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I have many questions, to those of you willing to help out please personally message me in regards to any of these questions if you have the awnswer or some insight on the subject at hand to make a angel manifest, i have summoned angels before and I can physically feel theyre prescence, although i seem to not physically see them, so please enlighten me with a practical way to do so magic or bardism to some, I know how to create musical incantations and such but does anyone here have any insight as of to the science behind this craft?

3.enchantments, does anyone here know how to enchant certain items? for example putting a ward on a ring against minor evil spirits, or infusing something with your own blood with a certain alphabet to enchant an item etc

4.what is this starseed stuff i have been hearing about?

thank you all for your time please awnswer any of the few questions if you can please

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