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The Children of Light Conference in Denver at the end of June has a new addition, in addition to The Wholeness Blessing there will also be people initiated into The Oneness Blessing that originates in India from the Oneness University.

This is a rare confluence of Eastern and Western spiritual gifts to humanity. The people from the Oneness University felt The Wholeness Blessing was significant and they have decided to join efforts.

For those of you uncomfortable with Indian belief systems, culture and practices of veneration, this is not about that at all. There is no belief, practice, or expectation beyond passing on The Oneness Blessing at the same conference as The Wholeness Blessing.

Hi AK,

I hope you're having a wonderful break. Blessings to you and your family.

I've attached an article I've written about the Oneness Meditation. It would be tremendous if you would post it as many more people would than be able to find out about opportunities to use this tool to assist Awakening.

I see that the Oneness Meditations will be offered on Thursday and Friday at the Children of Light Conference. I'm stoked!


Peter D.
First they ignore you.
They then laugh at you.
Then they fight you.
Then, you win.

Peter DeBenedittis, Ph.D.
Media Literacy for Prevention, Critical Thinking, Self-Esteem                
2079 Camino Lado
Santa Fe, NM 87505

The Oneness Meditation – A Powerful Transmission of Divine Energy
By Peter DeBenedittis, Ph.D

Over the past several months, I’ve had the pleasure of attending and helping host Oneness Meditations. The Oneness Meditation is a new, powerful meditation where Divine Energies are transmitted to help awaken the spiritual energies within us. This very sacred Blessing offers the opportunity to free the mind effortlessly and awaken to the magic and beauty of life. Flowing through the eyes of the Oneness Meditator, Oneness Meditations create a neurobiological shift that naturally accelerates the Awakening process.

After traveling to Denver to attend Oneness Meditations, I found myself laughing at nearly everything that happened to me for the next week. Even when I had thoughts or was in circumstances that I previously judged as 'bad,' I was still laughing. The bliss was tremendous. It changed how I reacted to things.

The Oneness Meditation was released at the beginning of 2012, to assist with the planetary shift in consciousness. It originated from the Oneness University, and is part of a global phenomenon that is taking many forms. The Oneness Meditation brings you and your community the experience of Oneness—One Love, One Consciousness, One with all that is. It is helping to start a chain reaction that creates a critical mass for a shift towards setting all of humanity totally free.

Only 5 people in North America have been initiated to give Oneness Meditations. Though they frequently travel through the US and Canada to share this phenomenon, I encourage people to take advantage of the rare opportunity being presented when Oneness Meditations are given in their area. To find where and when a Oneness Meditation will be near you, please visit these web pages:

This page is the calendar for Doug Bentley, a Oneness Guide from India who offers Oneness Meditations.

This page is the calendar for the Oneness Trainers in North America who have been initiated to give Oneness Meditations.

The profound experience I had attending a Oneness Meditation was not unique. After helping organize Oneness Meditations in my home town of Santa Fe, I received a bunch of e-mails from people who also had deeply moving experiences. People wrote me that:

It was such a wonderful healing thing to do for myself. I really loved it and got so much from it. I still feel great! It was interesting how profoundly deep the work was and at the same time so pleasurable – Lisa G., Albuquerque

I felt my heart chakra activate and then expand and enliven. Immediately, I moved into in a state of timeless, transcendental awareness, a place of ONENESS. I continue to feel the benefits of this a week later. Thank you for creating this lovely opportunity to re-experience the TRUTH. – Laura C., Santa Fe

My life once again went from "nothing is possible" to "everything is possible," not just in my mind and heart, but literally! In going with this new flow of energy, doors opened like I’ve never seen before. – Ahni R., Santa Fe

Please visit the Oneness New Mexico Experiences web page to read more comments from people attending Oneness Meditations.

The Oneness Meditation is for everyone. It is secular and given in silence. There is nothing one must do except receive the blessing. No prior experience of Oneness events is needed. People from all walks of life, all backgrounds and all faiths, are experiencing dramatic change and improvements in their lives through this Meditation.

No teaching, belief or philosophy is required or given at Oneness Meditations. It’s totally about accessing Grace to enhance the path one is currently on towards their individual Awakening.

To find where and when a Oneness Meditation will be near you, please visit these web pages:

Calendar for Doug Bentley, a Oneness Guide from India who offers Oneness Meditations.

Calendar for the Oneness Trainers in North America who have been initiated to give Oneness Meditations.

Blessings on your path to Awakening,

Peter DeBenedittis, Ph.D., Oneness Trainer

Invitation to the Oneness Meditation

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