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Abysmal verisimilitude abound the selected worlds that have been found and withhold the children of ascended light. Across the distress of suffering come answered prayers for all those who abide in the life of infinite inner power. The supernatural normality in the psyche ever working the power of symmetry. Time begins to find me again staring through the eyes of God through the eyes of mine, and I see the tunnel connected back to me. Allness is the measure of the infinite, and nothing less can express God. As far as truth is concerned, we are the reflection of the one spirit in an infinite state of consciousness. We as Humanity, are the holy and blessed sanctified ones, who can be many places at one time, we will help eachother overcome death and all its minions into Ascension. The true nature of being is infinite mind and spirit, no matter or particle can resist this effect. The power of vibration is the core to cause the world to obey these feelings and thoughts to flow freely, easily influenced as you realize more and more that we truly have dominion over all the Earth. If even the basis harmonizes your thoughts to surpass the simplistic conceptions there-of, the requirement to design and commend infinite possibility would find a stability in the individual approach.

The very substance of spiritualized mind enables the transfusion of all galactic phenomena to be experienced as expression; through us and by us! We all partake in the sharing of these kinds of miraculous designs in hope to enhance how we understand all that exists. The dreamlike state of a “kosmic apotheosis”, relies in the truth of how immortal mind affects the world around us. Expression would then become the elemental mastery over all that subsists. The “so called” unattainable lengths an individual will go to heal and educate humanity to believe in themselves, is incredible. I am at ease with trusting this matter, because I react to a power without words that becomes known both through the metaphysical and physical. But the Darkness brings forth a flux of illusions and stipulated attempts. They lie with their scientific dualities that split your lives between the physical and metaphysical; where we are left to somehow combine both these opposites as one? Separate yourselves from the ongoing spectacles of fear saying worshippers. In a world dominated by the enemy, now is the time to watch as they shake and shiver from their bondage to death. Take a look around at your kindred! Smile and be comforted by the valor of spiritual approach, for a war is amongst you. Bless those who have ears and hear, and bless those who have eyes and can see! Belief is the power to create the impossible to become the possible. So what is the excuse when it comes to standing up for your life? That we are not worthy? That these pompous sophomoric systems of education and knowledge of the material are to be considered the highest attainable truths? These mollycoddle superstitions are to be upheld in defiance to our Infinite Spirits? No! Only within each and every living breathe resides the gift of a promise. In a void where darkness is complete, you are aware that the dark is meant to be filled with light. This is life and lifeless synchronized unexisting existence – where a limitless mind cannot progress from physical limitations.

Im tired of slavery and torture, lies, deception, and these stories of death, I come from the very heart where salvation reigns like beating drums that fall like rain. Because of my intense love for harmony, I have found divine tools that have helped me in the highest forms of consciousness. For the love of those who’s hearts continue to fight; wherein true life exists, be in me always. I seek true knowledge sought in alliance to empowering the weak and the suffering. Enter the sacred places of thought, and surround yourself with the highest forms of balance and light. When the sky is falling, and the sun crashes down and the voices of suffering are screaming out; I have another kind of sight, I see another kind of terrain: The available paths. I carry all the emotions of a man who has been awakened – to all dimensions, in all existences, walking freely without fear. For those who believe in absolute Truth: We are something completely new and different, that no book has conceived, that no history has seen. Many will fit us into their prophecies, and explain what we are doing as “strange” or “too much” – as if we are merely moving and shifting voices merging with inward light. Abomination, hellfire and suffering do not exist so long as we resist the lies and ongoing temptations of this so called evil. Quit pretending you are not a chosen gift of the Most High God. Realize your potential to exist within all dimensions, at the point where all the paths, all the worlds, and all existences meet. The masses on Earth will know that we work to make the land flow with higher conscious flow. Most of them, of course, will have only a vague understanding of how we intend to do this. Many, not understanding the mass problem, may even think we’ll bring higher conscious solutions from other planets rich with answers. Let them think anything they wish, as long as they believe in us.

Sincerely with love and faith,


Oh, and to any troll, I hear you say:

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