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The world is made up simply of energy. That is right ... what causes the beats in our heart, what makes our minds work, what gives us those feelings is simply energy. Buddha talks about enlightenment and Buddhist Monks will spend this and the next life time learning how to become enlightened or more importantly how to ascend our spiritual body into the next.
So, what is death?
I have seen many people die around me, both family and friends. I watched the transition of my own grandfather from being a strong fit man to one that literally withered before my eyes. Yet within the pain comes a reality that as we become closer to death we also have the chance to make the transition from this form to another. Whether it is a form that lives within us or one that occurs on the moment we die, none of us know till the day it happens.
You know the really cool part about all of this. All of the critics no matter who they are and what they think they know can say with 100% certainty as to what happens not just when we die but when we meet the point of enlightenment and ascension.
It amazes me that as every person gets older, regardless of their beliefs, regardless of how hard nose they are or whether they believed in God or not, they all search for that point of knowing that there is something out there greater. Our own mortality and I guess our own arrogance wants to know we are going to go some where greater and that what we have done will continue on. Every single person I have seen or met believe as they get older, in that greater being or at least the hope there is something greater out there and that this is not the beginning and the end. I have even seen some of the most powerful men in this world, mellow as their own frailty hits them they search out for that spiritual being to help them in their transition.
I have heard many critics across the planet criticize the Buddhist monks who have dedicated their lives to path of enlightenment. I have even heard those same critics on the death bed of monks sit and laugh at them saying how foolish they were to have dedicated their lives to such foolish conquests. That there lives have been nothing but a waster of time. But have they ...
This is a question that only you and I will be able to answer the day we reach enlightenment but what a journey it will be...
So, what is the starting point in the path to enlightenment ...
The path to enlightenment is an exploration of yourself and who you are. Most Buddhists will start this path through prayer and meditation. In fact, regardless of what you call it, prayers or praying, it is all a form of meditation. This meditation (or prayers) are designed to take you to that state in which you get in touch which your feelings and belief with something greater. It is designed to break you away from your state of being.
Many people recommend, including many of the Buddhist Monk leaders, that we should meditate for a minimum of 20 minutes a day, preferably longer to help relax but as you begin to study what meditation is all about and the forms of meditation, you will find that this length of time will be know where near enough. You will find that meditation is about that search for enlightenment and the path towards this thing we call ascension. You will feel sensations and experiences you never expected, it will also open up your ability to change your own life.
Meditation is the facilitator in helping you reach inside of you. See without meditation you can not reach to your inner soul to explore your inner self. Essentially, to break the bounds we have with the physical world.
All right, so this is getting spooky or the things hippies talk about. Let us try this ...
Think of a song you really really like that gives you goose pimples, where it uplifts you and you feel the energy surging through your body, that you feel happy, search for those emotions ... got one ... well one of the songs that does that for me is "A Groovy Kind of Love" by Phil Collins. Now start off by putting your song on and listening to it. Sit on the ground, cross your legs, breath slowly and listen to that song in its entirety. Block out all the other noise around you, simply focuses on the words as your mind clears.
What do you feel ...
Let go of the words ... do not focus on them ... focus on your inner self. Can you still feel the goose pimples, can you feel the energy surging around your body. Okay, so now imagine this, being anywhere in the world, simply stopping, without any music or tools, meditating, searching within your inner self and feeling those exact feelings. Being able to create and control those feelings on your command. That is right; using meditation will help you on that path. How cool would that be?
Being able to do just this simple task is the first step you will take in your path to enlightenment. It is about being able to control you inner self, letting go and eventually being able to break the bounds of the physical world. That takes practice, study but more so, a lot of experimenting. There is nothing anyone but you who can do this. This path is within you.
A word of warning ... the path to enlightenment will take a lifetime to master ... and probably a few after. Look at the Dalai Lama, he is still on his path to enlightenment, and many lifetimes on. But hey, what a journey it will be. Imagine what you can do ... imagine what lies on your path to life, your future, your eternity.
Looking for other resources to help you with your meditation, we have Meditation Music (Baroque Music) a href=">">>; and Meditation MP3 a href=">">>; available and Simple Meditation Exercises a href=">">;

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