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Meditation and Angel Guided Meditation For People Who Find It Difficult To Take Time Out To Meditate by Glenn_M._E._Harrison

Why do people find it so difficult to meditate?
Jill, my wife, and I were having teachings from Ascended Master Lord Sananda (Jesus) a few weeks ago. Jill is an Avatara, an Angel Messenger who receives messages from the angelic realm, but is also capable of going into trance and allowing angels to talk through her. To do this, you have to be a 'clear channel' which means you have let go of ego, to do this.
Sananda was telling us that when he was connected to the Creator, and walked as Jesus Christ, he and his disciples would rise at sunrise and sit in the rising sunlight, meditating, absorbing the sunlight, to give them the best start to the day.
He then explained that, for us, on awakening, we should meditate and visualise filling our bodies with sunlight, to give us our best start to the day.
The Creator is Light Energy. We are condensed light. All matter is condensed light. Sunlight to us, is like a charge is to a battery. It re-charges, boosts our immune system, heals and enables growth. Yesterday was a sunny day for us here in the UK, and we don't get many of them. I went into our local town shops, and as I walked in, noticed an old woman sit down on a bench, lean back and raise her face to the Sun with her eyes closed, just like she was recharging her batteries. Do you do that too?
So if we can take time out to sit, sometimes, and take in the Sun's rays, why is it so difficult for people to take time out and meditate? Yesterday it came to me why, so I felt a need to share it with you.
When Sananda walked as Jesus, there were no watches or clocks. Time was sensed by sunlight and star movements. No distractions like TV, radio, computers, telephones, mobile phones, cinemas, restaurants, shops, amusements, cars, motorbikes, planes, decorating, materialistic clothes. There were no books for the masses. People listened to story tellers.
Our lives today are consumed by a new religion we are slaves to money.
We have become slaves to money and the Illuminati keep us in fear by enticing us to get into debt with consumerism. This creates a massive difference in available time for us personally, compared to when Jesus walked the Earth.
Is it any wonder we struggle to find time to meditate?
God, light, the one conscious energy gave us food and water to grow, but also gave us meditation, to stay connected.
We understand we need food and water to survive, but only need meditation, to grow, spiritually. But that's not all it does is it, because it helps us heal, helps reduce stress, which in turn reduces blood pressure.
Over time, Christian Religion, in particular, has programmed us away from meditation in the Western World. Why? Because the powers in Christianity have not wanted us to connect directly to the Creator, since it diminishes their power and control over the masses.
Why is it that one religion can have over 38,000 denominations where the leader believes their Christian church or ministry knows better?
The angelic realm are urging us to get back to meditation, once in a morning to start the day with light-energy, peace and calmness, and once in the evening to recharge ourselves; as a minimum.
If you struggle to meditate. If you have tried meditation to connect to the angelic realm, and have given up. If you feel that you will never get meditation right, it is only because you haven't had the right guidance. Would you attempt to read a book, before being taught how to read? Would you attempt to write a letter to someone before being taught how to write? Would you try and drive a car on a busy road, before being taught how to drive?
And what about cooking, cleaning, speaking your language, sport, games pastimes? Many things in life have to be taught, and it's no different with meditation. So don't give up, but remember, just like with all other things that are taught, there are good teachers and bad teachers. Be discerning when you read about meditation. Who are they? Where do they get their information from? Are they connected to the Source of All That Is, which you are trying to connect to?
There are many guided meditations available on CD and mp3 to listen to, follow and evolve.
Glenn Harrison is an ANGEL MESSENGER, visited by The ANGEL OF DEATH: Archangel Azrael; who asked. "Ease their pain." Glenn receives messages from 60+ Archangels, Ascended Masters and Light-Beings, through Psychic Medium; Jill Harrison. Free Angel Guided Meditation a href=">">>; download:- MEET YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL; a href=">">>;

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