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I believe in angels. As a young child I saw four angels by my bed. They held little bells in their hands, two of them were black with gold bells and two were white with silver bells. I suppose it signifies the balance of light and darkness. I would believe in them even without this vision. It was all so amazing, that you couldn`t call it my imagination really. Behind them there was a woman dressed in colorful clothes with a turban hat in which there sat a big red crystal stone. I don`t know who she could be, maybe an ancestor or a spirit guide/angel.
I also heard some singing at the same time, it sounded a little more flowing than normal singing - it is funny because, I teach singing as an adult now.
It has always been in the back of my mind and it is of course very comforting to know, that there are actually angels close to us.

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wow i bvelieve you were presented with a awesome gift. i love this story...
We have so much to look for inside out,,,, this just seems to come together for all of us...
I recently almost over a couple years ago began a steady daily meditation. Beginning with a visit from . Dearest of my comforts passes me by with such delving to gracious ease an angel flew upon brings a harp to keep me simply tied angels only see me happy.. does it matter so slow maybe a time comes when motions are cost and pleads is with me.
Hey Charlotte! I still don't know if they were angels or et's or if angels are actually et's but several years ago I tried to fall asleep in a new house in the country I just moved into. Coyotes were howling outside and the energy was different there. I started to read a book and then the coyotes would howl again. I tried to actually stay awake but was slowly falling asleep. Somewhere in the middle of sleep and consciousness I saw five angels or et's or some kind of light beings - really tall light beings that looked as if they were fountains of light standing around my bed. I don't know what they were doing there but they stopped by to have a look at me for about twenty minutes and then they were gone. I know I wasn't dreaming it. I didn't get any messages or anything really significant other than the visual. It was pretty cool though but unfortunately hasn't happened since (!)


More than 30 years ago I saw an angel who was more like Com Ashtar and now I know that due that my personality is more like St Thomas (who need to touch Jesus side to believe in him )  he or they chose to let me contact them just for some minutes in that time so now I will believe and work for them without doubt and they say now that only the chosen one can contact and see them .. so when this time arrive I understand why and what happen to me on those days ... and the place I contact him was the same one I pray on my knees an ANGELS PRAY everyday since I was a child .. now I understand everything .. for many years I was lost and live without remembering it a lot .. so for me now is very easy to be part of Com Ashtar group and believe everything specially the orders for Ascension of METRATON --I identify with his instructions completely ... and wish to do it well is in these days that I feel completely as I understand my life completely .. there was always a missing part I was looking for .. so thank you angels. Com. Ashtar, Metraton, Jesus, God .. please let me be a part of you and work for you .. I willl be very happy 



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