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Melbourne, St Kilda East
Wagga Wagga,NSW,Australia,
Mt Tamborine, QLD :)
Lynette Donna Day
Falls Creek, NSW, Australia
(also working on 2012 survival groups-we're expecting lots of earth changes!)
G'day Shelly!
I borrowed from the library two DVDs featuring Koa Windsong:
1) WALK SOFTLY WITH KOA WINDSONG - in the Northern Rivers NSW area. I love the Northern Rivers, especially Uki at the foot of Mount Warning. But the place closest to my heart is the Blue Mountains, from Wentworth Falls up to Mount Victoria.
2) KOA WINDSONG WITH WILLIE BRIM IN BULWAI COUNTRY - in the Davies Creek (Far North Queensland) area.
He's a real son of the earth, a survivor! He left an easy life in the USA to settle here in Australia.
G'day, Shelly!

As promised, here's the magazine and website I mentioned on your discussion:

And the self-sufficiency book published in Queensland:
by Isabell Shipard

I've just borrowed from the library another Koa Windsong DVD:
You may either buy his DVDs from
or email Koa on
Another option is to get them on an interlibrary loan if they're not available from your local library.
Koa is always on the move... He moves north in the winter, and moves south in the late spring/early summer.

Dysart, Queensland.
Yes, us frequency anchors can be found in the most interesting of places lol. I've been here for 4 yrs but I don't feel I'll be here much longer; maybe another 8 months then I'll have a look at moving down to NSW. Nice places to see around here though, especially eungella and the whitsundays.

It would be good to meet up with your group when I'm in mackay next. PM me with some details if you could please.


Sounds great :) looking forward to meeting more spiritual people
Hervey Bay, Queensland
Hi everyone! I'm from Sydney :D



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