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A) GENERAL. This global meditation aims to ensure the entire passage of the Earth in the fifth dimension (from the end of 2012), but also to prepare us to follow this passage at the most secure, fast, easy, comfortable and painless way (see about the fifth dimension in the previous page of my site II.1.D1). With this meditation, we send our thoughts and our energies to the “crystalline grid” that surrounds the entire Earth, (see the above schematic picture) and functions as antenna, that receives what we send and broadcasts it strengthened to the entire planet and to the beings that live there. This Grid is used by many thousands people around the world in a synchronized group meditation (in order their energy to be multiplied and be more effective). It is done in each full moon and in each new moon (i.e. roughly every 14 days) in the following hours: Sydney, Australia 8.00 pm, Paris, France 8.00 pm, and New York, USA 9.00 pm. For 2009 the next dates are: Monday 26.Jan.09 (new moon), Monday 9.Feb.09 (full moon), 25.Feb, 12 & 25.Mar, 9 & 25.Apr, 9 & 24.May, 7 & 22. Jun, 7 & 21.Jul, 6 & 20.Aug, 4 & 18.Sep, 4 & 18.Oct, 2 & 16.Nov, and 2, 16, & 31.Dec. The individual meditation during these dates can be done any time during the 24-hour period, while the synchronized group meditation can be done in the above fixed hours. During these hours we do not only send but simultaneously we receive the energies, that the other people send to us, while those who don’t care to send, can simply receive the energies that are sent by the others during these hours. In order to better receive these energies we have to open our heart and to say “yes” to the acceptance of these energies, that can be at the same time immense love, enlightenment, healing of problems (of the body or the mind), reception of messages with the guidance we need, and anything else that we ask for.

For more information with regard to the crystalline grid and the related meditations, you can become a member, (free of charge) in the internet communities of the “Children of the Sun”, “Humanity Healing Network”, “Spiritual Net Weaving”, “The Ashtar Command”, “For a better world”, “Aloha Twin Souls”, “iPeace”, Powerful Intentions etc. that have thousands of members and give very interesting information on many (metaphysical) subjects. In these and other communities, where I recently registered, I created my own group titled “The new Earth in the Fifth Dimension” with the intention the members of this group to do the meditation that I describe below. Therefore, I invite the visitors of this page, to become members of my new group, (through these communities), in order to participate in this important effort. In any case, even those who do not become members, can equally help and be helped doing the meditation, either during the above hours, or during any other time they choose (and more effectively during full and new moon), since this meditation besides the good effect that creates via the crystalline grid for the planet, also helps the person who does it, to prepare himself to enter in the fifth dimension at the most secure, fast, easy, comfortable and painless way. (It is suggested during these days to drink a lot of water that helps in the detoxification that is caused by this process in our body).

This meditation does not require any particular preparation and its typical duration is 15 minutes, but if somebody wants can extend it for as long as he likes. Those who do not know how to meditate, it is enough to relax and focus their thoughts and intentions on what they are doing. Those who have difficulty to relax, they can follow the technique I describe in my previous page II.1.D3, Chapter B of my site, which, together with the techniques of Chapter C there, improve also our physical and mental health. This particular meditation of 15 (or more) minutes, can be accompanied by any other technique of meditation that our subconscious indicates, or that we have learned, (e.g. in the groups of “Children of the Sun”, etc). Finally, for those who hesitate to accept the effectiveness of these metaphysical techniques that I describe below, I have to point out that our imagination creates our reality, and to mention the phrase that the extraterrestrials said for us (see my page II.1.D1). “When people on Earth realise that the imagination is the divine part the mind, then they will open the gates of immortality and will become again the Gods that they had been”. Anyway, this is the technique of the meditation that somehow was given to my subconscious by the extraterrestrials as a very powerful instrument, as described below.

B) TECHNIQUE. (The steps of meditation are given below, together with the duration and the necessary explanations).

1st minute. We relax with the eyes closed, seated comfortably or laid down, and we visualize a big ball full of bright white liquid light, to be hanged by a golden chain above our head, containing the ‘‘christic (divine) energy’’, and we ask from God - ‘‘the first creator’’ the permission to receive this energy, in order to enter in us and to activate our ‘‘light body’’. Then the chain breaks and the ball falls and the light fills all our aura, while gradually passes through our skin and fills all our body, which shines intensely and constitutes our activated light body.

2nd minute. We visualize all our cells to shine, to be activated vibrating in high frequencies and to be cleaned by this white light, and all unnecessary and useless material they carry, to fall as dark dust and to be removed from our body. Then we visualize one by one the various organs, systems, chakras and parts of our body to become very bright and to be activated, and those parts that might have a functional problem, (where we insist longer) to be cured by this christic energy.

3rd minute. We visualize our light body to expand and to exceed the size of Earth, while we visualize Earth as a ball with its crystalline grid, (of a diameter of roughly 60-70 cm), surrounding our body from the basic chakra and up to almost the neck chakra. We embrace this ball with our two (shiny) hands with love and we send, via the crystalline grid, our DNA codes of our light body, that contain precious information helping the uplifting of the conscience of those who participate in the meditation. If we do not understand what that means, simply say to ourselves that we send these DNA codes. In addition we visualize all our seven chakras, to be connected with the crystalline grid by light beams.

4th minute. We visualize the “symbol of love” (see the picture above, while details for its characteristics are given in my page II.1.D3), entering from our third eye and filling our body, and then filling all Earth via the crystalline grid, with unconditional love, kindness, compassion, sympathy, etc (see my page II.1.D3, symbol b3 of my site), that we visualize to fill our body. This visualization is repeated another two times (total three).

5th minute. We visualize the “symbol of joy” that the extraterrestrials gave to me, (see the picture above, while details for its characteristics are given in my page II.1.D3), entering from our third eye and filling our body, and then filling all Earth via the crystalline grid, with joy, happiness, amusement, pleasure, optimism, etc, that we visualise to fill our body, and this visualisation is done three times, as previously.

6th minute. We visualize the “symbol of healing” (see the picture above, while details for its characteristics are given in my page II.1.D3, symbol c5), entering from our third eye and filling our body, and then filling all Earth via the crystalline grid, with its therapeutic energies, for all kinds of problems bodily or mental, or even for difficult situations that might exist in any region of the planet, (where we insist longer), and visualize these therapeutic energies to fill and to cure us and the planet, (visualization that also is done three times). If some known problem exists in some region of the planet (such as natural destruction, war, epidemic illness, etc), then we focus our attention and intention to help for as many minutes as is needed there, visualising the problem to be eliminated.

7th minute. We visualize the “mandala of high frequencies” entering from our third eye and filling our body, and then filling all Earth via the crystalline grid (see the picture above), while details for mandalas in general, (that belong to the “sacred geometry”), are given in my previous page II.1.D4 of my site. The mandalas in general function as antennas, attracting and grounding to us beneficial energies from the seventh dimension. The above mandala attracts and provides the high frequencies that are required for the Earth and for us, in order to pass successfully to the fifth dimension. We visualize this process (as before) three times, and each time we feel the frequencies of the vibrations of our body, but also of the Earth in general, to increase by one octave.

8th minute. We visualize the “mandala of the universal assistance” (see the picture above), entering from our third eye and filling our body, and then filling all Earth via the crystalline grid, attracting as antenna the assistance that we call upon to provide to us the ‘‘beings of light’’ from the fifth and superior dimensions and more specifically the ‘‘emissaries of light extraterrestrials”, (from Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, Andromeda, etc), in order to secure and facilitate the smooth passage to the fifth dimension, of ourselves and of the Earth in general. We feel their assistance and then we thank them with gratitude, and this process is done three times.

9th minute. We visualize the “mandala of the divine support” (see the picture above), entering from our third eye and filling our body, and then filling all Earth via the crystalline grid, attracting as antenna the support and protection that we pray the God–“first creator” to provide to us, for our smooth passage to the fifth dimension, of ourselves and of the Earth in general. We feel this and we thank God with gratitude. We repeat the process calling upon this time the support and protection the of angels and the archangels, and then (the third time) calling upon the support and protection of our “superior self” and of the other beings (such as divine advisors etc) who support us.

10th till 12th minute. We visualize all these beneficial energies that we invoked and assembled, to be transmitted via the loaded with them crystalline grid, one more time to each one of the systems (kingdoms) that they constitute our planet, i.e.: a) The people, beginning with our family, our friends (including our “electronic” friends-members of the ning communities), our environment, our city, our country and finally all planet. b) The other intelligent beings that live, or are visitors of the planet c) The kingdom of animals. d) The kingdom of plants. e) The crystals (that carry precious for us information and energies). f) The waters. g) All other materials of the planet. Let’s use the last part of these three (or as many as we wish) minutes, functioning mainly as receivers, receiving and feeling inside us the beneficial energies that send to us, via the crystalline grid, the called upon entities and the other persons in Earth, that participate with us in this synchronized meditation.

13th till 15th minute. We visualize the Earth to be stricken and be covered by a bright beam of photons, that emanate from the universe (see the above schematic depiction), passing in this way the final phase and entering with us in the fifth dimension. Then we visualise that we approach flying from above the already fifth dimensional Earth (see also the above schematic depiction), and wherever we go, we see everywhere a frantic feast taking place, a continuous celebration of people of every age, colour and form, that dance, sing, laugh, and have fun, that embrace and kiss each other, carefree, glad, and happy, in a splendid decor with unusual vivid colors, divine music and phantasmagorical fireworks. In a while we feel a very strong wish to also participate in this party, that (from what the extraterrestrials say) will last for at least 1000 years, (see my page II.2.D). So we go down and dance and have fun with the others, we drink exotic juices, and wherever our feet touch the ground, we imagine splendid flowers and plants to grow immediately, each time different, with fantastic perfumes, and with changing colors that create the impression that the flowers breathe. In this way we satisfy all our five senses, (fact that also keeps our vibrations high), for as long as we like.

C) NOTES. The time suggested above for each step is indicative and defined by the fact that I respect everybody’s time. However those who wish, and enjoy to allocate more time, (mainly in the two final steps, and where they feel or know that a problem to be cured exist), are encouraged to do so. After the first applications and the numerous enthusiastic comments I received (with emphasis in the use of the symbols of love and joy, and the great feast at the end), I realized that in the beginning (until somebody gets used to it), the double time is required (i.e. 30 minutes). On the other hand, if there are problems in our body that we have to cure, or if we need to send our energies in places of the planet that problems exist, then we might need another 15 minutes or more. Several people told me that enjoyed the meditation for about one hour, and certain people practice it almost on a daily basis, thing that I am doing also myself, since it fills my senses with pleasure and gives me energy and strength for the rest of the day. In addition, based also on the comments so far, during the use of the symbols of love and joy and during the frantic feast at the end, several people brought in their mind similar strong experiences they had enjoyed in the past, fact that increased even more the feelings they felt during the meditation. The symbols and mandalas were given in order to help each one to define and direct easier and better his intentions, and to focus his energies. However, as in the Reiki exist individuals that can cure with their thoughts and intentions only, without the necessity to use any symbols, in the same way here might exist certain charismatic individuals that could do the meditation successfully, expressing their intention, without symbols and mandalas. Nevertheless, I continue to believe that after all, even those charismatic individuals will be still more effective, if they use the above symbols, mandalas, and technique, together with anything else they are used to do during their meditations.

Finally something really “magical” happened to me during the meditation of 10.Jan.09 which I want to share, mainly with my about 1000 “electronic” friends that I have, via the 24 internet ning communities where I signed up recently. At the step of “10th to 12th minutes”, suddenly I felt the need to send for quite a long time, love and joy to many of my electronic friends, that their internet photographs were passing quickly before my eyes, like a film in the cinema. When later during the last part of this step, I was focusing in receiving the energy from the others, I felt a “river” of love, joy and happiness to fill me and to carry me away, feeling also that I was flying, thing that had not happened during any of my previous meditations. Thus I understood that they were my electronic friends that were sending back to me what I had sent to them before, (whether they were meditating the same time with me, or not), and I thank them for what they offered to me. Therefore, I recommend to the members of the ning communities to try it, and they might have the same wonderful results.
I finish this page by adding below some more mandalas that I created, which (as I describe in my page of mandalas II.2.D4), function as antennas that attract and transfer to us their beneficial for us energies, while a lot more mandalas you can see in my Group 4A of my site. Finally I would like to kindly ask those who have comments, corrections, additions, or interesting experiences from the above-mentioned meditation, to inform me in order to use these for improving the technique, and I thank them in advance for their time.

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