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Jongens, ik ga 't in 't Engels neerzetten, dan moet ik 't allemaal niet overtypen in 't Nederlands...





I found an energy way to neutralize all kinds of areas worldwide of non-wanted energies (eg: Mobile phone masts frequencies, radiation, voodoo, ...) and to heal the world with healing frequencies of love, no fear, ...

it's called: Sanjeevini!

You can google on it and find lots of information of it.  It also serves to heal all kinds of diseases (from cancer to aids, to flu, ...)  I have neutralized my body during 2 hours each day for 2 weeks, and the difference is amazing!

Anyway, we can also do this for all kinds of areas on the earth!  Now, that work is too large for me alone.  So, maybe everyone can do this for his/her country?

How does it work? 

For example: I have neutralized all nuclear test sites worldwide by searching all locations and pictures online of it, and to put them on the Sanjeevini neutralise card. And by singing the Gayatri Mantra.

See online on google for the text + listen on You Tube to the song (eg : Dema Preval + Gayatri Mantra)

You can use all kinds of mantra's or prayers, but that mantra is the most powerful one!  I did it 1300 times to be sure that the areas got well neutralised.  Anyway, actually 1 minutes singing the Mantra is enough to neutralize a body (picture of the body on the neutralise card) or area.  You frequently have to repeat it, because there stays pollution on this planet.


If you are interested to neutralise your country (rivers, nuclear plants, churches, ...), please start collecting pics of those areas.  Put on the picture the name of eg the river , the location, the country name. 



You may send the pictures to [email protected]

He will transform the pictures in mini-pictures an can place them on a neutralise card and send it back to you so that you can use it.

I am also searching for churches worldwide for each country.  When we have that, we can insert healing frequencies in it of love, and so on.  The churches are locallized on geomagnetic crossings of earth ley lines and in this way we can work strategical and fast.  When we have these biggest churches, I'll post a text with information how to use it for a good purpose!


and yes, we will neutralise other stuff too... But, if every one could just take care of his/her country, it would take away a lot of work from me and Matthijs..


Thank you in front!










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Very nice, this is the way to go. Especially the idea with the churches and ley-lines energy distribution is what I call progress. :)

I'm in, please keep me updated as I'll do the same.

This will also be helpfull

Geomancy Energy Distribution

Aaah! Super!

Thanks, mate!  Ga ik werk van maken om er foto's van op te zoeken online!  Momenteel m'n handen vol ivm met andere 'neutralisatie' onderwerpen.  Maar, komt zeker te pas ivm 'sacred places'!!!!





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