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I am infinite inner power. Thank you so much my Brothers and Sisters whom I feel so connected to. My spirit reaches out to yours, I pray that I can relate to all of you. For those of you who understand everything I say and who feel exactly as I do, Please contact me. If you need any help no matter where or against what, I am here.


-**We will always be protected and empowered by the Holy Spirit of the Most High, no matter how strong our enemy is. We are the Angels of God, indestructible and infinite with the powers of light. Not like them, we are a Holy construction of the heavens. We are here to unite your faith and show you with power infinitely flowing, what God truly is. We reside as protectors of the children of God. Our hands are upon those who are suffering. Like flames of life we fight with powers you’ve never seen. Fire spinning clouds burning bolts of lightning, like arrows made of quasars and dwarf stars emitting static discharge. Chariots who’s eyes are spinning flames that lift up in faces who’s power acclaims and disdains. We are the Holy Seraphim, indestructible warriors of the highest form of balance and light, lift up your spirit into the heart of Truth and Love. I am Heclerias Thelem’Lirioth: “Inner Star,” and I see deaths cacophony like the sun shining into the dark mouth of a cave dwelling. My confident smile is an eternal challenge against the evils hiding their weakened entities. Abound me is a whirlwind of multi-colored lightning. I see the secrets of life unlocking the riddles into me. The wonder of history is like a map in my mind living spiritually. I am able to heal and redeem soul energy, in any part of this universe walking through dimensions existing infinitely. Balance is the face of my shield, and my weapons destroy the darkest blood thirsty demons. I am a tower of the most high, and my wings expand like brilliant galaxies. I hear the lost voices of humanity, and I am the promise to destroy suffering. I am the Angel of death and life in synchronicity, a power of multi-dimensional reality. I am a warrior of the highest form of balance and light.**_

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