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Each one of us has an Indigo spirit, the wings of perception and play that carry our soul to its true destiny. Indigo spirit, in cosmic universal terms, is an energy field that resonates at higher and higher frequencies until it realizes its true potential. It is like a note that resounds on one scale, then moves to higher and higher octaves so that its very sound becomes indistinguishable from the one pulse of the universe and the music of the spheres. It is the force that will make us transparent and take us out of our watery emotional bodes into aerian realms.

In human terms, Indigo spirit is thinking with the heart and feeling with the mind. It is the energy that recognizes all things as one, that sees all events and beings as equal, that lives in the light and love of compassion, that connects to the deepest recesses of the earth and the farthest realms of the stars. It is love that radiates illumination. It is compassion for the smallest of creatures. It is a great passion for nature in all its forms. Indigo spirit is the tempest and the still lake.

It is the consciousness of everything and nothing. It is what isn�t and what is. It is the seed out of which the plant is born and the plant that gives birth to a seed. It is the healer and the healed. It is the pure joy of existence, the conveyer of unity, the revolution of evolution, the gateway to point bindu, that miniscule dot in the universe from which we can see the entire universe as a psychic-biocosm. Pyschic in the sense that everything, even nothing, is part of cosmic mind. Biocosm in the sense that everything, even inert matter, is living. And our mission on this earth is to manifest this consciousness in our planetary lives.

Indigo Children: Indigo Spirit for a cosmic Awakening by Hyperdimensional Stargate Surfer (Mysterium Tremendum ) on Myspace

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True Indigo Message Channeled

Started by Seraph-IndigoChild Mar 22, 2014. 0 Replies

 Conscious to the enemies of humanity, the bloodshed and wicked thoughts of body parts chopped up with souls, and they still enjoy the sounds as we rip apart. Towers constructed in darkness and powers that feed from our fears; what tiny little…Continue

Etheric inhibitor crystal & indigo lock removal

Started by Samual Immanuel. Last reply by √ℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። Nov 11, 2012. 2 Replies

note;this is an old soul proceduresometimes first wave indigo children have a few of these cyrstals too.when that is the case ,indigo child would need both a cyrstal removal and indigo lock…Continue

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how is everyone these days i been so busy with the other groups

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if your board you may wish to join us over there

i am sure my droid R2 dose not mind

The New way to help Saint Germain!

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