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     In early 1990’s as I was driving over Old Smokey Mountain headed towards Ashville, North Carolina. I was going out to visit my son in the Navy stationed at Virginia Beach.

      I had been talking back and forth telepathically with an invisible presence I called, Val and sight seeing. Val is often in contact with me as I drive on the highway though not visible but with me. Our contact has been continual since early 1950’s.

     We had been talking about how beautiful the scenery and how we’d like to have had a home somewhere in the Smokey Mountains had things worked out for us back in 1950.

     Suddenly, Val said, "Get off the highway!"

     I said, "no, I don’t have time to sightsee,"  which is what I thought he wanted to do. And again he said,  

“Get off the highway!”

    And again, I said “No!”

     I noticed an exit ramp up the way and I heard him say clearly,

     "This is your last chance get off this highway!"

     I really didn't want to get off the highway I was in a hurry and didn't have much money. I had to get to my son's before I stopped. There were three little cars driving along beside me as traffic would pass and then I would pass them on my side. Two were blue and one was red. I will never forget them. The people seemed to be having a good time quite unconcerned that it could be their last few minutes to be alive.

     As I neared the exit ramp I felt a body leaning against me, an arm around me and hands grasped mine. I was literally driven off that exit ramp by those unseen but very real hands. I thought perhaps there was someone in need down a road was the reason for it as Val never does anything without reason..

     I said to Val as I slammed on my brakes,

     "You're not in your ship, you're in my car!"

     He said very clearly,

   "If I have to bend or break every law in the universe I'll keep you alive to tell our story!"

   I drove down the exit road for a little ways then I turned back onto the highway. I was still shaking from the experience and Val had just broken contact. I still didn't understand why it had happened.

   I felt nothing or no impressions at all not to go back on the road so I did. I only drove a little way when I realized why it had happened as the traffic was stopped ahead.

     There was the worst wreck I have ever seen. There was an 18-wheeler that came across the meridian and three little cars were smashed against it. I'm sure all were dead. Two were blue one was red. I believe they were the little cars that were driving along side me till I left the highway. I know I would have been the fourth car smashed against the side of that truck, had Val Thor not saved my life. And it’s in payment to him I write this book.

     So that’s why this story must be written, the true story of the real Val Thor, 1950. In my first book, “Government Woman” I told only the incidents that happened on this dimension. We are not alone on this dimension as there are billions and billions of stars all having planets orbiting round them. But this is not the only dimension. Science has now proven the Tree of Life and the ten major dimensions, corresponding to the sections of the Tree of Life from the ancient Kaballah, are now mathematical possibilities on paper, though no proof has yet been given. In my next book we will offer proof of the ability to move from one dimension to another bugt it is not clinically tested and won’t make a difference to Science but it might make a difference to you, that are undecided if other dimensions of life exist.

     I’m going to post a few of my stranger experiences with Val that involve other dimensions that will be in our next book. I may post a few strange but true ones that occurred in this dimension. Sometimes ttuth is stranger than fiction. Some things you just can’t make up, they have to be true.

     My desire, since I’ve been on the Internet, is to prove that we on this planet are not the only humans in the Universe. That because someone is born on another planet it does not make them a non-human. We are not alone in the universe.

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Thank you for sharing your story...I am so glad you are here today Valana...Blessings...

Oh thank you dearest are so different than most.  I can feel your sincerity and high spirituality...some use the word "love" and feel 'hate" and it can be felt.  You are so different than most in new age, you really come over sincere and I appreciate it. I needed that.  You know I'll be 90 in November and need to retire from this Internet, but Val needs me so much more than he ever did and people seem to just want to slam me in the face with a Venusian wife or their own affair with him.  Truly I think it's just the devil.  Love you and thank you for being kind.  

Dear Valana...Sometimes people talk out of jealousy...Don't pay them any mind...Be happy...Joy is so rewarding and good for your health...Stay well... I want to add that two people told me today: "I appreciate you" Those two people are my children and both happened to say exactly the same thing...I considered myself blessed...And I want to say to you: I appreciate you, for being who you are and for being here on Earth doing your mission for your highest good and the highest good of all, and also you are helping your twin flame Val...Blessings Valana..Congratulations on your beautiful 90 years of youth...Not many get to that age...

And I appreciate you...and Val wants you to know that he appreciates you so very much as you've always been a Lighthouse on a hill for so many and especially for me, Val so appreciates you.  He sways our auric light shines in other dimensions and they look down from a higher level to see whose lights are brightess.  Now you would think help would be given more to those in most darkness but it is not that way.

And Yeshua told us, also, that he who hah, more will be given.  I never quite understood that until lately.  But I can see that we make our own Light to shine by our deeds, our words, our thoughts and feelings. And one can "feel" the thought world of others even through the Internet.  He would have me tell you that yhour Auric  Light outshines them all.  Stay truly loving as you and you may never taste of death...its possible and I've looked for the way all my life, I don't know why other than Granny Kate told me I would not die as I was supposed to not live to finish grade school and I'm still here.  Love you so very much for your kindness and you really encourage people by your posts and your words to go on. 

Dearest Amparo, Val wanted me to send this to you and his message and we found no place on your profile to post.  His message is....

"A true rose among the thorns" - The Zohar

"Thank you for encouraging my Celestial Twin Flame

My Blessings - Val"



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