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there have been stories over the years that talk about sailors encountering sharks with really huge sizes its been said by some that what these sailors are encountering are prehistoric sharks called megalodons these creatures that supposovely died out 10000 years ago grew to a length of 65 feet one cryptozoologist i forgot his name sorry about that but anyways this cryptozoologist has said that not only does he believe that megalodons are still alive but he believes that he has maybe found where they could be living and that place would be the marianna trench but what do you guys think?

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I would love to know more about these special prehistoric sharks. It sounds very interesting. I had never heard this story prior to now. 



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"i hope this is true agarther but i think the arrests need to happen first before the rv or anything…"
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"but the RV comes prior to Jan. 2019?"
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"looking forward to seeing acc obama fans freaking out, defensively, when their dark…"
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