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Pan Drums, or 'hand pans' are a very recent musical invention.

Developed in the year 2000 by Swiss company PANart (the Hang or Hang Drum), their 
melancholic sound bewitches everyone that hears it. 

But, because a pan drum must be hand built by skilled artisans if it is to sound good, 
supply is short and they have remained relatively rare and extremely sought after by musicians - 
"Where can i buy a Hang drum?" is a common lament on internet forums.

Hang Massive - Once Again - 2011 ( hang drum duo )

Yuki and Taku in Singapore

Street player plays Hang drum insanely

Ananda Krishna Röösli - Hang & Didjeridoo - Lisbon

Aikyo. Cajita de musica. Granada. Hang, Bells, Flauta & Chelo

Zen Tambour #220

Pantheon Steel Halo Cirrus, Equinox 7 tuning

Spacedrum by Yuki Koshimoto

Hang Insomniac Jam

Hang (drum) Solo - Paparazzi - Rafael Sotomayor - Handpan

Hang - Drum & Bass Reggae Live 2011- TheArtOfFusion - Rafael Sotomayor

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