear water.

• To inspire prayers, honoring, and celebration to the waters, our waterways, source waters, oceans, drinking waters, inner-waters, and spirit of water—water and other elementals.

• To use small clear quartz crystals to hold our prayers, intentions, and love for the waters. Some of these crystals will be used to anchor in 7 points of each Water Wheel.

• To co-create a worldwide water ceremony for the children at a glacier in Canada in Summer of 2014.

For a full description of The Water Wheel Project contact Marshall at or 775-267-7792 and he will e-mail you a copy.

Dear lovelies, this is the OJO Water Wheel I have mentioned working on before, I believe this is what we need to work on, the signs of Cliffords interest in wheels and the old ways of the shamans... this is a beautiful project that I belong to, as well the Masters and devas are assisting ... the data is astonishing ... this was a private side project that has been instrumental in helping me grow my abilities. 

Please let me know what you think and perhaps I can find some more data for you... namaste, sooo happy to be a part of this group :)



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