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When the Earth will be 100% in the fifth dimension, she will become a new member of the ‘‘Galaxy Confederation’’ where already other fifth and higher dimensional planets belong. Then we will not distinguish various nationalities and states, but will exist only one nation ‘‘the Earthians’’. This course that has started long ago, recently was finalized, and no force, or team of reacting persons, can anymore change or delay it. Therefore, it is of great importance to know what is going to happen, when and with what order, so that we can be suitably prepared in order to pass more painlessly the transient period, but also in order to better profit a) from the new possibilities that will be provided to us, and b) from the help that the extraterrestrials will give us.

Therefore, the main questions below have to be answered with clarity, plenitude and without contradictions, so that we will be really assisted by the information that we will receive. I stress this, because the various ‘‘metaphysical’’ congresses and festivals that I heave attended and the relative books or reports in the internet that I have read, did not add something useful to me. Most of them contain, for the most part, generalities and vagueness with regard to the fifth dimension, sometimes also contradictions, and they are usually focused on the ‘‘life after death’’ and on what the one or the other ‘‘Archangel’’, or ‘‘Master’’, or ‘‘Ascended Spiritual Teacher’’ does or said. The questions therefore that I consider as the most important for our immediate future are:

1) How we could better prepare and what we should do in order to ensure our entry in the fifth dimension and not to leave (i.e. die, as it will happen to certain of us), but also how we could enter in this easier, faster and more painlessly.
2) What the new possibilities and the advantages that the fifth dimension will provide to us are, and how we will better and quicker utilise these, in order to improve our life and live hereafter exactly as we wish, healthy and happy.
3) What situations and ‘‘disturbances’’ will prevail during the transient period (from today until the Earth becomes 100% fifth dimensional), and how we will face and handle these, as individuals and as leaders, not only for our personal good but also for the good of the planet.
4) How we will communicate earlier and more advantageously with the extraterrestrials, and how we will better and thoroughly benefit from the knowledge and the help that they will give us.
5) What new conditions are created by our integration in the Galaxy Confederation, what rules will be in effect, and how we will better benefit from this integration, as individuals and as a planet. Still, how we will be able (for those of us who wish to do so) to contribute in the coordination and the smooth operation of all systems, undertaking leading positions.
6) How our relations with the other planets will be, how we will perform our transactions with the extraterrestrials and the interplanetary travels, and with what criteria we will select a) what will be our occupation (profession), and b) in what planet we will live, with whom, and for how many years or centuries.

In these and other relative questions I will attempt to give an explicit and complete answer with useful, (I would say precious) for each one of us information, based always on what the extraterrestrials say to me in my astral travels, (under the condition that these are real and not creations of a super optimistic imagination). In the previous two pages of my site, I give a few elements answering these questions, as well as criteria e.g. the appearance of their spacecrafts (if things are proceeding as planed) until the end of 2009, that they will prove whether all the above are real. However, because in the summer months of 2008 the Earth received an abundance of new energies from the universe, (that certain of us received and then transferred to the Earth), that assist in the Earth’s development to the new dimension, I believe that from the next year (2009) I will have more complete information to answer the above-mentioned questions. Then I will include these answers probably in a different site, because I created the present site primarily to cover my paintings (which are connected to my astral travels that are the source of my inspiration).
Also I believe that it would be very useful, or even absolutely necessary, a world organization to be created that would prepare the individuals and the entire planet: a) For the entry in the fifth dimension, b) for the solution of problems during the transient period, c) for the communication and the collaboration with the extraterrestrials and d) for our successful integration in the Galaxy Confederation. As soon as the above mentioned criteria convince me, I intend with the help and the guidance of the Pleiadeans (which are most capable in organizational maters), to help in the creation of such a non-profitable organization that could have the title: ‘‘World organization for the preparation of integration of the Earth in the Galaxy Confederation’’. This organization could also put an order, in order to avoid unpleasant events during the disturbance that will prevail (fortunately only for the short transient period), mainly as a result of the despaired effort of certain powerful individuals and organizations to retain and extend their power. For this purpose they will collectively and well organized try to cause fear presenting false dangers and also (mainly with the help of the banks) to collect more and more economic force taken from the people, (who will become more and more poor), in order to keep the people fully dependent on them, despite the changes that the new dimension will bring.

It is worthy to say that the 1.5% of the current population of the Earth (i.e. more than 90 millions), are individuals that are usually incarnated in other planets but this time selected to be incarnated in Earth, in order to help in the great changes that will take place, as well as in order to transfer later in their planets their unique experiences from this ‘‘experiment’’ that, as mentioned before, is taking place for the first time in the universe. These persons when they realize their mission (having at some pound of their life memories of their planets) and ‘‘wake up’’ (many they have already and call themselves ‘‘star-seeds’’ and ‘‘workers of light’’), could very well constitute (together with many other Earthians workers of light) the members of such an organisation. Noteworthy is that in October 2008 I attended a very interesting world congress of the star seeds, that took place in London, where individuals from all parts of the world were gathered, to exchange their experiences from the memories they had from their planets, to meditate, to do channeling etc, as well as to visit ancient monuments, (Stonehenge, Avebury, etc), in order to feel the energies and the information that these monuments release. However it should be noted that, based on more resent information, this percentage is now much bigger than 1.5% due to new incarnations.

It appears, from what the extraterrestrials say, that also I belong to this percentage and for this reason I feel ‘‘at home’’ very comfortably and cheerfully, each time I have an astral visit to a certain planet of Pleiades, in the same always region. Also they said to me the following weird thing: That I am one of those that the extraterrestrials send to me a rare shiny (like metal) energy which I transfer to the Earth when I walk. This energy is needed to the Earth and the Earth guides me (unconsciously) to make travels in the parts of the Earth that need this energy. And indeed I had to go, this and the last year, to strange places in Germany, England and in Greece, while recently I have been informed by a channel that soon I am going to have another long journey in a remote country. In any case I do not consider myself a worker of light, but simply a researcher until that ‘‘light’’ is revealed to me beyond any doubt.

Finally, because a lot of discussions took place with my colleagues technocrats, who wonder why I, a doctor in civil engineering with rich academic and business career, deal with metaphysical subjects, that they consider as ‘‘fairy tales’’, I have to send them the following message:
The physics and the natural sciences in general, using the observation, the measurements, the experiments, etc, analyze and explain the phenomena and the laws that are in effect for the third, the clearly material, dimension. On the other hand, the metaphysics using the meditation, the visualization, the intuition, the communication with other entities, the imagination, the sentiments, etc, analyze and explain the phenomena and the laws that are in effect for all dimensions. Many times these phenomena are very difficult to become understood and explained with the means and the data of the third dimension. Thus e.g. the description of the taste of food, or of the odor of a perfume, or of the splendid lively colours that prevail in the fifth dimension, cannot make us actually see or feel them. Similarly e.g. a hypothetically two-dimensional world that lives in the plane, cannot explain what happens with a three-dimensional being e.g. a ball, that is presented from nowhere in various places of the plane, as a point, or as a circle with changing diameter when touches or cuts the plane.

Nevertheless, I will attempt as an example, to explain how astrology and the horoscopes work, that many of us consider also as fairy tales. Each planet and generally each celestial body emits ‘‘astral energies’’, of different nature each, that reach the surface of Earth and surround it with intensity that depends each time on the place of the planet in relation to Earth. A soul that is going to be incarnated, select the fetus in which it will enter, (entering mainly the moment of birth) and enters bringing with and putting in the fetus’ astral body also the astral energies that prevailed the moment of birth. These energies influence the character and the life of the person, together with the influence from the experiences of the soul from previous lives, and from this life as grows, etc. Indeed the soul, knowing when each fetus will be born, selects the one that the astral energies at that time will help the soul to achieves more easily the targets set for this incarnation, and to have the experiences that needs for the improvement of the soul.

Since these energies cannot be measured and analyzed with the means of the third dimension, a technocrat will ignore them. On the contrary a spiritually aroused person that deals with the metaphysics, in order to check the above theory, will enter in deep meditation and will call his ‘‘superior self’’ and his ‘‘celestial advisers’’ and will ask them to explain to him the qualities of the stellar energy of each celestial body. If therefore a person feels by intuition, that all the above explained to him are true, will accept these with the same certainty that a technocrat researcher accepts a theory that has been proved by the experiment. These are the best I could say to my friends technocrats although I am afraid that I will not convince them, at least until we will enter in the fifth dimension when, whether they want it or not, the truth it will be revealed also to them.

Still exist very interesting television broadcasts in Greece and abroad that deal with metaphysics and strange phenomena in general. Many times however, these make the error to try to explain the metaphysical phenomena with the laws of physics. For this reason, they invite in the studios scientists and professors that say their opinion trying to explain everything as simple natural phenomenon, and get angry if somebody dares to expresses a metaphysical opinion, and they do not even allow him to complete his opinion. This has as result the people that watch the broadcasting and try to learn something, instead of being able to hear a different (metaphysical) opinion, (which if their intuition considers true they will accept, otherwise they will ignore), to become more perplexed and many times to feel indignant with the explanations that the ‘‘wise heads’’ try to give. It is a pity, the moment that we approach 2012, (where a lot and important changes for our life will happen, for which we are supposed to be prepared), to discuss nonsense and not to listen to our ‘‘superior self’’, to our ‘‘divine advisers’’, to the extraterrestrials (that are already in the fifth dimension), and to other superior beings that try to help us. This situation makes me to recall the very up to date short story of H. G. Wells, ‘‘The Country of the Blinds’’, and I hope we will stop being blind soon.

Recently I was invited for an interview from a Greek television channel, and the next day after the presentation in the TV I received more from 100 calls from enthusiastic people who shared with me also their metaphysical experiences. These however, did not have the courage to admit this in public, fearing that they will be considered as dreamers or insane. Answering, in any case, also to those who did not telephone to me (noteworthy that the address of my site has been shown wrong in TV, and the six times that I referred to my site during the interview were cut in the montage), I want to assure them that not only they are not dreamers or insane, but they are pioneers, together with tenths of millions other people who’s number is continuously increasing. Nevertheless my goal for giving this interview was my site to become also well known in Greece, as it is abroad, so that the visitors that are ready to accept these important messages, to see much more details than an interview can contain.

In order to help in the distribution and the cross checking of these information, but also in order to participate in a group effort to rise the consciousness of our planet, I became recently a member of 22 “communities” in the internet, who have more than 200.000 members (workers of light and star seeds), such as the ‘‘Children of the Sun’’, the ‘‘Powerful Intentions’’, etc. Their focus is to exchange experiences between the members, but mainly with the help of group synchronized meditations, etc, to help in rising the consciousness of people, in the smoothing of the problems of the interim period (from today until to become 100% fifth dimensional), as well as to stop us from depending on the existing oppressive systems, and generally to improve the conditions of our life. Within these organisations, I have more than 1000 internet friends and I have created my own groups that are focused in the objectives that I describe in this page, so that I do not struggle alone, but together with others, many of which are more advanced and consequently more effective than I am (see also my previous page II,1.D1).

Closing this page, and because the only source of my information up to now, is my contact with the extraterrestrials, I would like once again to beg those who have related information from any source, to send it to me in order to cross check it with my information, and I thank them in advance for their time. Here I have to add that an enlighten person from Australia (Ethan Vorly), who has written a lot of very interesting and useful books about metaphysics, when I asked his opinion about these pages of my site he said: ‘‘Thanks for your email and the information on your site. It is the best description of these things that I have read. I think it is all real. Please let me know when you share more information, I would like to read wishes, Ethan’’. Still, charismatic individuals from Europe and America that function as ‘‘channels’’ and communicate with superior beings, when they entered my pages they ensured me that what I write ‘‘makes sense’’ and, in general, is confirmed. In addition the members of the internet Group ‘‘Children of the Sun’’ that I mention above (where I created my own team ‘‘The new Earth in the fifth dimension’’ in which I invite you all to become members), express to me their enthusiasm and thanks for the information I post from time to time.

In the next page (II.1.D3) I begin to give the answers to the above questions, starting by giving the techniques of attunement to the utilisation of cosmic energies such as the Reiki, the Seichim, the Seichem, etc, and in particular with the method of ‘‘do it yourself’’, so that someone does not need to pay hundreds and thousands of Euros to those who teach Reiki etc. With the use of these energies we can develop and cure our physical body as well as our energy bodies, and what is the most important, we increase our vibrations and keep them high, so that we ensure our passage in the fifth dimension and we do that at the most painless way. You can see the next page of my Site: REIKI-SEICHIM-SEICHEM SSR

NOTE: On 18 September 2008 I saw a message from the Galactic Confederation (that came from a person who is a ‘‘channel’’ and receives information from other beings) that says: “A message from the galactic confederation to leaders, governors, politicians and all people of earth” .... ‘‘We wish it to be understood that on the 14th day of your month of October in the year 2008 a craft of great size shall be visible within your skies of Alabama. It has been decided that we shall remain within your atmosphere for the minimum of three of your twenty-four hour periods. During this time there will be much commotion upon your earth plane. Your highest authorities will be intruding into 'our' atmospherics that surround our ship. This 'security field' is necessary for us, as there shall take place a 'farce' from those in your world who shall try to deny that we come in love. We come to assist your world. We do not come to take over. We do not come to destruct. We come to give you hope. We are beings from other planets, who for many eons of your time have been preparing for these days ahead’’. This message has not been verified as for the time that was to happen, but I have included it here because I consider very probable to be verified in the future.

On the other hand recently the Greek television announced that an unidentified flying object was shown over Attica sometime ago following a plane of Olympic airways, and two Greek military planes were taken off to find out what was going on, but the object had disappeared with excessive (for the Earth data) speed. Also on 2nd of November 2008 a friend that lives in Corinth telephoned and informed us that on the 1st of November he saw from his window a very luminous flying object. In my recent question, the extraterrestrials said that these sightings will be more and more often, until we will consider it as something very common. However, these fleeting appearances, and many others that you can see in the internet with photos and videos, do not correspond to the criteria that I have put for the long time appearances of spacecrafts, before millions of people, up to the end of 2009

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