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The warrior of the light often behaves like a child.
People are shocked; they have forgotten that a child needs to have fun and play, to be slightly irreverent and to ask awkward,childish questions, to talk nonsense that not even he believes in.
And they say,horrified: "So this is the spiritual path,is it? He's so immature!"
The warrior feels proud of such comments. And he remains in touch with god through his innocence and his joy,without ever losing sight of his mission.
Each Warrior of the light contains within him, the divine spark.
His destiny is to be with other warriors, but sometimes he must walk alone; this is why when he is away from his companions, he shines like a star.  He lights up his allotted part of the Universe and tries to point out galaxies and worlds to all those who gaze up at the sky.  The Warrior's persistence will soon be rewarded. Gradually other warriors approach,and they join together to form constellations, each with their own symbols and mysteries.

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dear 13cauac, what you have written in the opening of your post is very true,and sadly some on this site do not understand this,it is no easy feat being a Warrior Of The Light,we have worn out that many shoes,and as you said,sometimes he must walk alone,excellent post,love,light,blessings eve.


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