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In this meditation we evoke and release anything that is not divine flow from your past, and then upgrade all energies therein. We also invoke your Infinite-Multidimensional Self to evoke a greater sense of divine flow in your being and in your reality.

Flow is a psychological and energetic state whereby we feel at one with our core essence and at one with the Universe. 

Many athletes also know about flow though they call it the Zone – a psychological space where mind and body work in perfect sync and movements seem to flow without conscious effort. The Zone is the ability to perform at your highest level in whatever domain of life you wish to enhance, it is not a phenomenon exclusive to art or sports.

Effortless being and doing is a spiritual principle from Taoist philosophy that encourages pausing and resting from needless action and going with the flow.

Effortless being and doing is like flowing water – it can flow around obstacles to where it needs to go. Effortless being and doing does not seek to ‘push the river’. Effortless being and doing is about going with the divine flow.

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, & Alignment with the Divine Flow of The Creator, Steve

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