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Love, Peace to Be One for Mother Nature, Mother Earth, All Animals

and Our Galactic Brothers and Sisters and much more.....

Power and Light by Stasis for all People...

from my heart


oh yeah i meditate, and if not, my best friends meditate, and if not they best friends meditate!


I feel a deep LOVE in my heart, like a fire =) Very Much healing and love. THANK YOU ALL for this meditation!
I feel great!

thankyou everyone for being there.I felt us inside a big heart! I eventually connected with divineMother and DivineFather and it felt great. see u at 22meditation<3
I thought I would miss it because I miscalculated the time thinking it was at 4:00pm eastern time in the US, then I recounted and realized it was at 3:00pm. My meditation was very peaceful, I felt my heart beat strongly, with a tingling all over down to my feet, being stronger in my forehead. I saw two circles of people, one within the other and in the center a very bright light. which went in my crown chakra all the way to my feet down to the earth> This happened a few times. I felt a cold sensation in the tip of my hands but when I touched them they were warm. My body was filling up with energy. Today was a grey day, the sky was the same color all over, when I opened my eyes after the meditation the Sun was shinning through my window, I was surprised, the Sun was not out today, after a minute or two the Sun was gone. Same sky all over. I went, hmmm. Then a thought passed my mind..., I think I did well with my meditation. Peace and Love to all... Namasté
I felt so at peace! It was a wonderful feeling! I look forward to the next session on the 22nd.

I felt a healing to the planet
I was so delighted to meditate with this group of the light and my experience was very sincere and forthcoming as I found myself shaking and feeling the love of all. The light did dwell within me.
I will take time to continue this kind of medication with The I AM so I can clear all disconnects and become closer to thee in love for it is the only path to the higher self righteousness.
Thank you all for this meditation!
I feel so connected with all of you and with Mother Earth :-)
Many thanks to you [us] again for the opportunity of experiencing Oneness.
Ben-Arion,Dear Brother Thank you for this biutiful Meditation,I Practice It Eveyday in the morning before going to
Work And in the night Before i am going to sleep,Blessings,Jose
I saw a big beautiful purple Albatros flying in the golden rain...anyone knows what this meens? Love to you all /Ingela.



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