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Saturday, January 28, 2012
Meditation cancels nervous concerns. In the next weeks and months many details in my
Master Messages are about to begin. Are you afraid? Maybe not. Are you meditating?
Yes? This is probably why. Most meditators do not get concerned about anything in their
awareness. It goes into their mind as only data. Mind games do not appear in their daily
life due to cellular changes made in meditation. Many of my chelas are not giving
themselves this gift. Maybe an Awakened one does not need to get quiet and go within,
but everyone else will greatly benefit.

Many dramas can be eliminated when more are meditating daily. Their lack of mental
activity gives many additions to the light in mass consciousness. Those not deepening
their awareness with going into mind deletion daily are missing out on getting their nonawareness

 Some meditators do not get the most out of their meditations because
they have a lot of chatter they are not ignoring. Only ignoring your mental concepts deletes
them. Face the day after a meditation with a new attitude of caring. Opening the heart can
also be assisted during your time alone without any negative thoughts bringing to you a
different opportunity.

Calling on God to give you a new consciousness or a new car is demanding something
against what you already have. When asking for "more" or "different" you are giving
evidence of negativity. Saying no to what shows up is very different than demanding that
circumstances be changed.

 Accepting things as they are instantly takes you to a new
answer for all of the demands you have ever made of God. Your ability to get things you
would like then comes as quickly as you think of them. Only by contributing quiet and
making no demands of God will you cancel those non-aligned attitudes that are now in a
dormant state.

All of your unconscious mental attitudes in cellular memory are going to be activated in the
next days. Give them no thought as they arise. Allow your mental desires and dreams to
be eliminated as a message to God that all is good. As you do this, your demonstration of
great awareness will do a lot of good for those in your material world who give no interest
to making a decision of this kind.

As you do not get things the mind doesn't create, your desires need to be led to you in a
different way. By asking you don't get them, by admiring them you can. When you
appreciate something this mental attitude attracts it to you. Give away all the other
manifestation concepts you have previously used because they are no longer going to
bring the things you ask for. Why? To teach you that you are an actor in a drama created
by you.

 Freedom from the asking syndrome brings new gifts you have not conceived of.
Admire, appreciate, be grateful for, and give thanks and you will attract. Not this-not that
will contract. Nothing desired comes to you after Awakening unless you appreciate that it
can come to you. Freedom is an ability to say "Thank you" for what is not yet in your

 Thank the One and only God for all of the things needed in your life. Thank
them for appearing. Give more attention to giving than asking. The act of giving
demonstrates abundance and is also a form of gratitude.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


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Dear Saint Germain, thanks a bunch for showing and activating the true and healthful way of meditating and readjusting   attitudes. Blessings to you. Namasté    


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