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Here the 38 Natives were hung at the same time.  Largest Mass Executin in history, Guiness Book Of world Records.  Today we are living in the Seventh Generation since the Hanging in 1862.  

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Dear Ho-Chunk Rainbow Warrior,

Know that all your loved ones are watching over all of you and the time is now, to celebrate that all of us are 'One', loved as One, live as One and share as One. All of you/us are being loved, treasured and cherished beyond our understanding/knowing. Live in the 'Now' and it is the only thing that matters - to love and be loved.

Please visit my page, I've a special gift to show all of you what God/Spirit has given us and to remind all of us that while we honor, respect, remember and deeply love our dear loved ones who has passed on, we thank them for the lessons learnt and we celebrate the 'Now/Present' which we have already received from our Almighty Creator God/Spirit.

Blessings unto you and yours, forever, Amen.
Thanks for you words of Empowerment and Light. I am that I am. In present time, I see the glory of all and it is Good. I hear we are gon to be "singin" or in Harmony, is this so? I feel some of us are. My new name is a result of the mayan birthdate or time. Like it?


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