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Decrees For Creator Realization By Steven Hutchinson

I Am The Creator embodied as (say your name). I Am completely merged with Mother/Father/God - One Heart - One Love - One Consciousness - One Mind - One Power. I am in complete alignment with all that is the Creator...and I experience all that is the Creator as fully as possible with my every breath! My every breath is the Energy of the Creator in action in me and thru me, healing & uplifting us all.
I Am channeling the most divinely perfect Creator Energy and Mahatma Energy throughout my Whole Being with my every breath. I choose to experience a Creator Empowered life - & do so daily! 
I Am the full & complete spectrum of my Soul & Soul Group embodied in my Whole Being Now ! 
I am channeling the Energies of Forgiveness from my Soul throughout my Whole Being with my every breath, and these Divine Forgiveness Energies are bringing my Whole Being back into perfect divine balance & harmony and alignment with the Creator & the Creator Energies. 
I Am channeling Regeneration Energies from my Soul throughout my whole body that are completely regenerating my whole body with my every breath - and my whole body is now Illumined with the Creator's Perfection!
I Am channeling the Energies of Completion from my Soul throughout my Whole Being with my every breath.
I Am channeling the Christ Consciousness Energies of Completion from my Soul, and I Am experiencing and embodying & expressing all the qualities of the Christ Consciousness Now for the Highest Good of All ! 
(instead of the Christ Consciousness that I chose for myself - you can choose anything in your life that you desire completion in for this decree).
I Am channeling throughout my Whole Being the Christ Consciousness Energies that bring me into perfect divine alignment with them.
These Divine Energies of Christ Consciousness are transforming my Whole Being as I embody them with my every breath.....and I now experience my Whole Being becoming Illumined in Golden Christ Light! Thank You God for manifesting everything I have affirmed and decreed, or better, for the highest good of all! And So It Manifests!
Infinite Blessings of the Creator's Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance to All of You,
Video - "Let's Ascend With Asscended Master Lord Melchizedek Into Christ Consciousness By Steven Hutchinson" -

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