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The name or this advanced master is in fact a title"mahachohan"means"grate lord"and he is responsible for holding and maintaining the intergrity of all the rays currently mainfest upon earth.He works closely with the holders of the office of christ.the office of the manu,the planetary logos and the solar logos.The mahachohan has also been given the title of "lord of civilisation"for his part in playing a pivotal role in the evolvement of humanity and with mainfesting the creators plan for humanity and planet through the creative and practical use of energy.In Djhal kuhls words ,he is father/mother ;the alpha and omega for earth.His"deparment"govern the principle  intelligent thought and process,and the directing of the planet and all sentientbeings on their evolutionarypath (at physical,emotional and mental levels).It grounds thought into matter;ideas into manifestation and works with the forces or nature and sources of energetic matter,such as magnetism and electricity,which are buiding blocks of what we manifest.The Mahachahan also acts as appointer,director,overseer and co-ordinator of all the chohans of rays,ensuring that all energies function as a cohesive whole and making sure that all works seamiessly and in harmony in accordance with divine will,wisdom and law.Conseqently in order to hold this post the master chosen needs to be adept at working with all the rays and their qualities,which when combined merge into white light-the light sorce.

The current mahachohan is said to have been embodied as the greek poet homer who wrote stories that festured pallas athens-his twin flame .they have a retreat called the temple of comfort over sir lanka.Here are ancored the brillant pure white flame sorce,attended by white fire angels,and the flame of comfort .attended by pink flame angles.From the essence of the source is focused and distributed to the planet and all life forms.The symbol of the temple is a white dove and the flames are to represent the combined masculine/feminine aspects of god and also reognize that all twin flames are truly divine sparks from the one true flame.

The maha chohan is able to diffuse his consciosness to hold and maintain the divine spark with every senient being on earth,until they are able to do this for them selfs.He igites the 3-fold flame in everone at birth and returns the divine spark to the persons higher self at physical death.He oversees our life-initiations that open us to the divine gifts of wisdom, knowledge; faith; healing;manifestation; insight; and clairvoyant abilities ; including perceiving,hearing and understanding messages and information from a range of dimensions other than our own .additionally he teaches us about trust, balance, and making conscious choices and about the importance of the heart centre as we evolve and grow .being a supreme master of the rays he also guides our use of the colour rays as we seek equilibrum,control and integerity in our lives,showing us to channel them though the heart.thus assisting us in the process of clear co-creation and mainifestation through enlightened wisdom.he also helps us ground and integrate the many varied new rays that are being channelld to earth at these times of great change.    god bless love n light

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excellent post,thankyou for shareing it with us all on ACC,love,light,blessings eve.



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