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On Earth, my first contact with our airborne division was a close encounter with a few of their crafts. It was night and I was alone. Then I felt a sudden, very irresistable urge to look at the night sky. So I did. I saw 4 light sources flying overhead in a formation. They slowly passed overhead, I don't know how far from me. Maybe a 10 meters above. Somehow I was overwhelmed with both excitement and joy because of being in such a scene. After they've got a little far, they accelerated away and disappeared.

Following weeks I've had similar experiences. One night I had to get off of a bus just because there was this irresistable urge to look at a random point in sky, again. One night I woke up, got out of the bed to look out of the window. If you didn't experience it, you probably can guess how irresistable that is.

These series of close encounters were my first contact with the starfleet. Lots of years passed. Although I was mostly alone, I still wonder if someone else saw them (or COULD see them), or why exactly they were here, or how they forced me to look at them.

Tell me about your experiences!

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Hi Arda,

Lovely to read about your contact and connection. :) 

My first sighting was also of 4 ships, that flew very slowly in a diamond formation under the Pleiades star cluster for about 10 minutes. The next night I saw one ship, in exactly the same place. That was 7 years ago, and so much has unfolded since then, with remembering soul alignments/plans and purpose here on Earth during this time, and contact/communications with soul family and friends of the stars. Pure joy. :)

I post about them at this site if you're interested: Heart Star

Blessings, Joanna. 



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