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And A TRIBUTE TO Claudia Lee


This afternoon, May 14, 2020  I was siting on my back patio with my daughter, looking at the tall oak trees and wondering how old some of them were. 

How long has it been since you jus sit and admired the beautiful works of nature, the blue sky and whiye fluffy clouds as they floated overhead making different shapes in the sky. 

Sometimes they have written out the name, Val and I’ve wondered if  was just coincidence or a trick of his technology aboard ship.  Just as at times I’ve wondered if any of our channeled information was really true?  I’m going to write my story in short form soon and the reader can decide for themself whether to believe Val is a real three dimensional being or perhaps an intelligence from the higher realms as many others channel at this time to assist us on the planet in our awakening experience. He’s told me I should write my story in short form as when I write, I write as though the reader knows all about me, about Val and about the ships that are sometimes sighted flying in our skies at supersonic speeds greater than anything our military craft are supposedly able to fly. 

Perhaps I’ll share a little secret here…don’t be too sure our military of America is way far behind the military craft of other planets…they just may fool us one day if all were ever released.  Our military is much further advanced than is revealed at this time.

Why is it so important to just sit on a patio and look at the leaves blown by a gentle breeze? Today is the first day I’ve been out of the house in over tthree years since a heart problem and being in ICU a week. After recovering from the heart problem they found metastasized cancer was about to take my life.  By God’s miracle I am now clear of that but last year I had a freak accident and a hip operation from which I’m just learning to walk again.  So today was a special day for me to manage to get out on my patio and an Eagle came by to say hello.


 Perhaps my writing might not have been as clear as I wanted it to be but there’s been a lot of pain pills along the way but I’m free of the need for them. I thank my God for the victory over the problems.


It was in the midst of my sickness that Claudia Lee said to start Eagles Haven back and she’d help me.  She did all the work of setting up the site and running it for me then Teresa camed in to help.  Without them I could not have made it alone but to be able to write again and be online was the incentive that helped me have reason to come through the darkness of severe illness to see health again.  This was the first time I’d taken medine or seen a doctor as all m life I’ve lived a healthy life style and it has been an experience.  They do the best they can but there is a higher power that watches over us.

I’d like to give special thanks and tribute to my cyber sister, Claudia Lee that has helped me through these years of illness and given me hope for tomorrow.  Without her help and the way to continue my writing I don’t think my story would have turned out as it has.  Thank you, Claudia Lee, for being my friend through it all and helping me back to health again.

With love to all that have been kind and supportive and I want to also say thank you, as you’ve been a part of my healing and thank you, Amparo for your faith and inspiring postings that have meant so much on my path of awakening.

As I was sitting on my patio, an Eagle flew by low and made a noise like weloming me back to the outside world again.  Next time you are sitting outside think what if, what if this were the first time in ages. Sometimes we take the great things in life to be so insignificant.  I have learned to appreciate the little things, those are the really great things.  God bless you all and thank you for your love and support through it all and especially my thanks to my lovely cybe sister that has encouraged me to write again, thank you, Claudia Lee..

Love to all, Valana

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Thank you, Cyber Sis for such a wonderful tribute to me and to all who have weathered our long and winding road alongside of us as we maneuvered over the rough times and sailed smoothly in the calm times. Our struggles have not been for naught, it has brought us closer and more supportive of one another. You have also supported me in my endeavors and through rough waters.

Claudia you are so blessed in having a friend like Valana and she having you...I always felt her gentleness and admired her strength...You have been and are a pillar in her life...She is so blessed to having you along...and her tribute to you is well deserved...I am so happy you are here sharing your light with us all and especially with dear Valana...With much Love always...

Thank you, Amparo. Valana is also blessed to have you on her side. She admires you and your posts are a blessing both here and on our site. I too am happy to know you and have been for many years. Your strength in your beliefs and your sharing of light has always helped me when I am in need of some comfort.

I must be truthful to you...There were times when I wanted to leave this site...but I thought: I am not a quitter and if I don't bring Light here more darkness will take over...So I stayed and ignored those remarks I did not approve of...I truly appreciate and thank you Lee, Valana, Hellen, Agarther, Roberto Durante, James, Joanna, and so many others that constantly show their bright Light even in difficult moments...Blessings Lee and please feel free to share your knowledge and wisdom...I matters not if others contradict you...At this point what I do is to never answer when I am aware of the truth...I let them express themselves...Sooner or later when ready they will see things in a higher state of awareness and Light...

, if you were not here, I would not have stayed here. I know I have a story that takes some understanding of a lot of things to believe and I don't really wnt to tell it...

I remember the horrible scene on the highway of a wreck I would have been involved in had Val not actually manifested physically and pulled me off the highway just in time.  And he did it by breaking a low of the universe...he is not supposed to interfere with the karmic life of lower dimensions, that is playi9ng God..we have certain karmic events that should take place sometime and that was to be my exit from this life.  

I am here for one reaaon, to tell the Val Thor story as I know it... not to please others as there are many stories out there and perhaps Val is not the wsame Val that others write about but I have to tell the truth as I know it for him as his messaes are so very important to be heeded. I don't do it for money as it costs me a lot of money to stay online and keep my site where I caqn be safe and not called balanas and have my age thrown up to me as has been done on so-called "awakening" sites..that is not awakening, that is childish and egvil and does not happen on Eagles haven as I won't allow anyone hurt on my site.  Just had to tell the truth, I don't want to be here nor write my story but it's important to Val and I'm doing it for jhim..

I just pray I can finish what he wants written..I have to have operation on my eyes as I cannot read what I am writing bgecause of the meds I'm taking for the serious problem that is now reversing and I'm getting over... I have defeated cancert I will nmow defeat the eye situation and continue to write. I'm trying to write much as I can and hoping I keep my fingers on the right keys, iot is not my age it is my eyes because of the chemo that is healing me so I don't know what to do.. thank you for bgeing kind... it's no fun to gbe a contactee… there are many that could tell very bad stories but they fear to do it... this is about the Aliens on the third dimension not the good ones from higher dimensions that people channel nor the angels... not all on the 3rd dimension where3 we are, are the good guys... our Governments must know the truth, they don't knbow it is why they don't tell the public...those in the public do knmow and must not be afraid to speak out and tell their stories, especially the bad ones before it is too late..that is ojmne reason I am telling mine, to eoncourage others to speak out...before it's too late...  

Thank you, Amparo. I believe any light shared helps to lighten the effects of the darkness. I know if I go out into the world with a smile on my face, I am greeted in kind, and if I go with a frown, the same affect occurs, everyone looks at me without a smile. Sometimes a person with a smile will come along, and lighten things up. It makes everything feel much better, so be the one to share the smile.

lee I could never have3 managed our site without

your help and web knowledge as well as spiritual

support.  We've had our ups and downs but unlike

most peole that never forgive and forget and move on

we have done so.  You have been like a sister to me

thru the years that I never had. I always wanted a

sister but I was an only kid  Love you so much both

you and Amparo are just very very special ldies

I hope I got my fingers on right keys, I have to get 

my eye fixed now, but need to write my story,

but I know it will be alright...because I felt my story so

important I chose not to use the eye drops years ago s

so I could write as when I used them, I could not see

to I should have finished my whole story

long ago... but I know the operation will be a success and

I will be able to see well again, right now I am just

praying I keep on the right keys as I cannot edit so

hope no one thinks it's my age, it is not, it's my eyes.LOL

I love you and Amparo so very much for being my friendj

thru the years...Blessings and love Sis...


All things for and to you will be a success. I am putting light around you to see you as perfection.

Our struggles, unfortunately, have been public and I want others to know that as humans, we are flawed, and our original intentions became skewed and disruptive. We both try to walk not only in the light, but to share it with others. Darkness covered our good intentions, and we had to struggle extra hard to shake it off.

Evil forces do not want the human spirit to find that spiritual illumination, for if all were to shine and share their soul's enlightenment and aid one another over the bumps and bruises of life's path to eternal salvation, what is grown in the dark, will come to the light. We find our worse selves when we linger too long in the shadows between the darkness and light.

I believe if all people were to be more empathetic to all, the takeover of spirituality would remove those gray areas and help humankind discover the blessings of belief not only in our Heavenly Father, which is the Great One Source, but the height that understanding and love for each other can bring.

I didn't mean to sound preachy, but it is my belief that if you can believe in a power higher than yourself, and one that we all generated from, you can understand and accept your fellow beings for a better world.

This love and understanding can reach out to other levels and dimensions of our Contact of Intellect that has been sought since humankind first looked to the stars for answers.

I offer my love and understanding to all and hope that my limited amount can be expanded and grow and that I too can help others expand and grow, before I leave for my next mission. 

Valana, you are more than ready...You expressed yourself so eloquently and with such beautiful sentiment...Thank you for sharing your realizations and appreciation for beauty...What many ignore is actually like you said...Those small things that so many times we forget to admire are the ones that gives us the most joy and peace...Blessings Valana and I am so glad you are healthy...and being able to share in the journey with us all...

Amparo, there has never been anyone like you and Claudia Lee

that have meant as much in my life are a very

special Light on this site and all that you are on....

Your light cannot be hidden and you work so hard at times

and post things that speak to many that are ready for higher

truth...your work is more important perhaps than you know.

You are always there when I need encouragement and a kind word

I hope all see your Light as I do and how you are led by

higher spiritual powers in what you do.You and Lee are two very

special ladies and lights on my path and the path of others...

Love you very much both my Sisters in Light..

Dear Valana...You melted my heart...You are so kind...I always keep this thought in my heart and mind..."What I do to you I do to myself"...We Are All One...When people do not see the beauty in others it is only because they do not see themselves as such...They are only reflecting their own believe of being less than. They are still in the illusion of eons of programming... Peace, Love and Light always be with you....


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