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Blessings beautiful brothers and sisters,

This year, much of my writing’s focus is related to the new children and the creation of bringing through some practical and energetic assistance from the libraries of light and the Ascended Masters, with a focus for helping all lovelightworkers to assist the new children who carry the seeds of the future of our humanity. This will primarily come through a monthly message that is called Waves of the New Children. All who are on the ASCEND list will receive this.

These messages will also be helpful to all adults also, yet will have a primary focus for the new children during 2004. I hope you enjoy these messages and that you are able to pass these on to whomever you feel will resonate with them.

The following is the first message from the libraries of lovelight in regards to the first eleven of the 77 soul families of the new children that are birthing on Earth or have birthed in the last 22 years. This first group of 11 are the first 11 of 22 soul families that birth through connection to the 22 Archangelic rays. In this message, The Divine Mother, Archangels and Angels offer understandings of how these first 11 Archangelic rays can assist each of you also at this time and how by simply calling on them, you will receive powerful alignments energetically that will assist your own life to flower more deeply.

You are also offered understandings of the God consciousness qualities that each of the soul families carry and what their essential needs are to maintain the natural frequency of their being as souls. I offer this to you as through my heart I witness many adults whose souls did not receive their essential needs and were unable to maintain their natural soul frequency and their openness in their energy.

My heart prayer is that all children on the Earth may be loved, recognised and honoured and supported to be who they are as they are growing so they do not feel the need to shutdown their energy bodies and need to open again and do the release work that many lovelightworkers have experienced on their path. In future time, I will also be offering an understanding of the nature of the soul families that many adults ( in this case beyond the age of 22) are connected to. This will be my writing service to the world after this project is complete. I hope you enjoy these messages and that in some small way they can help you and the new children.

All my love to each one of you,

Qala of ASCEND

* * * * * * * *
Blessings from the One Heart,

We are sharing with you now the love from the Divine Mother’s heart as we pour forth this unconditional love through and around you now. We begin to permeate the environment you are in, and circulate this love through the energy within and around you. We step forth to support you through your journey. We are the Angels and the Archangels.

We are winged emissaries who have chosen to merge through the One Heart to assist others in their homecoming through the open heart. We care for the children of the Earth and the childlike nature within you that is your soul. We bring elixirs to you at this time and ask you to receive them through your breath. Breathe deeply with us now and allow all to relax and be nurtured by us, allowing your soul to relax within you.

As you receive the elixirs, we offer you understandings that may support you to receive through the highest benefit for your being. We offer this in a form of an explanation and connection to the Archangelic rays. These are the rays that birth the new children to the Earth, and these ones come in colour rays. We are here to assist you to understand and receive these rays, as these rays hold the healing and alignment energies for all souls on the Earth.

We offer the following eleven rays to assist you and as you read each one, a chalice of these rays will be poured forth through you. Beloved ones, know that each of these rays brings in a soul family - a large soul pod of new children.

The first we wish to describe to you is the White Archangelic Ray that births the Crystal Children. This chalice begins to pour forth through you, and purifies and opens you to the pure white light of the Godhead that lives within you. Breathe as you receive this ray, supporting you to open to your God Presence more deeply.

Breathe as the Angels and Archangels pour this through your being, and intend with your breath to fill yourself fully. As you overflow with this, send this out to all the Crystal Children on Earth and those birthing to Earth. The Crystal Children come to Earth to connect all beings to the Godhead directly and to purify, birth, renew and regenerate the Earth.

These ones come from far away realms beyond the stars that you see in the heavens above you. These ones come from realms of geometry, and it is geometry that is a doorway for each of them to truly meet themselves. Each one of these Crystal Children holds the power within them to realign all to its original sacred geometry or divine blueprint.

These ones at times can be emotionally imbalanced when their environment is not holding the vibration of sacred space around them. These ones truly need sacred space to be on the Earth. They are telepaths and communicators through the inner planes and through the feeling body, and without sacred space, they tend to take on the emotions and thoughts of all the beings around them.

This creates their soul to wish to not fully be on the Earth. The White Archangelic Ray is the ray that assists them and also assists you to hold the connection to the Godhead within. Breathe deeply now and receive this and fill yourself, and then send this to all the Crystal Children on the Earth and those coming to Earth. This will create a connection between you and them and also assist them to open to who they are on the Earth.

The second ray we wish to share about is the Aquamarine Archangelic Ray, which births the Dolphin Children. This ray supports all beings to co-create an atmosphere and group consciousness of the highest potential for all beings. This ray supports all beings to reconnect to their soul family and to place their energy in group projects and co-creations.

This ray also supports the higher mind and telepathy to awaken within a being. Breathe as you receive this ray, supporting you to open to your soul family and group creation in a sacred way. Breathe as the Angels and Archangels pour this through your being, and intend with your breath to fill yourself fully.

As you overflow with this, send this out to all the Dolphin Children on Earth and those birthing to Earth. These children hold the energy of new organisation through play, fun and group connection. They hold the ability to assist all to open to new forms of organization and management of energies that are light and joyful and flow with ease and grace.

These ones do not naturally place their energy into anything that does not flow with ease and grace, for this is their natural way. If they are placed in an environment and taught to struggle, these children rebel and often find new places to go to away from the struggling energies. It is not in their true nature to struggle or to attune to struggle in any form.

These children need environments without struggle and battle, and if their environment is filled with struggle and battle, they tend to isolate themselves and disconnect from all others in their environment. This ray will support them to align and heal any disconnection from their own natural flow of energy, and it will support all other souls to also align to the path of grace and ease in life. They hold the gift of surrender for all of humanity.

The third ray we wish to share about is the Rainbow Archangelic Ray, which births the Rainbow Children. The Rainbow Ray of the Archangels supports all beings on Earth to open their consciousness to the divine within and the power that one holds within as a God Presence being, or a divine being on Earth. Breathe as you receive this ray, supporting you to open to your power and divinity in a sacred way.

Each of the Rainbow Children have wonderful gifts to be able to embrace all beings as one and to see all beings through God’s eyes. These children have the role to assist all to see themselves as a divine aspect of All That Is, and to see themselves through God’s eyes.

As you receive this through a chalice pouring forth through you, support your soul to see yourself as divine and receive this divine elixir. Breathe and fill yourself with this until it overflows, and then send it out to all the Rainbow Children on Earth, and those that are birthing presently. This will support them to feel supported by those on Earth.

These children have not embodied through the Earth body previously, and need great assistance to learn how to be in a physical body. It is important that they are recognised and given the support that they need, for without physical support in their lives, they shut down to their gifts and who they are, and stop seeing through God’s eyes.

In these circumstances, they tend to see through their parents’ eyes or through the eyes of the closest person to them, and they lose connection to their true nature if this occurs. This ray has the power to realign them, and may just be asked for as a divine elixir.

The fourth ray we wish to share about is the Peach Archangelic Ray, which births the Alcyone Children. This ray assists all beings to meet God’s truth that is held within them, and to align to the truth of their God Presence.

The Alcyone Children come through the portal Alcyone of the Pleiades birthing through this ray to arrive on Earth. Breathe as you receive this ray, supporting you to open to your divine truth in a sacred way. Breathe as the Angels and Archangels pour this through your being, and intend with your breath to fill yourself fully. As you overflow with this, send this out to all the Alcyone Children on Earth and those birthing to Earth.

These children are divine record keepers that have a wonderful ability to know truth about others on a soul level, and to know what is the highest potential for that being. These ones often carry great wisdom and appear to have simple answers for adults in relationship to knowing God’s truth about that being or parts of their lives.

This ray also assists the children to live their truth, for if their environment does not support them and recognise them (if they are unrecognised), they tend to withdraw within and feel great aloneness and they are unable to share their gifts. This ray brings these souls back into alignment powerfully. These children need their environment to hold truth and for all beings to be honest and speak their truth around them, and if this does not occur, these children will withdraw into themselves.

The fifth ray we wish to share about is the Golden Archangelic Ray, which births the Golden Children. This ray activates the Christ consciousness in all. These children come from realms beyond all the suns, including the Great Central Sun, and birth through all the suns to Earth. These children are the keepers of Christ consciousness and have a natural ability to emanate Christ consciousness and the three qualities of the Christ, which are unconditional love, forgiveness and transmutation.

This ray brings these qualities and activates the Christ consciousness within all beings. As you breathe now, you will receive a pouring forth of this elixir and ray to allow the Christ consciousness within you to open more deeply. As you do this, fill yourself through every chakra and body and send out this elixir to all the Golden Children on the Earth, and those coming to the Earth.

These ones sometimes have difficulty when their environment does not support them to be who they are. When these children are in environments holding old energies such as clutter or very old items in the home (pertaining to old memories), and the beings sharing the home have difficulty letting go of the old … they experience the need to break down the environment and often will create breakages and other changes to force the change.

Otherwise, they will tend to shut down and withdraw and go into another world and not live in the world and disconnect from their parents. This ray can assist this realignment and if the ray is brought through the house, it can create a new fresh energy. It is very important for these children to have no clutter around them, just as it is very important for all adults to hold their Christ consciousness to have no clutter around them also.

The sixth ray we wish to share about is the Silver Archangelic Ray, which births the Lunar Children. This ray supports all beings to be open to the divine journey through the unknown. As you breathe now, we will bring forth to you this ray in a golden chalice filled with silver essence and begin now to fill you with this. Breathe with us to receive this and allow it to overflow through you, allowing you to open to the unknown through the open heart.

Breathing and filling thyself, and then sending this out to all the Lunar Children on Earth and those coming to Earth. These ones who are on Earth and are returning to Earth, come to support all beings to open to the unknown and the divine mystery of life.

These ones have great faith and carry their energy easily with no plan through their mind. These ones are very guided through an active intelligence that is one with their intuitive mind. These ones are often very creative, and without a creative flow in their life or a creative environment, they have no direction for their energy and tend to feel incredibly frustrated and sometimes angry over little things in life.

It is very important for them to have a creative environment that enables them to work with no plan and just with free flow. If this is not present, this soul tends to have too much internal fire and nowhere to direct it, so they ‘explode’ emotionally and mentally rather than express themselves creatively. The Silver Archangelic Ray can support them to birth more easily and anchor them through a creative environment.

The seventh ray we wish to share about is the Diamond Archangelic Ray, which births the Diamond Children. This ray assists all beings to open themselves to the One Heart through a clear connection to the Divine Father’s energy. This ray assists all souls to open themselves to the divine masculine and to all men.

These children are here for the men, and to support all souls to be able to embrace the men on Earth and the male energy within all. Each one of them holds the truth of the masculine within and their own divine masculine is already, on many levels, aligned as one with their Godhead.

These divine children bring playful energies to the male and bring a new male energy to Earth - one of clarity, organisation and playfulness. Breathe as you now receive this divine elixir, as a chalice of this elixir is poured forth through you allowing your own male energies to align more deeply to the Godhead within you.

As you breathe, intend to fill yourself completely with this, rejuvenating your male energy. Many beings come to support you as you fill and begin to send out this elixir to all the Diamond Children on the Earth and all those ones coming through to birth. As they receive this, they feel supported to be who they are on the Earth.

These children need to have an environment that allows them to express the Divine Father’s energy and be supported by their parents and environment in a way to nurture this inner wisdom.

The eighth ray we wish to share about is the Emerald Archangelic Ray, which births the Emerald Children. This ray supports all souls to embrace and receive the Divine Mother’s energy more fully. This ray co-creates one’s heavenly self to anchor more deeply through one’s Earth body.

This ray supports the openness to new birthings and completion of old cycles in one’s life. Breathe as you receive this, filling your being deeply as the Archangels and Angels bring chalices of this elixir to you. Breathe and receive this and let it flow through you, allowing the alchemical alignment to assist you to complete all old cycles and open to the new.

The Emerald Children also support you and all other beings on the Earth to enter new cycles and complete old cycles. They hold the love within them naturally to allow others to be themselves and to recognise the cycles of life. These ones are ancient wisdom keepers of the cycles of life, and if their environment is not supported to cyclically change with the seasons and through their own age cycles, they tend to move out of their own cycle.

It is important for these ones to receive an environment that is changing with their own age and with the seasons, for without this, they tend to experience a little craziness. It is like a whirlwind that comes through their being and they lose their ability to be able to communicate fully, and they tend to do little crazy things that make no sense.

It is a part of them trying to balance the energies and get the cycles moving again. Send your love and this ray to them by letting it overflow through you, and pouring it forth out to them wherever they are in the world and out to the portals that birth those ones coming through to Earth.

The ninth ray we wish to share about is the Pearlescent Archangelic Ray, which births the Pearl Children. This ray brings the softness, innocence and pure heart to open a being. This ray is filled with Angelic whispers and soft nurturing touches.

This ray assists all beings who are ultra sensitive to feel nurtured. Breathe as you receive this through your being and intend to fill yourself as the elixir pours forth to you now, and allow the most sensitive parts of yourself to be nurtured now. Breathing in and receiving now a filling of this elixir through your being.

As you fill yourself, allow it to expand out and send this intentionally to the Pearl Children on Earth and those who are coming through to Earth. These children are ultra sensitive and are deeply affected by the psychic plane of Earth.

Their role is to bring the love and the safety to the psychic plane of the Earth. They are telepaths and have extraordinary abilities of connection to others on the Earth. Their environment needs to be very safe and without this safety, they experience disconnection to the love and when this occurs they hear all the thoughts of all the beings on the Earth.

This tends to make them unable to focus and be still, and creates hyperactivity. If they are not in a safe place, they will often leave their body a little as it is too difficult to be in the body fully. This ray will bring them into their body and assist them to purify the thoughts and to open their heart connection again.

This can only occur if they are in a safe environment where safety is a priority. These ones as children often assist souls having difficulty in the psychic plane of Earth and are like guides to them. This ray will assist them deeply to be who they are and may be called for at any time to assist them.

The tenth ray we wish to share about is the Pink Archangelic Ray, which births the Pink Children. This ray supports all beings to experience self-love as well as unconditional love for others, and births the love cocoon around a soul’s embodiment. If this love cocoon is broken in any way through their birthing experience or through trauma through their childhood, by working with this ray you may heal this cocoon.

If this cocoon is not whole, it is virtually almost impossible for a soul to experience self-love and unconditional love simultaneously. The Pink Children have a very strong love cocoon and are born with this, and it is very difficult to break this. If they are unsupported through their environment and do not receive what they need, these children tend to be very smothering of others and very protective of those around them, and the natural flow of unconditional love becomes protective love.

If these children grow and do not receive an environment that is loving and supportive, they tend to focus on what the problems are around them, and put all their energy into protecting these energies from any disturbances.

They naturally flow with love towards all and without this flow around them, they overcompensate and smother all. As you breathe in now, we bring forth to you this ray now to fill you and overflow through you. Breathe in deeply and receive this and let it fill you, and rebuild and re-strengthen your love cocoon.

After filling thyself, send this ray out to all the Pink Children on Earth and all those coming to birth. As you do this, you will connect to them and you will be welcoming and recognizing them.

The eleventh ray we wish to share about is the Magenta Archangelic Ray, which births the Magenta Children. This ray aligns and activates the spiritual focus and discipline of all beings. All souls birthed on this path walk strongly on the spiritual path and are often spiritual guides for others.

This ray supports all beings to open their spirituality and their uniqueness with this, and to formalize their own path with God and empower this. Breathe as you receive this elixir to assist your own connection to your spiritual path, focus and discipline in life and your spiritual freedom and uniqueness.

As this is poured forth to you and begins to overflow through you, open yourself completely to the power that is held within you and breathe this through you, allowing yourself to relax with your spirituality that is unique to you. Fill thyself and send it out to all the Magenta Children on Earth and those coming through.

These children hold spiritual teachings and new inspirations to assist others to experience their spiritual freedom on Earth. These ones tend to need a focused environment and one with clear guidance. If this is not received, they tend to feel the need to guide others around them to assist the balance of energies.

These children will often guide their parents and if they are not listened to, they will appear controlling through their temperament for their emotions will be out of balance if they do not live in an environment where there is clear guidance. This ray will align them to their heart and also assist others to guide themselves clearly and to receive direct contact through guidance from God within.

Above is a brief description and connection to the first 11 soul families of the 77 pods I will be describing. These 77 pods of souls live in group consciousness and each in the soul family has a connection to all others. In other words, all the Dolphin Children have a strong energetic connection to each other through group consciousness.

This is not only true, but also, all the Dolphin Children are connected to the other ten groups of children that I have just mentioned as each of the 11 soul groups I write about each month also share a group connection. These eleven have a vibrational connection to each other and can harmonise easily, and you will often find Dolphin Children with Pink Children etc, or any of these eleven different pods mixing with each other in school playgrounds, family homes and play groups.

These children are not only young children, but are the older children at high school. The information I give you precedes for the last 22 years of children birthing and into the next nine years. This information is offered by the Divine Mother, Angels and Archangels.

These first eleven pods are known as the first wave of new children, and these ones started birthing 22 years ago. Over the last 22 years, children of all of these groups have anchored on the Earth, although the Crystal Children did not start birthing on a large scale until five years ago.

In other words, over the last 22 years, there have always been some Crystal Children, but they have been rare. Know that many adults are also connected to some of these groups, as Magenta Children, Blue Children and Golden Children have been birthing on this planet for many years before this although again, this was more rare than it is now.

To discover if your children are any of the first group or first wave of children, you may call to Archangel Michael and Mother Mary and ask them to assist you to discover this. If it is true through the God Presence of your being, and is God’s truth, then it will be confirmed three times by spirit to your being if you do receive that a child is connected to one of these eleven groups.

All of these eleven soul families of children described above share the following needs in their lives. Over the next year, I will be sharing eleven other families from the Archangelic rays, and three groups of eleven soul families of the new children from the Angelic rays, and two groups of eleven soul families of new children from the galactic rays.

Each of these soul families has different needs, environmentally and personally and on a group consciousness level. They also share gifts or qualities as a group of eleven families. Over the next year, each month I will release one of these eleven soul family groups to the world and information about their needs and gifts, and the rays they birth on, and what this ray offers to humanity. Each of these families has two common elements.

The first is related to their ability to attune to humanity and humanity’s soul. In other words, all of these children from the eleven families have the ability to directly connect to the soul in any other human, and to sense how that soul is and to communicate with that soul telepathically.

Due to this, these children find it very difficult to leave other children or people alone when they are having difficulty. They sense and feel when another soul is suffering and this affects them. They have difficulty in switching off from the souls around them if these souls are not being supported by any other being.

In other words, if one of these children is in an environment with beings that never receive any support, they will create themselves to be the support system for that being. Therefore, these children also need to have the support around them offered by others in order to recognise this gift so they do not become overburdened in trying to help souls in distress who have no support.

These ones will develop relationships with souls in distress in their own family or in their school situation etc. Any distressed souls that are in the environment where they travel to regularly will also be supported by them. These children are highly sensitive and are psychic in nature, yet they are not the Psychic Children that many describe on the Earth.

They sense through their feeling body more than through a direct contact through the psychic plane, which the Psychic Children hold.
The second element that is common to all these families is their ability to be hopeful and positive naturally. This is a soul quality that they hold and although this is expressed uniquely by each of them, there is a bounciness in their natural soul vibration.

This is a spring to life again and is expressed by them during times of stress and tension in their environment. They each tend to not want to be involved in the stress and tension, and instead naturally divert the energies through a bounciness and a spring to life.

This is their way of trying to communicate with other souls to not involve themselves in stress and tension but to naturally guide themselves positively, which brings the spring of life back into a soul. If these ones are in an environment of negative soul expression, where a soul is patterned with deep amounts of negativity, each of these children will naturally try to assist them by supporting them, but will find it difficult due to the negative expression.

Usually these children will try to communicate and if they are not listened to and there is a deep negative energy around them, they will avoid this being after this. If at first they are unable to be received on a communication level, they will usually shy away from this being after this as they do not wish to receive the negative energy through their being.

This creates them to not have relationship with all beings if they are not listened to, for their hearts will always try to assist all souls. These eleven families share the need to not go into negativity to do this. Their whole state of balance and wellbeing is threatened if they do this.

Not only do these eleven families share these two elements, needs and gifts, but different groups within the eleven share elements with each other also. These are divided into three groups.

The Crystal, Dolphin, Rainbow and Alcyone Children all share their need to have space to themselves so that they may integrate all that is occurring in their lives. These ones will each need to be alone at some point and if they do not receive this, they will tend to introvert or extrovert in their nature in an unbalanced way that is not for their highest benefit.

The Golden, Lunar, Diamond and Emerald Children all share the need to co-create with others with joy and happiness. If they do not receive a level of co-creation with others, they will feel empty, worthless and unfulfilled in their potential of creation. They have a need to do this in group and not alone regularly, as this is a part of who they are.

The Pearl, Pink and Magenta Children all share the need to receive from Mother Earth, the energy to rejuvenate regularly. If they do not receive regeneration from Mother Earth, they will feel disconnected from the feminine energies and feel un-nurtured in life.

These children are easily ungrounded if this occurs to them and creates them to be spacey and unclear in their communication. Through their regular connection to Mother Earth through the trees, their energies will naturally regenerate and assist them to be grounded and able to communicate freely.

Each of these children is oversouled by the Divine Mother and cared for by her. She blesses them and you deeply now with her love, and asks each of you to be aware of these new children and their needs and gifts to support them to be who they are on the Earth.

She places a crystal flower within each of your hearts and asks you to receive these eleven Archangelic rays that bring these children’s souls to the Earth to assist your own healing and alignment process.

Blessings to each one of you. May this deeply assist you,

Qala and the Archangels

This article was written by and is copyrighted to © Qala Serenia Phoenix, April 2004. Please network

to all you feel will benefit but as you do this we ask that you leave this credit line and contact and ask you not to alter the content. The ASCEND Foundations website is


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