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Cmdr Val Thor is not a god nor does he want worship. If he met you here on the planet he'd want you to shake hands with him and call him, Val. If you were female, he would give you a big hug.  But dont take it seriously because he has a Twin Flame and I am she.  How can I be sure? He's told me in person. 

Our new book is going to be about us.  I hope to reveal the real Val that I know so well.  We want to share experiences in Etheric travel and things about other civilizations.  I'll share some of it here and on my social network site.

I do not use the Val Thor name for financial gain so I try to post as I write publically and I will have my whole book for free by email because I buy my own IP number and can do that legally.

I hope you enjoy reading about our experiences through the years.  He will have an occasional message but from his present assignment he is no longer involved with this planet. 

Our Coffee Breaks were our most popular posts through the years since 1997 online though neither of us drink coffee. We've been asked to start them again and we may when  we have the time.

Cmdr.  Val Thor:  LIVE 

All are welcome to join our group

and ask questions or comment on our posts.

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If you can sing this with us you are ready to join this group.  Val is going to be giving us some of the inner circle teachings of Jesus Christ given in secret both when on this planet and on others he visited after his demonstration of Life over death. These teachings concern the final conquest on this planet of sin, sickness and death.  Immortality is the norm of the higher dimensions.  We are on this level to learn the overcoming and enter into Immortality.  One will continue to reincarnate on this level until they do overcome death which is the enemy not the friend of God's creations. We will allow only a certain number and the group will be closed to the public. If you are not led to join please do not do so our of curiosity. Our blessings of Light, Val and Valana Thor

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Comment by Valana (Patti) on Saturday

Agathar, I think you should put the video on a discussion for all to see...

According to the Zohar, we need 100 more to make 320 which I think is the number it gives for complete planetary change.  But every bit helps.  

My problem is...are many coming in free or do we move up to another dimension and they move up when they are ready? Kaballah teaches we all go together but it doesn't seem right.   I don't know, I'm just putting that out as a thought.  If some have not learned the lesons of love will they just suddenly learn them as it's the lesonsa that teach us.

Comment by Agarther on Saturday

Critical Earth Alliance Update 1 12 2020, A Special Pleiadian Message

Comment by Valana (Patti) on Friday

Val, do you want to answer that one?

"I believe I'd take my chances with the chem trails until something better comes along, son."

Comment by Alan on Friday

Hi Valana, thanks for your reply.  I believe the correct term is Gaian's instead of Earthians, no matter we both know what you mean.  I am so glad to have met you & Commander Val, its kind of like a breath of fresh air.  Its been a long time to be able to show others what is really happening in this Historic outcome of Now.   I do have this one question that I have read on a post, to get rid of the Evil spraying effects of the so called ChemTrails being sprayed on us all, that it would take, 1/4 T- Spoon     of 20 Muleteam Borax (soap), mixed to a gallon of Distilled water, and of course drink, I'm not courageous enough to try it without questions, that's about it for Now.

Comment by Valana (Patti) on Thursday

Alan, that's good you have your twin flame, so do I, that's mostly what this group is about.  I do understand that some of the things we write about, if we were just a couple of humans stuck on Planet Earth, wouldn't be very exciting.  However, Val is an ET Commander a few billion or more miles away... probably much more than that and I'm just a plain Earthian born in Texas.  That's what makes it a bit interesting to some.  

Glad you joined us.  We love to get questions so we can answer them so ask anything you want to.  

Comment by Alan on Thursday

I will try it again, Thank you for acceptance to 'Val Thor Live' gratefully, Alan.  See, now that didn't hurt @ all.

Comment by Alan on Thursday

See, I was thinking of you, but I had meant to put down 'Val Thor Live'.  See, the powers you have, not to worry though, I already have my life time Twin Flame here and none other will ever do justice.  My bad, sorry for the confusion, Valana.  Thank you for noticing. 

Comment by Valana (Patti) on Wednesday

Welcome, Alan, but this group is "Val Thor Live" group.  

The "Eagleshaven" is my ning site, it's a small site with few on it but anyone is also welcome to join it and post. 

Any of you are also welcome to post here if you have information or something uplifting. 

Blessings, Valana 

Comment by Alan on Wednesday

Thank you Val & Valana, for your acceptance to the group 'Eagelshaven'. 

Comment by Agarther on Wednesday

Thank you for accepting me Valana, no problem, blessings :)


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