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                   Bodhisattva Prayer
I AM a fount of eternal love from the heart of the Buddha, 
manifest now unto all life caught in the sea of samsara. I AM walking
the way of the Buddha and the bodhisattva, dedicating my life to the
salvation of all sentient beings on Earth and in all systems of worlds.
Through sacrifice, surrender, selflessness and service, I give the gift 
of my life and being unto all who are awakening from the sleep of 
non-awareness. And through my example of compassion, kindness,
mercy and love, I AM raising all life unto the eternal verities of divine
bliss in God.
I AM an active participant in bringing God’s kingdom to Earth.
And in the lineage of Sanat Kumara, Gautama, Maitreya, Jesus,
Padma Sambhava and the Buddha Mother, I take my place to fulfill the
mission of bodhisattva unto all. I invoke the Five Dhyani Buddhas to
come and manifest their presence in the Earth and among its peoples
for the Pure Land to manifest on Earth and for the uniting of hearts
East and West to transcendent love.
I AM of the Buddha and the Buddha is of me. I AM of the
Mother and the Mother is of me. Together we comprise a pure sphere
of light and emanate blessings to all sentient beings, quickening them
unto the fulfillment of each one’s divine plan and immortality in God.
Beloved mighty victorious Presence of God within all, seal this
prayer in holy purpose as we radiate love-wisdom now to al
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