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PLANET VENUS: Cosmic Ships are there in the Ocean. It is very Alive, full of Life  with Brilliant Vibrations and very Beautiful.


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The lifelevel/matter-frequency that sustain REAL LIFE ON VENUS

A LOT ABOUT VENUS THAT YOU DID NOT KNOW ABOUTPlease click on the link below PLease read the article below
The lifelevel/matter-frequency  that  sustain REAL LIFE ON VENUS


The masters sent me to the United States three times. When I finished my last trip I said, "Oh, finally, I finished my mission". But that was my ego talking. When I got home, there came another invitation to the USA. I said "What do I do with this? I thought I would have to say no, because I have already finished the three trips. So I went into meditation and I said to the masters. "I have already finished my trips. What can I do with these letters. I'm not supposed to go to any more countries in the world." But the masters said, that sometimes we have to keep going once we have started. The three trips were a test. Along the way were many, many tests. I worked with temptation with many different things. Like food, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, banana splits, good American food. I had to come to my inner Father/Mother to really work hard to receive help in these and other things. But at the end it was good, because my Father/Mother was always helping me.

When I came back from the USA, I said, "Now I don't want to travel anyplace on planet Earth. Now I will pray to go to the other planets.” But I was too greedy and too ambitious. I am a simple student, who's just beginning. All my desires are just ego. Only great masters can be taken to other planets for interplanetary initiations. But I started working hard to go to the planet Venus. I was eating less meat and all that. I worked a lot with the three steps. I asked them (Venusians) to give me the opportunity to see. I didn't want to go to stay there, because my work is not on Venus. What can I do there? They don't need me there. I have to finish my work here on this planet Earth, not on Venus. This is very important. I only wanted to know, to experience Venus, to compare that civilization with our civilization here. I wanted to bring a little bit of insight for humanity, a little bit. So a test was given.

First Impression of Venus... After going past the astral plane, I arrived on Venus at a sea port. Many cosmic ships were there in the ocean. It was very, very alive, like in the sixth dimension. Everything has life, brilliant vibration, very, very delicious life. You feel good. Your spiritual body feels really good. It feels like home. It is something that I do not feel here on Earth. But when I got there, they were waiting for me, the celestial marines. All the boys there were young, because they live eternal life. They have a physical body like us, but live eternal life. They are very young looking, like the age 22, wearing white uniforms like American Marines. They have a blue light, a celestial cape over them. It was very, very nice when I got there. I said "Wow"! I got very emotional. "Wow"! "Finally I'm here"! But it was no good, because it was an inferior type of happiness. So I didn't pass the test of the emotional body. I looked to them like a monkey you give a banana to and they jump with happiness. (Willaru jumps around the room to demonstrates how an excited monkey looks) Something like that. (The group breaks out in laughter) My happiness was still a little bit of an animal nature, but which is natural on planet Earth, being human. They (the Venusians) understand this, so they showed me a little bit more.

Government... The first thing, there is no government. There are no palaces or government buildings like the White House, embassies, ministries or anything like that. They have no president. Everyone is their own government. There are no separate countries. Planet Venus is one country. There are no passports, separate flags, separate nationalities, frontiers, borders, all these things. They do not have courts because they are their own judges, their own government, their own lawyers, even their own architects, everything. They have liberated their consciousness from all that. There is no monetary system either. They work for the Father/Mother to build their temple of the Father (points to the mind) and to build the temple of the Mother (points to the heart). Wherever they go, they are home. There is no division between them. Everybody is the army, because everyone is guardian of the planet. There's no Court of Justice there, because there's no ego. Nobody has ego. If there is ego, of course, there is karma. If there's karma, then there are the police, there are judges, and jails. They don't know those things. They have liberated their consciousness a long time ago, and they don't need it. They have no weapons, like machine guns, tanks, airplanes to fight or attack. That is based in fear, and fear is ego. They have finished a long time ago with this.

Most of the people on planet Earth say "Perfect communist doesn't exist". But on Venus they say, "To have perfect communism, we have to eliminate the egos". So you see they don't need any political parties to take responsibility for all the material things. The only question is the action of the consciousness. Everyone on Venus is rich spiritually. It was only with the elimination of the egos that they became the perfect society. There's no fighting present because everybody is their own government. Everybody speaks only a little bit, but also every one knows they are masters with different perspectives.

The Venusians... They are intelligent. They have created a solar system in their brain. It is different than ours. It is more intelligent and has a larger capacity and is wiser, enlightened, and a higher vibration. They have an aura of love, because all the egos have been transmuted. You know that to be an alchemist brings much privilege. This is why they have a lot of electricity. They can fly also, of course, because they have total control over their vital body, astral body, mental body, causal body and their physical body. They are authentic man with all their faculties and powers. We can call this the kingdom of the supermen. They still have a little of the animal in them, but there is a difference. They are authentic man.

RELIGION... The religion is the same as light. It is the light of the life, of the universal cosmic Christ. They see that light everywhere, in the Father/Mother, in the sexual energy. Even when they see the most beautiful woman, they have another mentality, not erotic, like the people on planet Earth. When we see a very attractive girl.... we are a little bit like an animal, you know. But on Venus there is much respect, a respect based in consciousness. This is very important to understand, because life is everywhere, the universal cosmic Christ. The light of the Creation, this is their religion. Religion for them is to be united with the Father/Mother, and to be always in the inner temple. So, they don't need any organized religion. Their life is more solar cosmic universal culture, the culture of Gods. Everyone has all their faculties and powers. They have intuition and telepathic communication. They have the faculties of clairaudiance and clairvoyance. They don't speak so much, like we do here.

Their planet is ruled only by 24 laws, not as many laws as on Earth. It is governed by less laws because they have liberated their consciousness totally. Their religion is the three steps of revolution of consciousness. The first step is the elimination of the ego. Although they don't have ego, they still have the root of ego and they are aware of this all the time. They are always cleansing themselves. Their mind is illuminated. Their mind is in service to the Father/Mother, not in the service of the ego anymore.

In the second step, every marriage on Venus is based in alchemy. All the marriages are conscious. There is no divorce there, because they are with the Father/Mother. They don't experience those things over there. Everybody knows how to make love. This is the biggest step. A long time ago the Venusians used to live like we do on the planet Earth, but they have grown up psychologically. Only a few people at first began working with the three steps and then there were more, more, more, more, and then at the end, everybody was taking these three steps. Soon everybody was an alchemist. That's why they have skin that is very transparent, shining like a baby's, because they have never wasted their (sexual) energy. (The third step is sacred service and unconditional love)

On Medicine... Everyone is a doctor also, a medicine man. And as they walk, they heal their planet. Everyone is a master, and they say "My physical body is not my master. My Father is my master". They are very humble. They are very simple. They have no negative ego. "My Father is the one who knows, I am serving my Father, so I am an eternal servant of my Father/Mother. He/she is the one who is the master, not me". They have no pride. They do not show off. There are no universities, like we have University of Miami, University of London etc. They say these universities are mental only, "Poor people, they suffer so much to learn a little bit, and still it is not useful". It is not complete. There are doctors on Earth that don't know how to heal. Everybody on Venus is a medicine man. They don't need any medicine, because they ARE medicine. Of course, they eat the three foods, the organic foods, food from the air, also food from the impressions of the life, the Cosmic Christ which is there. They radiate with the hands of light, which comes from their Father/Mother that are connected to the superior dimensions. They can heal any kind of illness. So in their spiritual path, they don't have to go to a doctor. As they grow, they are given all the faculties, even to heal the blind, the deaf, and cancer. But there is no illness and there are no hospitals. There's no contamination, because they never use any gasoline, or electricity, or petroleum like on the planet Earth. They have everything there, but they use solar energy. So this is a totally different system.

Birth control and family... They know how to make love, so it is not necessary to be taking all those pills, or to use condoms to control the population. These are for when we are not civilized. They know how to make love in the holy way, in the sacred spiritual way. They ask the inner Mother not to have a baby. They ask to have a spiritual baby. That's the most important, not the physical baby. If they want a baby, a physical baby, they ask the inner Mother to have a physical baby and then the physical baby comes. They ask the great master who's in charge of the ray of creation, who's giving that baby the spiritual essence, to connect in the moment to conceive the baby. They don't know abortion.

On Earth's modern technology... I asked, "What about the technology on the planet Earth with their machines, computers, airplanes and other technology?" One master said to me "The technology on the planet Earth is mentally retarded technology. You think you are civilized. You think you are on top of the world. What are you thinking when you make trips to the moon? This is a violation of cosmic law. When beings live in the spiritual culture, as they grow in the initiations, they are given the keys, the secrets, to make their own cosmic ships, but this technology is only learned in the spiritual culture. Interplanetary trips that are made are holy and totally sacred. In this way we shall travel. Everybody can travel in the universe. But traveling on only a mental/intellectual level is dangerous.” That's all they said.

Cosmic Ships... They can make cosmic ships and there's a big, mother ship, very, very giant. There they have no weapons like tanks, machine guns, airplanes to attack or atomic bombs or anything like this because they say it is not necessary. They know another way to control, a superior way. They are the kingdom of the supermen. They are Gods and the Goddesses. They have a better way to control because they know electromagnetic science. The only weapon they have is a little spray. When they spray a little bit, for example before landing in New York, let's say, only with a little spray they can paralyze all of New York State, even many states, three, four states. It paralyzes all machines, all the human beings without killing, without making damage to the machines, without making any noises, or without destroying anything, buildings or anything, paralyzes everything. In that moment they can control everything. Anytime if they want, they can take over the planet Earth. They don't do it, because if they do, they will lose their initiation. Why would they lose their initiation? Because they will be violating the law of free will. We fight all these wars with each other among countries. This is our free will. This is our reality. We cannot complain, because we want the easy life. The easy life is not meditating, not practicing the spiritual culture. We want to dominate the material first before the spirit. It doesn't work that way. We need to be spiritual first, then dominate the material.

Control of nature and the material worlds... This is the way they work to dominate nature. They are the kings and queens, so like a king they dominate nature. Whenever they want rain, they make it rain. Whenever they want it cloudy, they make it cloudy. Whenever they want it sunny, they put away the clouds and then it is sunny. They live in the Fourth Dimension. In the ancient times their planet used to be a Third Dimensional world and the Fourth Dimensional world. These two are in the physical. The Third Dimensional world is the subconscious, because it is not a conscious world. Now many conscious people are living in paradise on this planet Earth. There are some masters already living consciously in this Third Dimension. Most of the conscious people are in the Fourth Dimension. On Venus they have united, they have become one. They are living in paradise, so it is protected. It's an enchanted planet, almost un-touchable, because it is ruled by less laws. If they come here it is because they want to share wisdom. They want to give a message, a warning to humanity, to show us another way.

There are other civilizations, more developed, more enlightened, in the spiritual path. it is very important to know their life, to compare our civilization with the civilizations of other planets in this solar system. They feel sorry for us because we are not growing enough, but they are also very glad because we are working. We are understanding little by little. Their guidance says not to look for connection with ETs, because sometimes when we invoke this, we want to be taken, not to come back and that's no good, because we are running away from our responsibilities. We have done almost no work here, and we want to be saved. That doesn't work. Also from the other solar systems comes negative entities, cosmic ships, etc. The gray men don't come from other planets. They come from the planet Earth. There is the Fourth Dimension light side and the Fourth Dimension dark side. In the dark side are living those gray people. Humanity believes that they come from other planets. Also in our planet, living in the dark side are other kinds of monsters, and big animals also. Dimension by dimension there is life, different forms of life. Only in the Third Dimension and the Fourth Dimension can we live with a physical body. To go to the other dimensions, fifth, sixth, and seventh, we need other bodies, astral body, mental body, causal body, atomic body, and other bodies. (end)

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i looking forward to seeing the movie ''Stranger At The Pentagon '' and Greg Compobasso is the director of this movie ..

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Dear Helen,

You are previlaged to have company of Mars & Venus is the Grace of the Divine and you may have some relations of your last birth ...

Comment by Hellen on September 3, 2015 at 4:35am

From the the author V.M Rabolu' : Many times i have to Venus Mars conscionably moving in my Astral body and i can faithfully testify to what marvels their inhabitants they are .I lack words to describe their Wisdom,culture,and their angelic way of life . Life on Venus : I am going to describe the soil,nature ,their way of life and how they work .The soil on Venus is not compact or heavy like that of Earth,but rather light,soft soil .The stones dffer from ours as well ;they lack the density of our minerals .On Venus,one can lift a stone that would weigh tons on Earth because the rocks are light and made of soft material .The trees are not giants,and the vegetation has no thorns .No bindweeds block the way in the mountains .One can go to these mountains without needing to carry a machete or a knife,because there is nothing to cut .There are no danger anywhere .With regards to the ocean ,its completely blue,like a very quiet lagoon that is utterly still .The ocean has no tides; without waves ,once can see into its depths without needing any artifical device .The fish are extremely tame and unafraid of people .There are sectors in the ocean where the inhabitants nourish the fish with many vitamins .When they nee to consume one ,the Venusians see one which one is the largest or which one they wish to use ,and put it carefully into a net ,without frightening the other fishes .Fish are one of the foods Venusians eat .Venusians do not eat other kind of meat .Fruit trees are grown on the top of the houses in planted pots ,with soil that been well fertilized so they bear fruit .They pick them with a device without touching the fruit with their hands .They go through a pipelines to some very cleaning revolving water tanks .After being washed they go another tube to some machines where they are pulverized From there they passed them to another container ,where more natural vitamins ,but no chemicals are added .After wards ,the product is packed hermetically for later consumption . The Venusians are astonishingly intelligent and have perfect bodies .All of them have angelic figures ,no deformities or obesity is known among them ..They wear wide belts covered with red,blue,and yellow buttons ,which blink on and off like a beacon .When they find themselves in danger Vensuians press a master button resembling our belt buckles .Just by pressing it ,a circle fo fire is formed around them ,capable of disintegrating any form of bullet or anything else that comes against it ..When one thinks of asking them a question ,they answer the question without needing to utter a word ,in whatever language it may be ,because they speak all languages perfectly .All Venusians wear the same clothing and footwear .No own a house on Venus when they want to sleep or rest ,they press a button on a house or building ,The streets of Venus are not like ours .Avenues move like an electrical escalator .There is no accidents of any kind because everything is in order .The vehicles are very pretty,very decorated platforms .The streets are moved by solar energy ,as all machinery no uses oil or gaseline or anything that pollutes the air on Venus .Venusians of both sexes work two hours a day each in their own profession .On Venus there is no money and no one is the owner of everything .Everyone has a right to everything .They work for everyone else .There is no Mr.So and So or Lord such and such because there is equality Venusians are free to go where they please .They do not need to ask ;'' can i borrow a spaceship to go to another planet '' ? No ! .Every Venusian can a spaceship from the station where they are to go wherever they want .Be another planet or another galaxy without asking anyone.They must return the ship to where they found it upon their return,so everyone else can use it .There is total freedom .

Comment by Hellen on September 3, 2015 at 2:50am

Comment by Hellen on September 3, 2015 at 2:43am

Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on October 25, 2012 at 6:47am

Dear Krishna Kali,

Very good article for Aluna Joy....

I like it....on which this group is based on....


Comment by Krishna Kalki on November 30, 2011 at 1:31am
All about Venus that you did not know about
Comment by Krishna Kalki on October 25, 2011 at 6:39am

Those who wish to know their Planet of Origin and connect with beings that are from the same Planet... Please click on the link below

Comment by Krishna Kalki on July 31, 2011 at 12:46am
Tesla always claimed to be a Venusian

He was brought by the ship at the stroke of midnight on July 9, 1856, but his birthday was recorded as the 10th.
He arrived in Smiljan, near Gospic in Lika Croatia. This is why he claimed that he was not born. 


Government Project


Wilburt B. Smith, was director of Project Magnet, the Canadian government scientific UFO investigations committee.
In the early 1950s, the Canadian Government established PROJECT MAGNET to investigate UFOs. The director of that project, Wilburt B. Smith, publicly wrote that a top U.S. Pentagon official said that UFOs was the biggest secret they had, even greater than the H BOMB(the ultimate weapon then). 
This research was so startling he could possibly have been assassinated for releasing it, so it was not available to us until he died. PROJECT MAGNET has been able to work with Canadian scientists who had continued working on inventions of Nikola Tesla, one of the most prominent scientists in history. Tesla, who invented the AC/DC electrical current, helped invent radar and much military technology, was the holder of hundreds of successful patented inventions. He had told some associates and friends he had invented an interplanetary communications device 
with ideas given to him by Venusians

The prototype of the Ring's UFO. Tesla-alien technology

High-levels of Pentagon were aware that Tesla was contacting aliens
and receiving data about technology

The report also details several inventions the Venusians gave to Project Magnet through Dr. Matthews' committee, which were tested and worked perfectly. The Venusians were also seriously concerned about our environmental damage and danger from nuclear testing and fossil fuels, warned the government to try to stop these practices, and offered alternative non-polluting nearly-free energy systems that government leaders, kept in power by multi-billion dollar oil, gas, coal, and war industries all rejected for "Economic reasons."
An interplanetary spacecraft from Venus descended over the scientific laboratory, the Tesla detection alarm sounded, and the landing occurred. 
Arthur Matthews went outside to gaze at this incredible spaceship. Two beings stepped outside the craft, and walked toward the scientist. He noted they were about six feet tall and could discern their golden hair and bright blue eyes in the brilliant starlight. They emanated an aura of perfect health and happiness.

He could feel an overwhelming vibration of good will from the Venusians. The spacemen then told: Matthews that they had come to check on Tesla's cosmic ray machine, which he was continuing the development of. After exchanging scientific dialogue, the scientist was taken on a tour of the spaceship, which had a metallic ring about 20 feet from it's central metallic body, and was not connected to the body of the ship by any visible device, but rather by magnetism.

This ship was about 700 feet in diameter and about 300 feet high. There were no visible controls in the control room. In the centre was a large circular platform with a raised seating area on it. Four Venusians sat there with their backs facing the centre, with one each facing north, south, east, and west.

These pilots were especially chosen for their powers of mind over matter, and they ran the ship through thought control, which theoretically can be accomplished by projecting brain waves into a computer that operates the craft. Two of the pilots were women, and he met a timeless beautiful Venusian girl who had long beautiful golden hair, beautiful sun tanned skin, and an indescribably beautiful face reflecting deep inner peace, supreme happiness, and sparkling sapphire blue eyes emanating cosmic wisdom. From her he learned about life on Venus.

Three Venusians .
Val Thor reported to have lived in the 
sub-levels of the White House for a 
period of time.

This information is not from some wild-eyed spacey true-believer cultist, some fanatic looking for space brothers to rescue him, or some drugged or boozed derelict. This information is the writings of one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century, Wilburt B. Smith, who was director of Project Magnet, the Canadian government scientific UFO investigations committee.
This prominent scientist was extremely respected, credited for numerous technological inventions, had an excellent public reputation, and held prestigious degrees, awards, and patents. Smith was arguably the greatest Canadian scientist of his times, and Tesla and Einstein were arguably the two greatest scientists of their time, based on the patented evidence.

 In large national libraries in Asia there are also many ancient histories over 4,000 years old, which explain in great detail Venusian spacecraft, their pilots, their missions on Earth, intervention in Earth affairs, and involvement in ancient interplanetary wars fought on Earth. Some of these writings explain the method of propulsion of these alien craft in great technological detail, which sounded like legend until recent scientific discoveries proved this science was accurate. Among these ancient writings are the BOOK OF DZYAN, VAIMANIKA SASTRA, VYMANIKA SHAASTRA, MAOSOLA PURVA, etc.

Furthermore, a famous 1950s anthropologist/archaeologist, Dr. George Hunt Williamson, published research describing how he studied ancient manuscripts, hidden in a temple high in the Andes of South America, detailing Venusian landings, contacts, and intermingling with Earthlings in ancient times.

High in the Andes Mountains are ruins of one of the oldest cities ever excavated, Tiajuanaco, where there are monolithic ruins so incredibly constructed, that archaeologists cannot explain how they could have possibly been constructed by ancients. Inscriptions found there have been translated to state that in the dawn of civilization, a golden spacecraft from Venus landed there, occupants emerged from the craft, and a beautiful Venusian woman began teaching the primitive Indians in the basic skills of civilization!


Many of the human-appearing "gods" detailed in ancient cultures said to come from Venus.
Venusians are usually described as being tall, blonde, blue-eyed good-looking Nordic types


Sumerians, Babylonians, Phoenicians, Chaldeans, Egyptians, Assyrians, Greeks, Aztecs, Mayans, Hopis, prehistoric Andeans, and peoples of ancient India and Tibet ALL claimed that they were taught civilization from sky people and gods in flying machines from Venus, back in the days before there were government and military intelligence agencies to "cover up the truth." Robbert Charroux, a great French pre historian, who spent decades studying ancient writings around the world, detailed the ancient Venusian colonizations on Earth and their intervention with human evolution here, in six volumes of books that are currently so suppressed they are not available in U.S. bookstores or by order.

They are  backed up by carvings and drawings of advanced technology and space travel found in many nations. 


The biblical account of a male god creating mankind may be deemed questionable if you take into account the story of creation written in the Tablets of Ninevey, which predates the bible. According to these Babylonian Tablets, the creator of man was the goddess, Ianna, also known as The Lady of the Rib, The Lady who makes Life, Ianna, Baba, Mama, Nin-ti and the Anunnaki birth goddess known as Ninhursag.


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