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Dear friends of New Earth

I post here this message for Prayer Project from spiritual teacher of Konstantin Kaysharov. Please feel free to unite with each of the hearts praying for Vdahovenie for everybody.

The message that follows is a message from K. Kaysharov, and the link gives you detailed description of the Project. Please join by sending your e-mail on [email protected]


May all of our hearts sing together in Divine Prayer for the betterness of our days
Much Love and Light brothers and sisters





A madness, insanity, rage is coming. Brother cannot bare his brother, a mother forgets her child, a father abuses his child… only intentions of interest, desire for governing, owning, power, fame… That doesn’t mean that all the people are bad, that doesn’t mean that there is no good in this world, but that a little time has left for repentance and awakening of those who are sleeping. Even those who have been awaken from the illusions, they have surrendered again to the physical pleasures, to promiscuity and life from day to day.
The culmination of this process is October 2011. Until then there will be many revolutions, plane crashes, fires, impatience and malice. On psychological level people will be carried away by the illusions of the world and will not know what is truth and what is not, they will judge and fight first, and then after everything passes they will wonder why they had done that.
Many of you will be witnesses of the pain and the suffering of the closest ones, disappointments from the ones you have loved and hoped that they were your friends. I am writing this not to disappoint you, but to accept more easily the changes and to stay in tranquility and grace. When you would try to tell the truth they will hurt you, and you will stand in silence watching the apocalyptic changes expressed through the mad human behavior, and then through natural disasters and catastrophes.
Nothing is terrible if you heart is beating in prayer and Love. YOU ARE LOVE!
It is not important what we are as individuals, but we need to see the bigger picture what we as people are, as human race, what we represent? While you are sitting and reading this message somewhere there are thunders again, the rage called “The End of the World” or “Jihad – The Holy War” is burning up, but that is the war between the fear and Love. What will survive at the end in you? Imagine that every battle in you is now being materialized through people who are like puppets and representing your confused thoughts and feelings. It is interesting, isn’t it; but that is a feature of the destructive collective consciousness that we people are creating and have created for centuries. This means we are all responsible for everything that is happening since we are creators of the impure energy that is grouping into destructive collective consciousness. Whatever comes as a meteor, a comet or any kind of heavenly body or natural disaster, that is a reaction of the energy that we have generated, that energy which is with low-frequency attracts and initiates the low-frequency events. That is why, look deeper, not on the consequences of a meteor or a comet, but look for the reasons for these issues.
How many of you are sincere? Are you humanists? Do you help people or are you in the race for prestige and don’t care for the others? Do you notice that when someone suffers the other one instead of helping him/her, actually feels satisfaction of other peoples’ suffering?
All of this is well known to you and now in the following few months this will be emphasized and
viewable. Until October 2011 there will be many cataclysms in the Eastern part of the Planet, then
West USA, part of Canada, Russia and then the Mediterranean. This information is general, but the
entire world will be shaken and in flames, and the air will be poor of oxygen.
On the Holy Dawn 2011 event in Macedonia that we had in June 2011, we have created a cloud of
Light that is spread out throughout the destructive collective consciousness and will not let
materialization of destructions, at least in this part of Europe.
With this channelized message, appeal, I – Konstantin Kaysharov, Master of The Holy Whisper
Teaching, with pure consciousness and open heart, am calling all of you to do:
Spiritual Devotion through Prayer to initiate Peace, Justice, Love on all levels in this Earth
Dimension or Spiritual Project named “VDAHNOVENIE FOR EVERYONE”.
From September 21st to October 30th 2011 there will be 40-days of spiritual devotion through prayer,
which means everyone from any religion, teaching, discipline, method, believe:
- To be in inner peace and purity,
- Not to eat meat,
- Not to drink alcohol or to smoke cigarettes,
- Not to destroy or cut trees, not to put up fire in nature, not to pollute the environment,
- Not to waste the water in vain
- Not to curse, criticize, argue, judge or act by any of the spiritual toxins
- Not to watch TV and only in exceptional necessary moments to use shortly mobile phones.
This spiritual project is for all people with good and high intention, to act positively to all world
changes that are coming.
In those 40 days every being who participates in this spiritual project should allow him/herself on
every 9 hours, from the depth of his/her heart, to say a prayer for initiating Peace, Justice and
Love in every being, everywhere through everything, on the entire Planet and Universe.
With participation in this spiritual project everyone by free will and self-initiatively should help to
people who suffer, animals who suffer, children or elderly people and to many others, but also you
should forgive to ones who have hurt you, hate you or have helped you through the pain to learn to
be transformed into Love.
The prayer that comes from your heart on every 9 hours from September 21st to October 30th 2011
can be your own prayer that you are already using in your religion, spiritual path or it can be some of
the prayers of The Holy Whisper Teaching.
The influence of your prayer will act inspirationally and purifying to the entire process that have
started to happen as a Beginning of the great Spiritual Evolution. If the number of the devotees in
this project is around 9,000 beings, a process of global revitalization and Divine Illumination
(Vdahnovenie) will begin.
Everyone who takes part in this project will:
- Develop his/her spiritual immunity
- Initiate his/her energy system
- Activate the chakras
- Develop extrasensory perception
- Clean his/her karma and karmic depth and will start to live in dharma
These people will be carriers on high channelized information and will be Heralds of the Rebirth that is coming.
The Spiritual project “VDAHNOVENIE FOR EVERYONE” is cure for the human madness and rage, eraser of the lie and the illusion of the world.
We kindly ask everyone who would participate to inform us for their participation, if they like, with sending us their basic information (name, surname, age, city/country) on the email:
[email protected]
To everyone who sends us email, we will send e-information with the hardest periods of the upcoming months, as well as activities that we will organize together in order to avoid greater catastrophes to happen such as earthquakes, floods, volcanic activities, wars etc.
That is why I am asking you to forward this appeal to all your closest or distant ones.
Please spare yourself from sin by judging me, analyzing me or similar, I am not important in this, I am just a small bell that rings near the Lighthouse of the shore and announces that the big boat is coming to the land. Don’t believe in me, but believe in the Divinity in yourself that is Omnipresent as Light, and Life-giving as Love.
Thank you for your patience to read this information that I am channelizing.
With humbleness Sincerely Yours,
Master Konstantin Kaysharov
The Holy Whisper Teaching

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