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If some of the links are damaged or deleted I'm sorry,please accept this info just as it came to me..


Lemuria (Full) Sacred Symbols of MU the Motherland of Man series Pt1..


The original religion of the oldest civilization. Lemuria goes back to 70,000 - 800,000 BC. The pagans ascribed called Source "The seven headed serpent" the same which deceives the whole world and is cast down in Revelation. The origins of sun worship and the swastika are also found, and the worship of snakes spread across the world.

The Serpent The Dragon and The Sun

Lucifer is the King of Babylon:

666 - the best calculations I have seen:

Why We should not suffer a witch to live:

The Codex of Ultimate Wisdom

The Truth about our Birth Certificates


Lemuria - The Origin of Religions (Sacred Symbols of MU) Pt2

The world has been created and destroyed several times. It seems the Lemurian culture reached high technology and died in a massive nuclear war a galactic battle of the cosmos, between other offworld races,sadly by accident a planet [Maldek aka Melona] was destroyed in this battle, which is consistent with what the so called survivors at mount Shasta are saying. Whatever you believe, I hope you will find these articles interesting and wish you well in your search for the Truth. If links are no longer active I apologise I'm not going to check all of them I don't have time,so feel free to google alternatives..all these videos hold portions of info that will help answer questions please use your own discernment if things don't resonate remember it is written theory after all nothings laid in concrete..that's just my thoughts..written literature is knowledge and knowledge is then turned to wisdom.. 

Sun worship and Freemasonry:

The Serpent The Dragon and The Sun

Lucifer King of Babylon:

The Atlantean Origin of the Seven Sacraments:

666 - the most potent calculations I have ever seen:

The Truth about your Birth Certificate:



Lemuria - Symbols of the Diety and his Attributes Pt3

The Sacred Symbols of Mu

by James Churchward

Lemuria - Creation (Genesis) Seven Headed Serpent Red Dragon Pt4



Lemuria - Symbols Used in Religious Teachings (Sacred Symbols of MU) Pt5



Lemuria - Symbols Relating To MU (The Sacred Lotus) Four Beasts Pt6

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