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I am from mumbai, we had a conversation before some time, do you remember ????

Yup very much :D
you were the guy whom I called fattu, :P cause he did not want to go the Aghora way.

with intent,
much love, light and laughter,
Yes... IT was because that it is the Tamasic way and if you fail to reach the end then it takes years of penance in our next lives.

That is why I did not want to take the risk...

I believe much more in Light than in Dark...

Hope you understand...

Let Love, Light and Divinity fill us all.......

I am from same place but do not like tagging myself to a particular country. I am part of humanity

hi Thanks for the Knock! Knock!

how are you?

love and light 


there can be no light without darkness. and tantra teaches that to understand the whole you need to acknowledge all the parts. :)

with intent,
much love, light and laughter,

I call the light as something and darkness as nothing. There is also a neutral space that I call as 'neu' and I live in this space. For years I had to use the light to confront the darkness. Now thanks to the power of 'neu' I do not have to do any of this.

well i'd say i come from the dark according to your POV.
and I would say you call it nothing, because you have not really understood it. when you do, then you know the reality of what it is to be SHIVA or more scientifically speaking - the BLACK H***.

with intent,
much love, light and laughter,

No. You got me wrong. The darkness is the true reality. Call it Shiva or Black H***. It is all encompassing and infinite. Something or light is a beacon in this darkness that arises out of spirit as the darkness or nothing weakens.

One's spirit can follow the light or the darkness in order to experience the power therein to enhance their material and spiritual existence.

I have however discovered the neutral path that I call as 'neu' that is neither light nor darkness and thus be not influenced by both and yet experience infinite power and a more satisfying spiritual existence.

brighter the light, darker the shadow.

'neu' is the twilight zone.

 the space between kriya and akriya



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