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Archangel Gabriel, whose very name signifies, “God is my strength” or “Man of God,” is the facilitator on the white ray of purity. He is recognized by Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Responsible for delivering the Koran to Muhammad; announcing to Mary that she would deliver Christ, he instills us with purity. Together with his archeia Hope, they aid the light bearers, the seraphim, in working with the white light emanating from the base of spine chakra. Their very presence is enough for us to soak up their light and energies into our bodies so that we can amalgamate with the divine consciousness to achieve wholesomeness of body, mind, and soul.

Guardian of Monday-borns, he is the Deliverer of the Word of God and helps us express the truth openly and honestly, in respect and honor of our individuality. He helps us to ascertain the truth in situations where it is misrepresented and prompts us to listen to our intuition and inner voice.

The archangel of the annunciation, always seen with his trumpet that heralds important news, he is the announcer to every soul of light about the good news and our eventual union with God. He reminds us that we have lots of work to do to balance our karma and achieve the value to be with our Lord. As serious spiritual seekers, we should be able to determine whether we have the right to be the vessel of light, and to serve while we are gaining the mastery of the light. This helps us rejuvenate our spirituality and guides us to our rightful place beside the Higher Power.

In the name of Gabriel and Hope,

I AM a holy one of God!

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