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Last night during sleep I felt like a white laser beam accompanied by a vibration go through my crown chakra  for 1 or 2 seconds.  It felt good and very natural. 

Something happened there but I don't know what it means if anything.  Maybe some kind of activation? 

 I invite my Spirit Guide to manifest and make  her/himself known to me.  I welcome the guidance and attract it to me as I continue my journey towards the light.

With love and gratitude always!

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oooooh. interesting. I often feel a white coldness on the top of my head and very slight vibrations. It could have been an activation in my opinion. XD Love and Light

I'm astonished that people seem to believe that by simply saying they're open to their guides that this somehow activates or obligates them to come into contact with them.  I thought openness and clarity of purpose were all that was required; the fact you have to say you are inviting their aid makes me wonder if you are.  I'm not being critical, I just really sense that people need to get past their fear and simply look at what may be blocking their ability to ascertain truth and awareness.  So many on this site seem hyper-spiritual & sometimes totally ungrounded.  If you cannot open up to others, why not at least go look on YouTube and learn from people who undoubtedly can teach you.  Life is not an entertainment event, I thought true growth was a challenging, rough climb up a sometimes steep mountain.  If you're not finding it an intense challenging experience, rather a dance through a lovely forest, I wonder if you are experiencing it at all.  I'm  not being harsh, I'm just saying it seems that many are purposefully missing it, honestly.  Maybe this is the very reason why it has taken mankind millenia to awaken & grow, what do you think?


I appreciate your comment.  What is striking to me is the fact you wander from a place of clarity and purpose and then offer the interpretation of "life is not an entertainment event..." Just know my life plan in no way ressembles a"dance through a lovely forest".  I'm getting over the ordeal of being part of this world experience.  I believe I came here for a reason but somehow I have never really engaged in life on this 3d level.  I find it dull and boring.  But  I am opening up (or trying to).



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