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As I have also written, in the “Special Events” (see page II.1.B3 of my site) ‘‘another source of my inspiration is to enter in deep meditation and to imagine that I use the technique of a great painter of the future and that I am in another planet…‘’. Gradually using this practice I observed, with big surprise the first time, my conscience to leave my body and to wander in the space, having a sense of great euphoria, and to see various unusual things until I return in my body. This later began to happen also during the night when I sleep, for longer time intervals, and as experts explained to me, these are called ‘‘astral travels'’ that a lot of people have the possibility to experience, and in many cases this happens in situations of narcosis in the surgery.

With the enthusiasm from this new experience, and given my innate interest for other planets and cultures, I began consciously to direct my astral travels, asking the evening in my meditation before I sleep, to visit another planet and to communicate with the intelligent beings that might live there. After many efforts this began, to my great pleasure, to happen, and or (a) it is a result of imagination that my subconscious creates responding to my intense wish, or (b) it has a certain base of reality, case for which I give today a probability of only 50% (which is gradually increasing as various things happen to me latly). I decided therefore to describe and to put in the internet certain of my countless experiences, having in mind, as I am a distrustful technocrat, to use certain criteria and see, if certain things will happen during the next two years, this will mean that is in effect the case (b), while if they do not happen it means that it is the case (a). At the same time I consider useful to share and to check my experiences (that as I mentioned before constitute one of the sources of my inspiration for my painting), also with other persons that might have similar experiences. This I have already done in certain cases, (in particular with persons that function as ‘‘channels’’ and communicate with our ‘‘superior selves'’ and other beings), with very interesting results.

Respecting your time, I will refer only to visits that I made in a planet of the constellation of Pleiades which has seven main suns, other smaller and many planets, where the intelligent beings have anthropoid form. However, I know also about other planets in Pleiades, in Serious (that is considered as the red cross of our galaxy), in Orion and in the constellation of Centaurs, as well as planets in other galaxies as in Andromeda (which is called the galaxy of intelligence). At these planets the intelligent beings have apart from anthropoid also other bodies (saurian, feline, etc). Common characteristic of most of these beings, with which you communicate using telepathy, (that is to say they read your thoughts and transmit to you what they want to say, or what you ask, as if it comes from your subconscious), is that are very friendlily and radiate love, thing that makes them pleasantly acceptable, despite the repulsive for us appearance of many of them.

The people in this particular planet of Pleiades, men and women, are very pretty for our tastes, but also very coquettish and highbrows, and give great importance in their appearance, in beauty in general, and in s**. They are particularly tall, while their legs consist of three parts with two knees, fact that gives them great charm in their walking. They have marvellous brain and are very good in organizing, (one alone can coordinate with precision hundreds activities that happen simultaneously, like a huge computer). They live many-many years and they do not give the same meaning that we give to time (I suspect that either they may be able to travel in time, or that for them the time combines the present and the past, or even and the future). Also they are not in a hurry for anything. With regard to their population, they have few children and they raise them collectively, as if the children had many parents, and they have great freedom with their sexual relations, that they consider as an opportunity to exchange positive and reviving energy. Some of their beliefs are described, with the following phrase: ‘‘We see ourselves as accumulators of information for the ‘‘first creator'’ (they mean the God). We do not judge ourselves and we live in order to learn. If an experience does not satisfy us, we try another because we have seen how boring is to have nothing to do and we do not want to experience it again’’.

Referring to their cities and their advanced technology, these are in general similar to what I have described in the next page (II.2.D1), which is also valid for the Earth when the Earth enters the ‘‘fifth dimension'’ (the dimension the extraterrestrials have entered many-many years ago). Finally, they show that they know in every detail what happens in the Earth, as if they have seen it in television or they have read the human’s thoughts. What they ask for, with great interest, is ‘‘how we felt’’ when the one or the other thing happened to us, and in particular our emotions in cases of pain, sorrow, despair, poverty, etc, sentiments that they cannot feel, because the above causes have ceased to exist a long time ago in their planet.

From the Pleiadians, but also from other extraterrestrials, I learned and I crossed a lot of information that gave me about our Earth. The main characteristics of the Earth, that makes it unique in our galaxy, are the many ‘‘gates'’ it has that will render the Earth the ‘‘airport’’ of our galaxy, when the Earth will enter the fifth dimension. Through these ‘‘time – space’’ gates, an individual suitably equipped, or a spacecraft, can enter and be transferred immediately to the other end of the galaxy, without the need to travel for millenniums. Many of such gates exist also in Greece as e.g. in the rock of Parthenon, in the region of Delphi, in ancient Olympia and in almost all ancient sacred places, that render Greece a privileged country in Earth. These gates gradually now begin to be activated helping the visitor with his inspiration and with the reception of information, as if information emanates from his subconscious. Therefore I recommend to the visitors of these places to try entering (for those who have the experience) in meditation, and I believe that the more ‘‘sensitive’’ ones will have the same pleasant surprise that I had myself. Some times this information enters directly to subconscious, and we are not aware of it, until the time that we will need to use it, and then it emerges and guides us. More specifically, huge gates exist above Iraq and Iran that can accept spacecrafts of tenths of kilometres length that makes also these countries privileged in Earth. Also lately (end of 2008) another gate gradaaly opens in a property of 12.5 acres (50.000 sguare meters), which (guided by my subconscious) I bought sometime ago in Attica (prefecture of Athens). This gate is near to an ancient temple of Apollo where in the underground exist large formations of crystal quartz. Many (sensitive) friends who visited me there felt a strong energy, that for some of them was very strong. I expect with anxiety to welcome in this gate my friends the Pleiadians, when they will decide to come down to Earth, as they have promised. Another characteristic of our planet, that makes the Earth precious for the ‘'Galaxy Confederation'’, in which we will participate when we enter the fifth dimension, is the great variety of our mineral wealth that very rarely you can find in other planets. What makes it more important is the fact that, with the help of the high technology, small quantity of one mineral can cover needs of multiple quantities.

Moreover, I learned many other impressive things such as: For the life in Atlantis and in Lemuria (and the reasons for the destruction of these highly developed civilisations) and for other ancient cultures in Earth (in America, in Asia, in Africa, etc), that the extraterrestrials had visited several times in the past. For the life in the ‘‘hollow Earth’’ and the people there. For the parallel universes that can coexist with our universe. For our ‘‘astral body’’, the life after death, the ‘‘God-first creator’’, our ‘‘superior self'’ and our communication with him and our ‘‘advisers’’ and ‘‘angels’’. For the reincarnation, for our ‘‘plan of the experiences’’ we decide to take in each incarnation and is written in the ‘‘book of our life’’, and how to change it during our life (see my page II.1.D3). For the ‘‘gates of exit’’ from this life, that we have placed ourselves before our incarnation, and we decide (usually subconsciously) during our life which of them to take. In addition, that sometimes we are incarnated in other planets, or that we come from other planets. Still for the ‘‘veil’' that covers our memory so that we do not remember (at least consciously) our experiences from our previous lives as well as from the ‘‘other’' (after death) life. That we can sometimes temporally brake this veil with ‘‘regressions’' etc., and that in the fifth dimension this veil will not have reason to exist. With this occasion, I would like to say that I have made also efforts for regressions to my previous lives, with the help four different ‘‘masters’’. None however of these regressions convinced me 100% that I went indeed to previous lives, and that what I saw was not simply a result of my guided imagination.

I also learned about our origin as human beings, our DNA which has only two helixes, (unlike other extraterrestrial beings who have twelve helixes in their DNA) and about the reason for which we remained underdeveloped all these years and how we can reconnect the remaining 10 helixes in our astral body, thus multiplying our efficiencies. I learned about the studies that certain extraterrestrials perform in human bodies and in particular in the ‘‘sentimental body’’, taking people while sleeping and bringing them back, without these people remembering in general what happened. I also learned about our various wrong convictions and adherences that have negative impacts on how we feel and on our mental euphoria, as well as consequently on our health. Finally I learned about the great importance of maintaining our ‘‘aura'’ intact and of “cleaning” it regularly, for our protection against dangers (illnesses, etc.), and not breaking it by internal (negative sentiments, etc.) or external (radiation of mobile telephones, etc) causes, and how to recover when these causes occur (see my page II.1.D3). All the above, which are only a few of what I learned from them, I simply give without any details because are not the main subject of this page.

In addition I learned that a lot of the extraterrestrials have been visiting us already for many years now and they study us, but we do not see them because they and their spacecrafts are in the fifth dimension, while we were in the ‘‘third'’, the clearly material dimension. Only in 2006, we entered in the ‘‘fourth dimension’’ that constitutes the entrance for the fifth dimension, where we will gradually enter from December 2012 until 2017. However, with the use of some appliances the extraterrestrials can bring their vibration down to the fourth dimension and become visible to us, ‘‘wearing’’ also a ‘‘human form’’. So they visit us quite often lately, mainly in order to communicate and deal with certain governments that are influenced by them, (thing that began in 1947 and is done today on a regular basis and in a large scale). If this is true, obviously the governments keep it as top secret. What is also impressive is that certain historical, but also supposed mythical persons of ancient Greece (like the Greek Godes) and of other ancient cultures were extraterrestrials that passed one interval of their life in the Earth and transmitted to us their knowledge. Finally, I learned about the great importance that the ‘‘game’’, which is taking place with the entry of the Earth in the fifth dimension, has for our galaxy. In all the other cases when a planet passed from the third to the fifth dimension, all the people died before the passage and were reincarnated in the new dimension, with their fifth dimensional bodies. In the special case of Earth, we are going to enter in the fifth dimension alive, with our third dimensional bodies that change to fifth dimensional, and thus we will carry in the new dimension all our experiences from the previous. This is a ‘‘game’’ of great interest for all extraterrestrials, and they will visit us in large numbers and will remain with us for long periods, acquiring near us new experiences. (Actually they speak for a ‘‘party of experiences’’ that will last on the Earth for at least a thousand years).

In my question when we will all be able to see their spacecrafts and if this will happen in December 2012, their answer was: ‘‘For your time and with the speed you are proceeding you are supposed to see our spacecrafts (if things are proceeding as planed) until the end of 2009'’. This is one of the landmarks that I use, among others, as criteria in order to decide, whether my astral travels, that are presented to me so clear and without any contradictions, are finally creations of an uncommon subconscious imagination, or are indeed based on an upcoming exiting and splendid (as we will see in the next page) reality. Of course certain appearances of spacecrafts have been observed already, mainly from pilots of military air force, (with an effort to be kept secret), but my question to the extraterrestrials referred to their appearance in front of millions of people. I have not seen spacecrafts or something relevant, but I have seen recently a vision (September 2007) during the nightfall in my veranda. With the right side of my eye, I saw three individuals dressed in something like tunic, but when I turned to look at them, they disappeared. This fact also influenced me to write, in the same month, these two pages. Finally I give an elementary description of what the extraterrestrials say about the conditions that will prevail on the Earth of the fifth dimension, (conditions that exist long ago on other fifth dimensional civilizations) in the next page of my site: II.1.D1 THE EARTH IN THE FIFTH DIMENSION

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