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The ‘'third dimension'’ in which the Earth was up to October 2006 is a clearly material dimension as we have experienced up to now. In the ‘'fourth dimension'’ where we are now, the matter has become thinner and is vibrated faster, as a preparation for the ‘'fifth dimension'’. In this fifth dimension the matter around and inside us will become even thinner (etheric), (the empty space in and between the atoms - material particles will be much larger) and will vibrate even faster. In addition, the spirit will dominate on the matter and our thoughts will gradually create our reality, guiding the matter in some degree as e.g. the magician in the fairy tales does but in an excessive degree with his magic spill kin. The fifth dimension will begin in December 2012 and the changes it will create will be completed by 2017. Then, from what the extraterrestrials say (and their information converges), marvellous things will happen, which even if they prove to be ‘‘faithful wishes’’ as many may believe, at least they are very optimistic and would help us feel much better and therefore become healthier, if we believe that are probable to happen, as I already believe myself.

In this dimension, the illnesses will recede and our body will remain healthy obeying to our will, while it will be adapted gradually in the body type that we wish as well as in the age we wish, facts that will allow us to live many and comfortable years. The food will not constitute so much a necessity, since we will take the energy that our body needs also from other sources, but rather a gustatory pleasure. The gravity will be overcome fact that will influence a lot our constructions, our transportations and our movements from place to place. Our vehicles in general will not need fuels and will follow certain ‘‘energy lines’’, while they can change directions where these lines cross. The possibility will also exist to be able to pass (as through a beam) instantly to another place with our material body. Here it is worthy to say that according to the extraterrestrials, apart from our material body that we all know, we have in our ‘‘aura’’ other non material (energy bodies) that are around us like the layers of the onion. One of these, where also the sentiments are based, will acquire particular importance in the fifth dimension. Still we will all have the power to see the aura, which contains precious information about our past and about us, and by which we influence and we are influenced by the people around us.

Our constructions, like houses, blocks of flats, buildings (with hundreds of storeys), etc., will be constructed much easier than today, and they might be moved in other places, if their residents decide to change their environment, as is done already in other planets. Also it will be possible to construct floating cities, that will be totally self sufficient of whatever needs they have, and to travel in the seas. The various spaces – rooms, while they will have in general small external dimensions, when you enter in them, a new ‘‘internal’’ dimension will be presented to you, large enough to cover all your needs, fact that happens also in many small extraterrestrial spacecrafts. In addition, you can arrange certain sides of the building to have a different view in different places of the world, (without however this to facilitate direct access to these places), thing that when I first saw it, it was very surprising. Also big impression made to me the intense, beautiful and unusual colors, that also move making the objects to look alive and as if are breathing, and I expect to enter in the fifth dimension in order to enjoy these colors daily. With regard to the electric energy, each building will have in the roof a small appliance that will collect energy that enters from the universe and goes to the center of the Earth, when it enters and when it comes out, and this energy will cover, without expense, all our domestic energy demand. In addition the cadastre, the recording office, and other relevant public files will be useless, since everything will be written in the aura of persons and objects that everyone can read.

Given that each one will be able to read the other people’s thoughts through telepathy, there will exist in general no secrets between the people, with has as a result the marriages to become considerably limited (only to people that really love each other), and the personal relations to lose to a large extent the exclusivity between two individuals and to become more free, as they are in the other civilizations of the galaxy. The need for monogamy will cease to exist since the soul does not ask for it. In addition, the births will be limited, fact that however will not influence the population of the Earth, since the average age will be increased impressively. The current systems of administration and governing will collapse and new will be created. Since will not exist any self-interest, the persons that have leading, or administrative positions, will not enjoy particular privileges, despite the increased responsibilities and pressure of work in comparison with the other people. However they will be much fewer than they are today, since the people will be in general able to cover most of their needs themselves. They will be at some way real ‘‘servants’’ of the society, and they will enjoy their work, as they enjoy it today those who offer charitable work. Also the courts and the prisons will cease to exist, since gradually people will develop relations of unselfish love. Those who will choose to live in a different way, they will be ‘‘punished’’ by the conditions that the life they have chosen will create for them, until they realize that they have to be adapted as the rest of the people. Certain ‘‘advanced’' persons that will have entered first in the fifth dimension, they will have as their main task to help the others to enter as well, and to utilize all the possibilities of the fifth dimension. Finally the interplanetary travels, the contact with other civilisations and the accumulation of new knowledge and experiences, will constitute some of the most basic ‘‘entertainments’’ of the people in the fifth dimension.

Dissatisfied from these changes will be perhaps only those that are used to have the power, to use other people and to gather for themselves all the material goods, things that in the fifth dimension they will not be able to do. However even those will become obligatorily adapted, receiving also the many other advantages of the fifth dimension. In any case, as it is generally supported, in the universe does not exist ‘‘lack’’ but ‘‘abundance’’ of everything, that everyone can enjoy. Also, something that the meaning I do not fully understand, is that in the fifth dimension we will have access to the ‘‘ether (or akasic) archives’’ where all universal information is filed, having thus direct access in knowledge etc. and will not exist any more confidential secrets, nor will we need the type of schools we have today. Finally, we might, to some extend, materialize objects that we need, power that certain guru in the Far East already have (in a minimum degree), as we hear, and generally we do not believe. The climate in Earth will become subtropical, (that is much warmer than today), and a lot of the ice will melt while the level of the sea will rise. The pollution will be limited to minimum, while we will transform the garbage from matter to energy. A lot of attention will be given in keeping the environment in an excellent condition.

Referring to the fears of catastrophes and millions of deaths during the passage to the fifth dimension, the extraterrestrials support that this (that was initially probable to happen), finally has been avoided, and any wars will be of limited character as well as any natural destructions. Simply will exist a period of a few months at the passage, different for each person, during which, continuously or at intervals, a person will feel an intense malaise, mainly on issues of breathing, that will be accompanied by unjustified lassitude, and very often by depression that might in extreme cases reach a tendency for suicide. For those who cannot accept their truth and do not want to enter in the fifth dimension this tendency will lead to accidents and to cerebral and cardiac episodes. However those who consciously want to enter in the fifth dimension, they will endure this situation and will succeed. Certain persons, who know what is going to happen, will be able, with suitable preparation, to enter in the fifth dimension after the end of 2010, getting earlier the advantages at the great surprise of the other people. Feeling well and happy, heaving positive thoughts and eating healthy food, helps a lot in order to increase faster our vibrations, so that we enter easily in the fifth dimension. On the contrary feeling fear, insecurity, hate, anger and other negative feelings keeps our vibrations low. The children in general do not have any biases, and therefore will easier and earlier enter, before the grownups, the fifth dimension, developing their intuition and their ability to read the ‘‘ether archives’’ where all universal knowledge is included. They will see visions and acquire awkward for us behaviour, as e.g. that they will not want to go to school, as they will already know the knowledge the school gives to them (by reading the ether archives), or because they will know that is a knowledge not useful to them and to their future (because e.g. many professions will change).

Money will have much less importance than they have today, since the basic human needs will be covered very easily. The value of the real estate and property in general, as it is today, will fall vertically. A lot of enterprises will close as useless, as those dealing with medicines, the health, fuels, the electric energy, the education, the transport, the insurance, etc. (to name only a few). In addition, the public services (tax collectors, police, army, municipal services, etc), as well as the public utilities (for electricity, telecommunication, water, post, transport, railways, etc) will cease to exist, or very few will remain but will be dramatically smaller. The kinds of employment, due to the high technology that the extraterrestrials will transfer to us, (who expect to gain a lot from our precious planet in the advanced state of the fifth dimension), will be profoundly altered. Many professions will be abandoned as useless, while new will be created, as e.g. the teaching to extraterrestrials the conditions that prevailed during the third dimension and the sentiments that these conditions created. When I asked the extraterrestrials ‘‘what will the persons that will not have work, or will not want to work do?’’, the answer was: ‘‘simply they will live and gather experiences’'.

In any case, the art in any form will maintain a very high position in the Earth and the planets. Especially the painters and the sculptors will be invited to make exhibitions in other planets, not because the extraterrestrials could not buy their work in the Earth, but because they will want the artist to describe to them the third dimension stimuli and sentiments that led him to the creation of this work. I wonder also if in my case I stopped prematurely my successful business career as a civil engineer, in order to deal initially with poetry and then 100% with painting, as if I was subconsciously influenced and informed about what potentially will happen. Possibly the extraterrestrials influenced also the vertical increase of my productivity in paintings, which the last three years became five times higher, exceeding all my previous records. You can see my site: with more than 9300 (October 2008) of my paintings. Also in several paintings, (see e.g. Group 9A) I try to represent the transition period (when the fourth and the fifth dimensions will coexist), with double presentation of the various themes and figures in the same painting, trying also to imitate the impressive colors that will prevail during this period.

It should be noted that from at least 650 millions of civilizations that exist, only a few tenths are still in the third dimension, while all the rest are in the fifth and higher dimensions (sixth etc. that are totally non material). Thus in our solar system apart from the known nine planets, exist also others which are only in the fifth dimension and will be revealed to us when we will be also in the fifth dimension. In addition, a planet can belong sometimes in more than one dimensions. E.g., Venus or Mars that in the third dimension are dead planets, could be alive in the fifth dimension, having developed civilizations, and these two dimensions can coexist in the same space. In any case, when the Earth will be fully in the fifth dimension no individual on Earth will exist in the third dimension. Those who do not want to enter they will die, and will return much later with fifth dimensional bodies. Many years later, we will be able to visit also the sixth and the seventh dimensions, but not with our material body but with our energy bodies. Extraterrestrials that visit us now (and transfer to some scientists new ideas, as if these ideas emerge from the scientists’ intuition), will visit us in big numbers when we will enter in the fifth dimension. They will teach us their technology, how to remain healthy, how to materialize things, and many other useful ‘‘powers’’ of the fifth dimension. They will be initially anthropoid because their intention is not to frighten us and see them as a threat, or they will wear ‘‘uniform’’ that will present them as anthropoid. Later however when we will get used to them, other extraterrestrials in various forms will begin to appear also, whom we will accept regardless of their appearance, because they will emit love, that is a basic characteristic of most of the fifth dimensional civilizations.

Moreover, recently many visitors of the site asked me questions about what will happen with the various functions in the new dimension. Their main question was about the banks for which the extraterrestrials said to me the following: The banks will not exist in the fifth dimension, for the people in general will be self-sufficient and will be able to ‘‘materialise’’ many of the things they need. In general, the transactions among people will be based on the value – ‘‘energy’' of what they take in relation to what they give. This value will be measured in units recorded on ‘‘intelligent’’ cards. In any case, the extraterrestrials added that in the interim period a large ‘‘disturbance’’ will take place from the fact that many people will refuse, or will be unable to pay to the banks their loans, while the present economic system will be changed before the end of 2009. In addition, (among many others), all companies and services related with the production and use of weapons will cease to exist as useless, fact that will also create a large disturbance especially to the governments. Also there was a great interest about what the future will be of the professions of the doctor – nurse – heeler, etc, as well as of the lawyer – judge – politician, etc. The answer is that they will not exist, since there will be no illness of any kind, nor quarrels between the people, and the prevailing laws will be the ‘‘universal laws’’. Finally those dealing with metaphysics such as channels, mediums, spiritual guides, etc, will have to change profession since all of us, being in the fifth dimension, we will have their special powers.

To my intense desire to see now how the picture of the Earth will be in the fifth dimension, I got indirectly the answer via my charismatic friend Elpida Lekka from Chania - Greece who gave me Reiki. The picture was a great feast, a celebration with songs, dances, fireworks, and laughing persons of every age and colour, that would not stop, while plants and flowers with very impressive colors were part of the festive setting. Every time I bring this picture in my mind, it fills me with joy and optimism and gives me energy to continue the rest of my day. Moreover, wanted to know what my mission will be in the fifth dimension, I got (in the same as previously way), the following symbolic answer: The picture of a child that runs, hops and plays laughing in a beautiful meadow, while where he steps, various beautiful flowers and plants with impressive changing colors immediately grow, giving the impression that the plants are breathing. This gave me the idea that probably my mission in the fifth dimension could be to spread joy and laughter and probably for this reason I created the new Reiki symbol (the symbol of joy, see my page II.2.D3). Also, whenever I bring this picture in my mind (and I like to do it often), I feel as a carefree child that enjoys his game. Still in my question to the extraterrestrials of what I should do in order to enter in the fifth dimension, the answer was to continue doing what I am already doing. When I insisted asking how I will enter earlier, the answer was that I will enter long before 2012, but I should not be in a hurry, because a very premature entry in relation to the others, will make me experience loneliness, and often will make me indignant with the behavior and the ‘‘foulness’’ of the people around me who can also be my dear friends and relatives.

Already in many of us, (irrelevantly to the fifth dimension), dominates an intense sentiment of indignation about what happens around us, and unfortunately my country possesses one of the first places. Here the corruption and rottenness in politics, in most services, in organizations, in justice, in church, in police, in the banks, in the enterprises, in the transactions, in persons that have all kinds of power, and in a lot of other events in our political, social and economic life, they gradually become the rule. The same incising tendency exists also in the criminality, domestic and imported. On the other hand are increased, the misfortune, the poverty, and the desperation of the innocent and honest citizens, that are unable to react to the organised interests and systems, and to the indifference or the disability of the authorities. Because this indignation, and the anger that creates, not only spoil our feelings, but also keep low our vibrations, I took lately certain decisions, and I realised that they ‘‘work’’ satisfactorily for me, and might also be useful for many others. First I stopped watching news in the TV, radio, newspapers, etc (95% of which refer to unpleasant and negative subjects and only 5% have something pleasant or useful to give), and I replaced these by musical (melodies etc) programs and intelligent comedies. The danger of not being informed, is compensated by the fact that if there is something I need to know, somebody informs me about it in time. Also, (thing that I have started long ago), I systematically avoid any personal contact with public services, banks, Inland Revenues, assemblies, etc, by sending to them individuals to representing me, giving them the necessary authorizations. Finally, while some time ago I was a very social individual giving parties and receptions, now I have limited my contacts mainly to telephone communication, while my everyday interactions are limited to individuals which, independently education and social or economic level, have a positive aura that gives me positive sentiments. Certain of these individuals follow ‘‘metaphysical’’ paths as I do, and they have similar with me ‘‘metaphysical’’ experiences; only they hesitate to admit these experiences in public.

Anyway something that comforts me and fills me with patience and optimism, (and I believe that it will comfort and those who believe, even as a probability, that we will pass soon to the fifth dimension), is the fact that in the fifth dimension each of us will take the place he deserves. So all those that today pester us, will lose their powers, authorities, privileges, their economic superiority, etc, but also the power to harm other people, and the higher their position, the worse ‘‘landing’’ they will have in the new reality. Those who can face ‘‘their truth’’ and are wiling to be adapted to the new reality, will enter and enjoy, (together with the other people), the advantages of the new dimension. Those however, who are very strongly attached to the status they have created with so much effort (and frauds), they might not be able to bear ‘‘their truth’’ and accept the new, without privileges, reality. Then their subconscious will lead them to leave (i.e. to die), causing them accidents, cerebral episodes, cardiac offenses, etc) and they will be reincarnated much later, when we will be in the fifth dimension.

Still I have being informed (from above) that “we swim” in a “sea of energy” that surrounds our DNA, our cells, our body, all the beings of planet, the objects and all Earth (with her electromagnetic fields). We influence and we alter the energy of our body (our individual energy) with our thoughts (“good” or “bad”), which are also a form of a very “thin” energy, that however has decisive repercussions in our bodily and intellectual health, in our situation and in our mentality, influencing even the chemical reactions in our organism. Our individual energies and the energy of planet have direct interdependence and influence considerably one another. With regard to in the energy of Earth her magnetic field is undergoing an accelerating change lately (reduction of his intensity), that will reach its peak in 2012. Also the frequency of the pulses of the vibrations of Earth increases (from the 7.8 pulses per second that initially was) in order to enter the fifth dimension frequency that our cells follow. This makes (the more sensitive of us) to feel that the time is accelerated and that the day is shorter, while it creates the sense that something important is going to happen. Similarly our thoughts, our intentions and our feelings, and especially if they emanate collectively from large groups of individuals, influence the energy field of Earth, which, in its turn, influences also the rest people of the planet, that do not belong in these groups, creating thus a “collective conscience”. This has been also confirmed by a research conducted in the seventies by a university, in 24 cities of USA with population of about 10.000 each. The resurchers asked from a relatively small group of citizens (less than 1%) in each city, to feel for the certain period of the experiment, peace, love, and solidarity for their fellow-citizens. Then they realised that during this period the crimes, the robberies, the clashes, even the accidents, in these cities were decreased considerably, while when the experiment finished they gradually came back in their previous levels. A similar experiment, but to a larger scale, took place in the beginning of eighties in the Middle East, referring to terrorism, with the same as above results.

I added the previous paragraph mainly in order to persuade my unbelieving technocrat friends (while those dealing with metaphysics already know the above), for the effectiveness of the method I propose hear, to help ourselves and the Earth in the smooth passage to the fifth dimension. In this effort, instead of been alone, I recently signed up (free of charge) to 22 internet communities, that have in total more than 200.000 members (see also my next page II.1.D2), which make synchronized meditations for the uplifting of the “Earths collective conscience”. In this organizations in only two-months more from 1000 members asked me to be my “internet friends”, while I created my groups titled “The new Earth in the fifth dimension” with a purpose the members and my friends to make the meditation that I propose in my page (II.2.D5). Τhis meditation is done twice a month in certain hours (for Australia, Europe, and America), and aims to ensure the smooth passage of Earth in the fifth dimension (from the end 2012), and to prepare us to follow this passage as individuals at the most sure, fast, easy, comfortable and painless way, while it helps also in facing of problems and disturbances that will be created during the interim period, until we become 100% fifth dimensional.

Here I stop this elementary tour in my unusual and incredible experiences. From this I deliberately omitted to report information for certain shocking things that happen today in our Earth, caused by persons or groups of persons in high positions. These people know what is going to happen and try desperately but without success to delay our passage to the fifth dimension, (keeping with fear and anger our vibrations low), so that they do not to lose the preferential positions they possess. I do this because I still do not have the means of verifying this information and thus I do not want to create impressions that might be inaccurate. Still I am ready to add much more experiences, if the criteria I have put, such as e.g. the appearance of the spacecrafts (if things will proceed as planed), up to the end of 2009, will be met. In this case, it will deserve my time and effort to deal deeper with it and write entire books, so that the people who read them will be prepared to make more easily and painlessly this big jump of humanity, which we hope that will soon happen. I close with an impressive phrase of the extraterrestrials who say for us: ‘‘When people on Earth realize that the imagination is the divine part of the mind, then they will open the gates of immortality and will become again the Gods that they had been'’.

Finally I would like to kindly ask from the visitors of my site that might have similar experiences with astral travels, or contacts with extraterrestrials, or curious changes in the energies that are surrounding us, etc, to contact me in order to exchange and cross check our experiences. This fact may lead to certain useful conclusions, and I thank them in advance for their response.
See more information in the next page: THE EARTH IN THE GALAXY CONFEDERATION

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