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Free Energy and Alien technology


Free Energy and Alien technology

A brief group to educate and raise awareness of advanced technologies, some reversed engineering and others human designed, both ancient and present.

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Are you aware of advanced tech and how how to demand it from your gov?

Started by Lewis Jan 12, 2012. 0 Replies

Send letters, get organized locally and start kicking down some political doors. Continue

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Comment by Jose Ignacio Contreras on March 4, 2013 at 9:56pm

"Clinical Studies Prove hyG-2's 'Ionic Action' Works Better Than Ordinary Brushing For Plaque Removal"

Comment by Thsathlan on September 30, 2012 at 3:33pm

I have a project under way with Davison. Not a free energy device but hoping it will finance my research on Free Energy Devices. I have one F E D to work on that Wes Bateman had looked at my blue prints and liked it. Wes was a nuclear physicist and channel. The F E D would be over unity generating more power than it uses to keep it running and could be used for anti gravity drive as well. It has been my dream to do such work. Look forward to getting some input to get it going when time and money permits.

Comment by cornelius on September 30, 2012 at 8:21am

My name is Cornelius Constantine, I am a retired electronics engineer and physicist, living in Morgan Hill, California, USA. I will be very happy to communicate and to cooperate with other people interested in free energy. Many individuals with telepathic capabilities have transmitted many messages saying that the cosmic brothers will give  us information about advanced free energy devices, but nobody dare to explain why it is not suitable to receive such information now. Building free energy devices will give to people a tremendous freedom from cabal, a undreamed life quality, an important contribution to reduce pollution and heal the planet environment, a lot of free time to dedicate to spiritual development, an accelerated elimination of the cabal, bringing to light disclosure program, and implementation of NESARA. To my opinion this free energy activity is very important, yet very few people are openly involved, or talk about this. I have seen many real demonstrations with free energy devices, but very little information about them. I suppose that one reason is the safety of the inventors; the other reason might be just greed. To my information the USA military complex, has a lot of information  about free energy from grays, and from so many patents drastically suppressed. In the USA, most of military complex and government are still under strict control of the dark cabal elite, they did many crimes to suppress free energy, but now, they can't any longer do the same thing, because the light forces reduced, and almost eliminated their power. To my opinion, now it is the right time to spread as much we can all information about free energy; this will insure safety of the inventors, and a quick implementation. I am not afraid of cabal, and, if I will be able to build a practical free energy device, then I will spread free and quick the information to as many as possible interested people. In this way, all efforts of the cabal to suppress the information will be in vain. In fact, already I have enough information to start building such devices, but, because of the promised information from cosmic brothers, I almost stop their construction. Yet, I don't know if this is not just a disinformation action of cabal, and at this time I think that I should in earnest to build the free energy devices. Even if they will be much less advanced than the promised technology, will be at least a good lesson, and a good action to free the people and the planet. I am ready and willing to share with you, and with all people from this group, all information and practical results I got. If you dare, I will be happy to receive from you and from the group members all useful information about free energy devices. My email address is:

[email protected] 


Comment by Lewis on April 7, 2012 at 4:25pm

hello everyone my father and I have now begun work on our Free energy machine. 


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