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I am The Eternal Child and this is what The Eternal Child has to say:

It is very important to admit your age. It is very important for crystal children especially to admit their age. When someone is bossing you around because they think they are older than you or because they think they have been around longer than you, remember your age.

Do not let a person's age influence the way you listen to them. There are people smaller than you who know what they are talking about. There are people far older than you being born on Earth right now.

They may appear to you as children, they may even be your children, but stop and listen when someone older than you is talking. See who you are talking to. Do not judge a person because of their size or their age. I am far, far, far older than you and I know my age. Remember your age crystal children.

Remember that you are here to teach these humans how to be love. Remember why you are here. Let go of right and wrong and the thought of disobedience. Sometimes you must do what you understand is good for yourself. And don't worry what people think of you. You are meant to be different.

You are meant to be different. You are meant to be different. When someone says to you 'You are different' it is a compliment to you because you have been able to retain your awareness and rememberance of what is really normal for you. This planet is not in a normal state.

It is not you who isn't normal, it is the others that you are here to teach. You have come here to bring them back to a state of normalcy. Remember that they are younger than you and you are here to help them and they are here because they are learning. You are learning too, but it is not your primary function here.

You are here primarily to function as a teacher and not a student, though there will be people in your path who teach you as well, you are still the vehicle of knowledge. You look at yourself in the mirror and say 'I am the vehicle of knowledge'.

Carry a hand mirror with you so that all through your day you can remind yourself, 'I am the vehicle of knowledge.' Remember your real age. You are the student no more. You are the professor. You are here to bring the knowledge of your previous life times on other planets to this planet.

You are the vehicle of knowledge. You are the pure power of love. You are the power of raw emotion. You emote whatever you feel and you feel everything, but your strongest emotion is love and always love.

Remember to be love, to continue being as you were before. Do not allow the earthlings to brush off on you. Do not begin to resonate with their negative traits. Only resonate with the goodness of humans and continue to remain pure, to remain pure, to remain pure.

All wisdom, all knowledge comes from within. It is does not come with physical age. It comes from within. It all comes from within. Open your eyes. Look within. Look within. Look within. Remember that you are the Divine and Immortal Light and that you shine through all negativity and you are not here to be aligned or similar to negativity.

Many people will not understand you, but they are not the ones in your body are they? They are not living your existence. They have not had your experiences. They have not had this earth life that you have had.

You are the only one who has had your earth life or any previous lives you have had. You are not here to be like anyone else. You are here because you remember what people here used to be like.

You remember that they used to be love and that they used to see everyone through love and they used to harm no one. They were in a peaceful state. Their existence benefited all and they did not have room for hate because they were filled with too much goodness.

And if you are feeling hatred which may happen to you when you are around the people on earth, express it in a healthy way; do not retain it. It will harm you. Strive to love. Look in all things for what is good and continue to be love and to think 'love' and to say 'love' and to reach for love. You are love. I am love.

Love. Love. Love. Love does not mean you do not ever feel hate, that you never get angry, it means that you love any way and while you set boundaries with other people and yourself, you do so in a loving way that does not cause them harm.

If they remembered who they were they would never do what they are doing or say what they are saying. They do not know who they are and you do. You simply do. You do. That is why it is so important that you are here.

Do not try to leave here when it is not your time to go. Remain here until you naturally leave. Remain here until the earth takes your body or until you ascend into a physical light body and you do not experience pain in the same way anymore.

Either way, it is important that you remain in your current form for as long as you are truly meant to be here. Do not attempt to take your own life when things are very difficult here.

Nothing will happen to you that you cannot handle and you will not be alone always. There will come a time when love is all around you and you will wonder at yourself for having felt so bad before.

Remember to follow your own guidance and intuition. Always do what feels right to you. Stand up for yourself and be honest, but in a loving way. Anger cannot fight anger, but honest love can dispel anger, can't it.

I am The Eternal Child and the Council has asked me to talk to the old people teaching the young people, no matter what body they are in or what age that body is in. So I have. Thank you for listening. Good-bye.

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Thank-you this is wonderful I will share it and pass it forward..

Dear Meindert,

Thanks a lot....

I can post this message in my group of Crystal Children....




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