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"The study of philosophy without a longing for liberation is like dressing up a corpse."
-- Tripura Rahasya

In earlier times, when esoteric knowledge was under jealous guard, a spiritual aspirant usually had to endure years of patient waiting before being taught. Now that information has become an article of commerce, all manners of secrets would seem to have suddenly become available to anyone who has money enough to buy the book or tape. Though words can be bought and sold, the living wisdom that lies confined in them must still be earned.

Among the long-hidden arcana now being packaged for sale, especially to westerners is the lore of Kundalini, the root from which all spiritual experiences sprout, and most of the writers who have tried to present it to the world, have managed at best dead words. This is because the ancient view of Tantra is veiled in mystery, and the only way to penetrate this veil is to patiently cultivate the ability to see the universe the way the tantric masters do.

One of the books I read gave this very funny but effective story that tells us about this problem of “seeing”.

In the late 1950’s a missionary in West Africa persuaded two tribal chieftains to accompany him to the region’s largest city. Never having been more than 20 miles from the village, the two were almost overwhelmed with unfamiliar sights and sounds. Man-made structures more than eight feet high were outside of their experience, so naturally they were astonished with the tall buildings. But having built their own dwellings, they easily understood that one storey can be built over another. Similarly the missionary’s jeep was the only vehicle they had seen until now, so the traffic made them dizzy.

The three men made their way through the crowded streets to the city’s main hotel, and while the missionary was checking the party in, his guests noticed a door opening in the opposite wall to reveal a metal grate in front of a tiny room. The man seated inside, folded the grate back to admit four men, who then turned and faced the front. Next the seated man pulled the metal grate over the opening and the door closed. A few minutes passed while the tribesmen continued to take in the sights of the lobby. Then the door to the tiny room opened again. The man seated inside again pulled back the metal grate and out stepped – not the four men who had entered buttwo women and two little girls!

What black art was this that had reduced healthy men to women and little girls? Sickened and terrified the two tribesmen instantly made for the street, bent on reaching home and safety as quickly as possible. The missionary raced after them, and once he understood what the problem was he tried to explain to them the workings of the modern elevator, but both men refused to be persuaded that they were seeing something that did not exist.

It is this problem of “seeing” that lies at the centre of much of the misunderstanding that swirls around Tantra. Like the tribesmen watching the elevator most cannot comprehend what they see when they look at Tantra until we enlarge our view of reality because Tantric view is radically different from ours.

This is an important point needed to be made in the beginning, because many of the Tantric practices are extremely indigestible by common people. Accomplished Tantrics see the world and everything in it as an indivisible whole – as a tangible manifestation of the DIVINE MOTHER. This is not a metaphor for them, nor is it a philosophical premise; it is a living breathing reality. Where we see duality – young and old, right and wrong, male and female, pure and impure – a Tantric adept sees only ONE.

The Divine Mother is not in the world, She IS the world. Indeed She is the entire universe. Indeed She is the entire universe, and to SEE any difference between the individual self (the existence of which is thanks to the dormant Kundalini) and HER (awakened Kundalini) or between Her and any natural force or cosmic influence is misperception.

Another big problem with Tantra is the sensationalised and misrepresentation of the sexual practices in tantra by popular western celebrities like Sting and Heather Graham.

So how do you begin?

Few of the key scriptures are available in translation, and the accuracy and usefulness of existing translations rest with the skill and understanding of the translator – which is impossible to discern without at least a little individual experience in the practice. And even if you stumble on a good translation you will not be able to glean any practices from it, for it is an unviolable principle among the adepts that none of the more potent practices are set down in its entirety. A crucial piece is always missing, one that can be supplied only by a master.

As Heinrich Zimmerman observed, “The best things can’t be told; the second best are misunderstood.”

(.... more tomorrow)

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Carl Jung who many decades ago delivered a series of lectures on Kundalini explains why:

"Therefore the Yoga way or the Yoga philosophy has always been a secret, but not because people have kept it a secret. For as soon as you keep it a secret, it is already an open secret: you know about it and other people know about it, and then it is no longer a secret. The real secrets are secrets because no one understands them. One cannot even talk about them, and of such a kind are the experiences of Kundalini Yoga."

The experiences of Kundalini Yoga are peculiar because Kundalini is the source of all your experiences. Kundalini is that in-dwelling energy whic by self-identifying with your opinions and character traits accretes and preserves your identity. In Jung's words,

"....according to Tantra teaching, there is an urge to producea personality, something that is centred, and divided from other beings... It is what one would describe in Western philosophical terms as an urge or instinct towards individuation. The instinct of individuation is found everywhere in life, for there is no life on earth that is not individual. Individuation takes place only when you are conscious of it, but individuality is always there from the beginning of your exostence."

So long as the urge towards individuation is mainly directed toward benefitting your own limited temporary individual self it is called EGOISM or 'AHAMKARA'. This same force is called Kundalini when it turns away from the mundane and towards the spiritual. After the Kundalini wakes not only does it give you untold blissful experiences, it also becomes impossible for the individual to continue believing that his/her external reality is the sole reality.

EGOISM makes us what we are now. Kundalini makes us what we will eventually become.

Kundalini teachings have been a secret for so long because, the teachings cannot be understood, they can only be experienced.

(... to be contd.)
Note : all italicised words in brackets are root sanskrit.

The essence of Tantra is purification of the Five Great Elements (Panchamahabhutas), to awaken the Kundalini Shakti, which is your own personal shakti. Any spiritual practice in any religion, is basically some process or other of awakening the Kundalini, and the Kundalini can only be awakened once the Elements in your body have become purified.

The Five Great Elements are - Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jal), Fire (Tejas), Air (Vayu), Ether (Akasha) They are not elements in the chemical sense, but are rather states of matter. The Earth Element predominates everything that is solid in the universe, the Water Element in that which is liquid, and the Air Element that which is gaseous. The Ether Element is the space in which all things occur, and the Fire Element is the force which changes Solid to Liquid to Gas and vice versa.

Everything in the manifested universe, including the human being, is made up of these 5 Great Elements.

As long as you are alive, your consciousness is limited by the vessel in which it is kept: namely your body. And since the body is made up of the 5 Elements, your consciousness is limited by these 5 elements. Hence the purification of the elements (Bhuta Shuddhi) is the essence of Tantra. This is where we touch upon the subject of Chakras (Energy vortexes on the Aural level) which are controlled by the five elements.

(.... Chakras to be contd. tomorrow)

with intent,
much love, light and laughter,
It is true what you say. Historically a devotee had to serve and enlightened being for many years befor receiving shaktipat dishka, the awakening of the kundalini shakti. I will say that when it is time for a soul to receive shaktipat they will come into contact with the appropriate master who can guide them on their sadhana or spiritual path, it can come in many ways. In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna sais to Arjuna, "the only thing I recognize is true devotion". Devotion in this text is having pure love for the Self knowing and seeing that One as everything that is and living in harmony with that Oneness. The awakening of the kundalini is the beginning of the process of enlightenment, the goal of humanity, and the ultimate human attainment.


Even though the cakras (energy vortices) of the subtle body have been identified by other cultures such as the ancient Egyptian and the Navajo, they have never been directly introduced in popular religion, for good reason. Having our Kundalinis unawakened and our chakras closed is actually a form of protection. Existence is possible for common embodied man because his chakras are blocked.

The chakras are the knots that bind ahamkara (EGO) into self-identification with the substances (the 5 great elements) that make up the universe.

Kundalini Yoga is also known as the Satcakra Yoga because in it we come across the six subtle centres called cakras.

The cakra system is one of the subtle power operations. The cakras are inner power phenomena and centres of psychic energy. The power that is hidden and waiting to be aroused is Kundalini.  The term cakras refers to the internal centres symbolised as lotus flowers through which the Kundalini sakti flows producing various spiritual phenomena in life, body and consciousness. A cakra is called a lotus because it is composed of a constamtly whirling stream of energy that radiates outwards in a petal-like emanation. Further when the veils obstructing the cakra are lifted they open up more like blooming flowers from within.

In principle each cakra has a certain number of petals, numbering four, six, ten, twelve, sixteen and two. The number of petals indicate the rate of psychic vibrations of that particular cakra. Each petal of the cakra represents a syllable  a sound vibration. They indicate the sound vibrations of these syllables and the varying degrees of energies working in the various centres. The syllable condenses one or several mystic sounds, the vibration of which correspond with the cakra. The sum of these sounds is the "mantra" of the cakra. Similarly each cakra has a colour, a set of light rays or wave-lengths, representing a subtle energy peculiar to itself. Apart from the sounds and the colours each cakra has a peculiar shape, represents an element called Deva and its principle, has a God and Goddess representing spiritual forces manifest and latent in the cakra. The Gods and Goddesses represented by the cakras are not of any religious pantheon, but just names given for the particular forms of consciousness manifested and exhibited in each cakra.


The cakras as lotuses are upside down except when the Kundalini passes over them, when they are right side up. Cakras in general indicate the levels of spiritual consciousness aeach caktis tained by the sadhaka or the aspirant. That is each cakra is identified with certain level of meditative achievement. The seven cakras are therefore then the thresholds or 'spiritual gates' in the human body leading one to the attainment of the Absolute Reality.


The Seven Cakras are:

1. MULADHARA - The Root Centre
2. SWADHISHTHANA  - The Support of Life-Breath Centre
3. MANIPURA  - The Centre embedded with Gems
4. ANAHATA - The Unstruck Sound Centre
5. VISUDDHA - The Great Purity Centre
6. AJNA - The Command Centre
7. SAHASRARA - The Thousand petalled Lotus Centre.


(details on Cakras... to be contd.)



with intent
much love, light and laughter,

I am wondering and pondering...


do you have a secret up your sleeve dear Asavari.


can you deepen my insight into the physical practise of combining yin and yang within oneself to fuel the interaction of the wheels.


i am aware of the orbits and the harnessing of ones sexual energy instead of following the norm wherin sexual energy is released ... this has dramatically evolved my physical and physcic powers yet i of course seek more guidance.


it is for sound reasons that boxers are forbid to have s** months before fights as priest are also forbid to do so for a lifetime .... energy is energy ... unfortunately there is more to the story as i can clearly see that you know and i would like to hear of actual practise if that is of accordance with you ..





Thank you for sharing your Knowledge , this is somthing i have been seeking , to discover , and to learn more about the correct way ,



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